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Plastic Surgery: Some Scary Truths About These Procedures

Whether it is breast surgery, nose surgery or liposuction, the number of people going under the knife is on the rise. Learn the scary truths.

With today's culture becoming more and more obsessed over appearance and fashion, more and more people are doing anything possible to attain the look they dream of. Oftentimes, this means possibly going to the extreme lengths of surgery.

Whether it is breast surgery, nose surgery or liposuction, the number of people going under the knife is on the rise. Unfortunately this can also have an effect on the younger generation, as when they see it becoming so common; it can almost be deemed 'the cool thing to do.'

While in some cases surgery is a good option, many times it can leave the patient with pangs of regret down the road. Here are some common realities that you should consider before opting to have work done.

7 Scary Realities Of Surgery

Surgery Is No Magic Bullet For Self-Esteem

First off, surgery isn't magically going to make your self-confidence shoot through the roof. Some individuals think that they can feel downright terrible about themselves, walk into the doctor's office and come out feeling like the hottest celebrity of the day.

While some procedures can drastically improve how you feel about yourself, confidence comes from within and until you realize that you are more than what you look like, your confidence won't be truly genuine and people will detect this.

Secondly, before you have the work done, be sure to ask yourself if you are doing this for you, or if you are doing it to gain approval from someone else.

If you are not the one behind the motive, chances are it is not a good idea to follow through. The only reason you should make changes to your body in this way is if it is something that you have come to want on your own terms (unless, of course, a doctor has advised it for health reasons).

There Are Still Risks Involved

Don't fall into thinking that just because this is cosmetic surgery there are no risks involved. Just because they aren't cutting your heart open doesn't mean that you aren't still putting your body in harm.

The especially dangerous part is the anesthetic. Complications can arise during this part if you have adverse reactions that can still result in death in extreme cases.

Recovery Is Not Fun

The recovery period right after you have surgery can be quite hard both physically and psychologically. First off, if it is breast surgery you've had, you will be somewhat limited with what you can do for workouts. Usually it takes about 2 weeks for you to get back to feeling like your normal self again.

Secondly, the healing process for some people can be quite physically painful. Psychologically it is hard, too. You may be expecting to come out looking great and find yourself all bandaged up and wondering if it was worth it. And when you do finally get to see the finished result, it can sometimes be a let down if it is not everything you expected.

If you're expectations are quite high, and you have this 'perfect image' in your head, when you don't attain it, you may almost feel partially like you failed.

More Surgery May Be Needed Down The Line

Some procedures require more than one treatment in order to stay looking good. For example with breast augmentation, some people find that they need to get them redone every few years since gravity will still have some affect.

Also, sometimes surgeons don't hit everything right on the first try and second follow-ups will be needed to correct it. So in all, the surgery may bear a higher financial cost that you anticipated.

It's A Vicious Cycle

Ever had a tattoo done? I'm willing to bet if you have, chances are fairly good that by now you want another one. Cosmetic surgery can become addictive for some people.

Since it's essentially an 'easy way out' you may first get one body part altered, come out looking great, then think 'well, if this can look that good, imagine what I would look like if I changed that!?!' And that's how it starts, before you know it, you're supporting your surgeon's kids through college.

You Still Have To Make Lifestyle Changes

Some people will go and get liposuction since they feel they cannot change their body enough with a healthy diet and exercise. What many fail to realize is that afterwards, they are going to have to make the necessary changes with these two aspects of their lifestyle anyway or else they are just going to end up back where they started.

And just imagine then how depressed you would feel, not only are you once again overweight, but thousands of dollars are down the drain. Nothing calls for "Ben and Jerry's" like that kind of sadness!

Unless you have already committed to altering your eating and exercising regularly, and are just using liposuction as a stepping stone to get you where you want, chances are it is not the best idea for you. (Unless it is an extreme case and you are so overweight that exercise is almost impossible for you to do from the beginning).

Your Sex Appeal Might Not Increase

Many women think that by going under the knife they will become this visionary image of what all men are attracted to. This is actually quite far from the truth. When polls are taken on what men think of breast implants, a majority of guys prefer you au natural. So once again, if you are changing yourself strictly to impress someone else, think again.

With all these negative truths though, don't discount the benefits of surgery. For some people, it really can be life-altering. The important thing is that you make sure it is something you are doing for you, not for someone else or to get ahead in your career.

Do it because it will make you feel better about yourself but don't forget to work on your inner self-confidence along the way. There is something to be said about someone who exudes an inner self-esteem; people are naturally attracted to it.


So before you consider having cosmetic work done, make sure you are well-informed about the whole procedure, both what risks are involved and what you can expect, as well as any follow-ups that may have to be done.

Be sure to look for a qualified professional and get samples of work they have already done so you can see what you may end up looking like. If you've done all your research and still decide the procedure is for you, then chances are you will be happy with the end result!