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The Equation For Seeing Success!

Certain characteristics some individuals have make them more prone to being successful so it's important you understand what these are ... Have a look at the following list and see if you see yourself in any of these things.

While many people will set out with high hopes of achieving their nutrition and fitness goals, it is only a few that truly succeed with reaching all of them. Many will get there and then either become more lazy and eventually drop off the bandwagon while others will just get frustrated when results slow and then turn to unsound training methods in hopes of moving forward, only to find themselves moving backward.

Certain characteristics some individuals have make them more prone to being successful so it's important you understand what these are and try and strive for them yourself. Have a look at the following list and see if you see yourself in any of these things.

1. You Can See Yourself At The End Of The Tunnel

    A very good exercise that anyone who is goal setting should do is take some time to sit in a quiet place and physically picture themselves at the end mark. If you don't really 'experience' what this will be like, your motivation is not going to be as high.

    For example, lets say your goal is to lose 15 pounds for a high school reunion. Imagine what it will be like when you are there and showing off your new body. What types of things will you be feeling? What you will be thinking? How is this going to affect your confidence levels and the way you interact with others?

    Getting a good picture in your mind of this situation will give you that final push when your persistence to stick with your nutrition plan and workouts start to wane.

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2. You Have An Action Plan

    So you made a goal to gain 10 pounds of muscle by years end. Now what? Are you just going to go to the gym, lift as much weight as you can each session and hope for the best? Good luck with that. You will be much more successful if you lay out a solid strategy for how you will progress toward your goals.

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    What will you do if results are slowing? What might be the cause for this and how will you change your program to get going again? Actually seeing these steps on paper is going to make you feel more accountable for your actions. WRITE THEM DOWN.

3. You Feel Passionate About Your Goal

    If you really don't care a whole lot about this goal, and are only doing it to either impress others, because someone else wants you to, or because you can't think of anything else more interesting to do, your chances of results are going to be slim.

    Don't choose a goal that isn't in-line with what you like to do. If you are a runner at heart and decide you are going to completely give up running because it might make gaining muscle harder, you aren't going to be happy.

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    You are passionate about running so you need to find a program where you can include at least a small amount without seeing too much of a sacrifice on your results. Granted you will have to compromise as not everything can be 100% the way you want it, but making sure you are at least passionate about some aspect will keep you trucking along when the times get tough.

4. Don't Go Into Denial

    Some people, rather than recognizing that their plan is not working or they are not following what they need to be doing will just move into denial rather than facing the truth. Denial isn't going to get you anywhere. Yes it may be hard to come to the realization that whatever you have been doing isn't working, but the sooner you do, the sooner you can move past that.

    "Denial Isn't Going To Get You Anywhere."

    If you live in the land of the in-between where you are just brushing off the fact that you aren't getting results - that is where you will stay.

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5. Be Flexible

    Those who are always completely rigid with their thinking and do not realize that there will be times when they are thrown off path can run into some problems. These are the types of individuals that are likely to just throw in the towel when they make one small error rather than accepting it and getting back with the program.

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Be Flexible.

    Realize that mistakes will be made but it's how you use those mistakes to your advantage that determines the results you get. Learn from them and devise a plan so that you will not be affected by them in the future.

    If going out with particular friends always causes you to skip your workouts, either find some other people to hang around with who are more into working out or figure out a way to work out at another time they are not around to distract you. Being flexible with your plan and making adjustments to your program as you go is essential for achieving success.

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6. Take A Risk

Risk Taking
'Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.' - Andre Gide

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    Nothing good in life comes easy, nor is usually 'comfortable' to achieve. More often you are going to have to push yourself past your comfort barrier in order to get what you want.

    Rather than viewing this as a terrible occurrence and dreading it for days, look at is as a growing opportunity, something you can do to not only better yourself as a person but also become more confident in your abilities to push your limits.

    This will give you so much more self-efficacy in other areas of your life that aren't even related to this one particular goal.

7. Surround Yourself With Support

    One of the biggest determining factors of whether or not you will succeed is the people and environment you deal with. If it is not conducive to success than you are going to be fighting a lost cause the whole way there. Try and find people who will support your efforts and be there for when you are having a hard time.

Do Friends And Family Hold You Back From Your Goals?


    Make yourself accountable to them by telling them your goal and asking them to inquire about it every so often. If they ask and you have nothing to show for yourself, you aren't going to feel good. This will help you stay on track.

    Likewise, if you are trying to stick to a healthy diet, don't keep multiple junk food products in the house, as it will only tempt you. Why make it harder than it has to be? Think smart when it comes to simplifying your life. The more basic the plan and system is, the more likely you are to follow it.

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Achieving your health and fitness goals does not have to be a hard thing if you know what you are doing and plan for any situation that might arise. No one ever said life was easy and chances are this isn't going to be either. With some effort though, and some intelligent thought and planning, you should have no problems getting to where you want to be.

BodySpace Members

What keeps members of BodySpace motivated to be successful?

defixon - BodySpace

    Goal: "Gain muscle, Lower body fat %."
    How I Stay Motivated: "Usually by looking at people's transformations"

ivy78 - BodySpace

    Goal: "I would like to add more muscle so that I can compete someday."
    How I Stay Motivated: "Seeing others accomplish what I would like to some day accomplish is very motivational. I am a motivation to myself as well because all the ones who are closest to me in my life do not support me or understand how important fitness is to me or what it means to me."

Addicted_1990 - BodySpace

    Goal: "Weight Goal 150lbs."
    How I Stay Motivated: "I always stay motivated. I don't know why, perhaps the willingness to achieve new things and reach strength goals and muscle gains."

Justinrozon7 - BodySpace

    Goal: "Put as much muscle mass as I can in the least amount of time, and by the end of march having 17-inch arms, I missed my other goal by 1/4 of a inch!!"
    How I Stay Motivated: "Reading magazines about pro bodybuilders, seeing my body transform, seeing the measurements get better! And my girlfriend helps me out a lot!"

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