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An In-depth Look At Bob Greene's 'Best Life' Diet.

The Best Life diet has been growing and is now one of the most asked-about diet programs on the market (thanks in part to Oprah). Learn how this diet has unlocked the door to weight loss and healthy living. Check it out!

Whether you are a fan of Oprah or not, you've likely heard of Bob Greene's "Best Life" diet by now. It has been growing in popularity ever since it was first released and now is one of the most asked-about diet programs currently on the market.

But what is it about this diet that makes it so special? And is it really something that will work for you?

The Oprah Connection

First off, let's start with one of the largest reason's why this diet has become so popular - Oprah. Bob Greene is Oprah's personal trainer and has appeared on her show dozens of times to discuss fitness, dieting, and wellness, therefore promoting this program to millions of viewers everywhere. This sheer marketing volume, coupled with the respect from Oprah herself, is bound to garner the attention of many dieting watchers.

Bob Greene also contributes regularly to Oprah's Magazine, "O", gaining even more attention from the media.

Bob's first book, Ten Steps to a Better Body - and a Better Life, was also co-authored by Oprah herself, further strengthening the bond that these two share. Working together as a team, Oprah being Bob's protégé, if you will, they have succeeded in making the "Best Life" diet a hit nationwide.

Oprah herself has battled with weight problems for a vast majority of her life, but upon starting working with Bob, she has been getting healthier and is reaching a more comfortable weight.

Because Bob takes an all-around approach to the dieting process, it is likely that he tapped areas of Oprah's life that were keeping her from losing the weight before, and now that she is fully aware of how all-encompassing weight loss can be, she is starting to have success.

Analyzing Bob Green's 'Best Life' Diet.
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Analyzing Bob Green's 'Best Life' Diet.
With a variety of books and magazine articles lining the shelves we know that Bob Greene is no stranger to fitness. How does his plan rack up against the rest?
Shannon Clark

So What's This Diet All About?

If you've ever taken the time to visit the "Best Life's" website, you'll quickly realize that this is just not a quick fix diet. Bob Greene really emphasizes all the components of health, from the nutritional aspect of it, to exercise, and also the psychological factors that provide obstacles to many.

He is aware that for many individuals, women in particular, emotional eating presents potentially the largest problem when it comes to getting that weight off.

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Emotional Eating Presents Potentially
The Largest Problem When It Comes To Getting That Weight Off.

Giving tips and advice on how to overcome this, the diet is really set apart from the rest, which merely prescribe a nutritional plan to follow. Bob is there to help walk his readers through it, anticipating any problems that may arise as they progress.

The diet program itself is divided up into three phases, each helping you adopt healthier habits towards creating a lifestyle for yourself that will enable you to maintain whatever weight you lose in the long run.

Habits: Your Month-Long Guide To Change.
[ Click here to learn more. ]
Habits: Your Month-Long Guide To Change.
Here is a four week strategy plan I've put together that you can use to pick up or break a habit. It will ease you in and make you feel more comfortable.
Shannon Clark

-> Phase One:

    In the first phase, you will make some relatively moderate changes to your current way of eating. The objective is to not do anything too extreme at this point, since this will help you stay on the course without feeling overwhelmed with the changes taking place.

    You are also directed to start working towards increasing your activity level, finding as many ways to get moving as you can. Bob advises you to take in three meals per day along with one snack. The meals comprise 25-30% of your total daily calories, with the snack making up the rest.

    In addition to this, the other things you are to accomplish during stage one include:

    • Reducing alcohol entirely (for the time being)
    • Drinking one glass of water with each meal you eat
    • Making sure you are taking a multivitamin along with an Omega-3 and calcium supplement
    • Stop any eating two hours before you go to bed

Mmm Beer.
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Reduce Alcohol Entirely.

    This phase is to last about four weeks and you are mostly just going to maintain your weight during this time. If you are losing about a pound a week or so while on this phase, then you are instructed to stay with it until the weight loss slows, at which point then you move to phase two.

-> Phase Two:

    This phase is to last a total of four weeks and will be more aggressive as far as the dieting is concerned.

    It will last another four weeks, and you should be weighing yourself once each week. If you haven't reached your goal weight by the end of the four week time period, then you are to stay on it until you do, upon which you would then move to phase three.

    The primary objectives during phase two are to increase your physical activity level even more, and then start really working to cut out some of the higher fat food choices from your diet. You are going to replace them with lower-calorie options that will help to tide over your hunger. This includes more vegetables, fruits and lean sources of meat.

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-> Phase Three:

    Finally, you arrive at phase three of the program, which is meant to help you develop the tools you need to live a healthy way of life where you are free from worry about your weight.

    During this phase you are allowed to start adding back in the foods you removed from phase two, however, they are to be treated as "luxury" foods and to be eaten on occasion only.

    The other instructions of this phase are to focus the core of your diet around fresh fruits and vegetables, while going easy on the potatoes, corn, and other starchy foods since they are more calorie dense.

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Focus The Core Of Your Diet Around Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.

    Of course you should continue to eat enough lean protein to meet your needs as well as incorporate small amounts of healthy fat with each meal and snack. The diet is meant to have you eating about 20% protein, 30% fat, and 50% healthy carbohydrates, so this is the macronutrient ratio to aim for.

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-> Foods To Avoid:

    The main foods that Bob Greene recommends you avoid at all costs on this diet include:


Finally, the other advantage to this diet program is that if you wish to sign up to the website, it is a very cost effective approach. For new customers to sign up it will be $4.50 a week, provided you are signing up for a three month period (which is meant to take you through the three different phases).

There is also a cancellation policy in effect, so if you are not satisfied with the program before the first 10 days are up, you can get your money refunded.

Shannon Clark
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Author, Shannon Clark.

So, if you are looking for a well-balanced approach to fat loss, Bob Greene's diet might just be right for you. Do keep in mind that one big reason it is such a success is due to the marketing it has backing it - Oprah being a huge source of recognition, but overall, the program is really well designed and should allow you to effectively change your lifestyle to one that is more conducive of long-term weight loss.

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