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Staying On Track While You Travel.

Business or leisure traveling doesn't have to mean an abandon of your workout and diet regime. Plan ahead and get your workout in. Here are some tips to stay on track while traveling.

In today's fast paced business world traveling is becoming more and more common as people are spending weeks at a time away from home, going to business meetings, attending conferences and if they're lucky sneaking in the odd vacation.

While all this travel is enjoyable, for many it means their workout and nutrition fall behind. This doesn't have to be the case though as long as proper planning is in order and you are dedicated to follow through with your actions.

Possibly the biggest hurdle to overcome with travel is sticking to a healthy diet. After all, you will be going from planes, to restaurants, to different hotels and won't always know where you next meal is coming from. This is where supplements can largely help out.

Before You Leave

dot What Do I Bring? dot

    Before you leave for your trip, plan to pack some good quality meal replacements, some protein powder, maybe even some protein bars to help you stick with it when a craving strikes (and a good quality protein bar is far more superior than whatever you might happen to pick up at the gas station to conquer your chocolate craving).

    You may also want to take some raw oatmeal or dry cereals with you for easy breakfasts.


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The Traveling Athlete!
Consumption of foods based on cost and convenience, rather than nutritional value can eventually 'slow down' athletes.
Christopher Mohr

    Oatmeal is a great to-go food as all you need is some hot water (which can easily be created in your coffee maker in the hotel room) or a microwave.

    For a complete meal, blend in some protein powder with your oatmeal, add some sliced fruit and maybe some peanut butter and you've got all your major nutrients covered.

    Trail mix is also a good option to take as it will provide you with a nice blend of carbohydrates and good fats (due to the nuts) when hunger strikes, just be sure to try and pick one with a lower sugar content.

Do You Pack Your Own Food When Traveling?

It Depends On How Far I'm Traveling

dot Call Ahead! dot

    To avoid being stuck on the plane with no choice but a likely fat laden plane meal, call ahead and see if there is a healthy dish that may be offered. Many flights now are catering to people trying to eat healthy and offer different types of meals.

    If they don't, try and bring your own snack, making sure to eat a good meal before you leave and upon arrival at your destination.

Dieting While Traveling.
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Dieting While Traveling.
How can I get the best nutrition while traveling? Does anybody have any ideas of quick nutrition meals, or best foods to eat on the run?
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    Once you get to your chosen spot of travel, try and choose healthy choices at any restaurants you visit, always asking for stir-fried or steamed vegetables, and leaner cuts of meat. Go with tomato sauces rather than cream based sauces and request half orders or share with a friend or partner.

    Restaurants as well are becoming more and more aware of health conscious consumers and are trying to satisfy everyone's preferences.


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Beef In A Healthy Diet!
There are multiple names and vague labels for every cut of beef that confuse even the well-intentioned consumer.
Stella Juarez

    The next step you need to plan for is your workout. Like most of the rest of your day will likely be, it is important to plan your workout right into your schedule.

dot Write It Down dot

    Write it down in your day planner just like you would a business meeting and don't allow it to be something that gets pushed out of the way.

    It may help to do this first thing in the morning, that way it's done and you don't have to worry about anything else creeping up and steeling this time from you.

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Author, Shannon Clark.

    Next, call ahead to see if where your staying has a fitness room. If they do, ask what machines are available for use and plan your workouts so you know what you'll be doing ahead of time.

    This will ensure you don't show up, spend half the time debating what to do and only give half your effort. If where you are staying doesn't have a fitness facility, you will have to be a little more creative.

dot Bring Your Own Equipment dot

    Consider taking some resistance tubing, a step, possibly some lighter weights (depending on what your current fitness level is - obviously if you are normally lifting 30 pound dumbbells, a couple of 10 pounders won't prove useful), and a skipping rope for some cardio.

    Make use of any stair cases (preferably outside) to do some stair sprints on and maybe even the pool if one is available.


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Workouts On The Road!
Are you a road warrior and find that your workouts and diets are going down the toilet? This article will give you some ideas and tips on how to make your travels more fitness oriented.
Matt Weik

    Granted you will have to change your workouts a great deal from what your likely used to in this scenario, but looking on the positive side, sometimes a break away from your usual routine is just what you needed to renew your focus on working out and give your body a chance to recover and adapt to a new stimulus.

dot The Final Point dot

    The final point to remember when doing any travel is not to over pack your schedule if you can help it. You will likely be on the go from morning to night and will be expending vast amounts of mental energy.

    Try and schedule some down time, either later in the afternoon or before bed where you can take some time to relax and regroup yourself.

    This will help you sleep better at night, reduce stress levels, thus making it easier to stick with your workout and diet and help make your time away much more enjoyable.

    You may want to take in some of the local sights and attractions or just stay in your hotel and relax with a book or a TV show you've been meaning to see. Whatever it is, do something that you enjoy and will make you feel more at home in your new surrounding.


Business or leisure traveling doesn't have to mean an abandon of your workout and diet regime. If you fail to plan, your chances of sticking with your normal routine (or as close to it as possible) are much less likely, which is why taking the necessary steps to become informed about any factors that may work against you is so important.

If you succeed in effective planning, not only will you come out of your trip with your health in the same condition as when you left, but also your trip will provide to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience.