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Killer Overload Workout For Delts!

Everyone knows that training heavier leads to an increase in muscle thickness. Here's how you can start overloading your delts immediately to apply more muscle building pressure to them.

Everyone knows that training heavier leads to an increase in muscle thickness. Here's how you can start overloading your delts immediately to apply more muscle building pressure to them. This workout uses partials extensively and anyone who knocks them can keep right on getting stuck in the same dead spots in their exercises or try something new and heavier while overloading the very strongest part of the exercise. Partials offer a way to train WAAY heavier right away and shock the body-part through sheer force. Using weights beyond 1 rep max (as with partials) also forces the joints and tendons to get thicker and stronger which will help you lift heavier full range reps down the road. Whenever I leave partials out of my pressing (delts and chest) workouts for a while, my muscles shrink, so I do them cause they keep me thick. Its hard for anything to match the crushing force they put on delts. Here's a delt workout that is based around maximum poundage pressing and supersets for side and rear delts.

#1 - Seated Military Barbell Press

To make this far more heavy, brutal, and productive than 3 sets of 8 reps, I combine rest pause, partials, and dropsets into one very long agonizing test of your soul. Its time to work harder on your overhead press than you ever knew possible. Do several sets till you get your shoulders good and warmed up and ready for the overload poundage. When you have reached this point, keep loading weight on the bar till you can barely lower and press for a few (4-8) partials in the last few inches of the exercise. Now, do that set till you cant even hold the bar over your head, rack it, and count out 20 seconds.

Grab it again, do more reps to complete meltdown and rest another 30 seconds (no more). Do one more set of these and on this one, after your spotter helps you lock out the last rep, hold it overhead as long as you possibly can to maximize the muscles time under tension with that enormous weight and don't think it wont get your delts stronger! But no! you're still not even done with your presses yet!!

Cut that weight in half for LOTS more reps that your delts still can produce. Also, don't rest more than 1 minute while dropping the weight either and take the easy way out. You want to compress as much work into as little time as possible with this method for best results. Repeat the process with the new weight for 3 sets of as many reps as you can do with only 20 secs rest in-between them for a burn you'll never forget. Your effort is what will determine your results here.

#2 - Supersets Of Leaning Side Dumbbell Laterals Into Cable Side Laterals

Ok, leaning side dumbbell laterals? A trick I learned from a dude with nasty side delts! Just grab a dumbbell at least 10-15 pounds heavier than normal, hold onto something with one hand, lean in the direction of your weighted hand and do your laterals. It does hit the side delts heavier than normal and will shock a shoulder that doesn't know about it yet. Compound the shock by supersetting these with cable side laterals and no rest in-between. Use the same rest pause style of 20 secs in-between 3 total supersets of these two exercises. This produced a totally different feel, pump, and burn in my side delts that I hadn't had in a long time and will produce better shoulder width and the delt-trap tie in.

#3 - Supersets of Bent Dumbbell Laterals Into Reverse Pec-Dec Flyes

These will certainly finish off the rear delts which should never be neglected for any reason whatsoever. They add a lot of width and dimension to your upper body and can improve your back strength when properly developed. Do 2 or 3 of these supersets for 10 reps a set with no rest in-between and focus on isolating and contracting these muscles for best results. If you think this workout is overtraining, go ahead and limit yourself, just don't expect it do be as intense or productive...