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Big Victor Martinez Working Out At The Pit!

Coming off his number 3 placing at the 2006 Olympia and his win at the 2007 Arnold Classic, Victor is becoming one of the most popular bodybuilders in the business. See how he trains with spectators all around!

So you come out to the Southern California beach from New York and what do you do? Well if you are Victor Martinez, you go work out at the "Pit" at world famous Muscle Beach in Venice by the Pacific Ocean.

Coming off his number 3 placing at the 2006 Olympia and his win at the 2007 Arnold Classic, Victor is becoming one of the most popular bodybuilders in the business. And seeing him show up at the place where muscles were born certainly proved his popularity.

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Victor Martinez At The 2007 Arnold Classic.
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I was amazed at the number of people who knew who Victor is and who wanted a photo and autograph. Over and over I heard people saying things like, you're my favorite bodybuilder, you're my idol, my buddies and I think you are just the best! And all these people were not talking about me!

Finally Mr. "A" made his way into the Pit where Jay Cutler just worked out the week before.

Working Out With 2006 Mr. O Jay Cutler! Working Out With 2006 Mr. O Jay Cutler!
So let me tell you how this happened. I was at the Junior California NPC competition in Pasadena CA on Saturday. Jay was in town... Here is my experience of working out with Mr. O Jay Cutler.
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First up was a little warming up with some pull ups. And then it was on to chest.

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He also took the time to do a little impromptu posing for the crowd and continued to take a lot of pictures with the fans and amazed tourists.

Posing Posing
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Victor moves easily though the weights, almost matter-of-fact just adding plates and then getting down and pumping out the reps. Even getting up in weight in the hot sun seemed easy for him. However each rep was very deliberate with good form. Incline barbell bench, machine bench and decline barbell bench was like another day for Victor. But you could see from his face and his smile he was liking it.

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Bench Press.

The it was some biceps. Seated concentration curls again got my attention, they were heavy but very smooth. All at the same time seeming easy for Victor. Standing curls were the same and when Vic put a plate on each side he did so saying it just looked better with a full plate.

Concentration Curls Concentration Curls
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Seated Concentration Curls.

Well it did but he has such amazing full muscles that anything with any weight would look good. Abs were on the schedule too, but not too much. Victor like many guys knows that working abs too much can build them up and make you too thick. But the guy does obviously have major good genetics.

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At least an hour went by, maybe more. Victor is probably just now going to be getting into full contest preparation so this was mostly keeping in shape for him and a lot of fun. The crowd loved it and Victor loved it. And the fans never stopped.

I guarantee you that he spent well over another hour just talking to people about working out, diet and what it is like to compete at the big shows. So keep watching for more of Victor Martinez and if you are around Southern California, get on out and work out at the "Pit".

Victor Victor
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Victor Martinez.

You never know who might just be around to work out with you!

Thanks and keep checking back if you, "Wanna See More..."

Victor Martinez Working Out At The Pit!
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