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The Ultra-Metabolism Diet.

With the increase in overweight people, everyone is on the search for the best way to boost their metabolism. Learn more about this health & fat loss diet, how it works, benefits, and more. Read on.

With the increase in overweight people, everyone is on the search for the best way to boost their metabolism. Your metabolic rate comprises all the daily process your body makes to not only sustain itself but to also complete the activities you ask of it.

Generally those with more muscle mass will have higher metabolism than those with less muscle tissue and will therefore have an easier time maintaining their body weight. Furthermore, if there are factors you can do yourself to help increase your metabolism, obviously this will also be a big benefit to you.

The medical doctor and researcher, Mark Hyman, MD, states that the body uses nutrients differently in order to awaken the fat burning genes in the body.

He had been through a lot with his diet history in previous years, which was what helped spark his interest into figuring out what kind of diet plan would work best for him. He spent 10 years getting hands on experience at Canyon Ranch where he came up with his diet, the Ultra Metabolism Diet.

The Ultra Metabolism Diet

The Ultra Metabolism Diet is based on seven key components of weight loss. These are:

  1. Controlling the appetite
  2. Controlling the metabolism
  3. Stabilizing stress levels
  4. Increasing the metabolic rate
  5. Ensuring optimal thyroid functioning
  6. Detoxifying the liver
  7. Reducing cellular 'rust'

When you first purchase the book it will ask you a series of questions that you then use to help determine what type of diet will work the best for your body.

Once you begin the diet, you will be required to eat every three hours, except for the period before bed.

The plan will take you through three different stages, a one-week preparation, phase one and then phase two.

-> Phase One:

    In the first prep phase you will begin to cut out all the junk food from your diet including sugar, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated fats, junk food, alcohol and caffeine. This can be one of the hardest phases for some individuals as it will require you to break the ties with many comfort foods that you used to include in your diet on a daily basis.


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Alcohol And The Metabolic Diet.
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Mauro Di Pasquale

    When you enter into Phase one of the diet, you will have a three week detoxification period. During this time you will start consuming foods that are meant to 'heal' the body while also eliminating some of the foods that cause some people many issues such as dairy products, eggs and gluten. For anyone who has reactions to this, this phase will make a huge impact on the way you feel and function.

    The main foods you will concentrate on consuming are:

-> Phase Two:

    Finally, as you enter phase two, you will build upon the habits that you will keep and make a new part of your lifestyle. This is the phase that will enable you to start losing weight and maintain it into the future.

    It starts at week four in the program and will continue indefinitely and during this time you will begin to reintroduce some of the foods that you previously eliminated and see how your body responds to them.

    For some at this point, foods that caused issues before may not anymore since your body has cleaned itself and is now functioning optimally. As you progress through you are to slowly add back in certain foods (dairy for instance), one at a time and see how you react.


    If you notice that you are getting strong stomach pains or bloating issues, then you know that you should keep them removed from your diet plan.

    Hyman states that by the end of the eight weeks you have been on the plan you should expect a weight loss of about eleven to twenty one pounds.

-> Recipes & Tools:

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    There is also a small section that discusses exercise, however he takes a fairly generalized approach to it and does not really prescribe any particular exercises. You will largely be on your own to develop your own fitness plan to do with the diet.

So How Does This Diet Really Stack Up?

Overall the approach it takes is a good one. It focuses on eliminating many of the processed and junk foods that typically cause problems in today's society. It does not however following any strict guidelines such as low carb, high protein or something of that nature, nor does it make any specifications as to exactly how many calories, grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats you should be consuming on a daily basis.

Shannon Clark
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Author, Shannon Clark.

As part of a really good diet, this should be included however as tracking these things will help to ensure a greater success level is seen.

Furthermore, if you do put yourself on an intense exercise program, it's likely that you would want to be doing something specific with your pre and post workout nutrition. If this isn't taken care of you aren't going to be seeing as good of progress with performance levels compared to if you would have.

The other drawback to this program is that it doesn't really allow for much 'cheating' at all. A good diet program will be flexible enough to do this so that the dieter can stay psychologically sane while progressing through. Usually cheat meals are incorporated on a weekly or semi-weekly basis depending on how you are progressing and how much weight you have to lose.

This diet however makes the plan quite strict and does call for a big overhaul of your diet. For this reason some people may have trouble following it entirely and find themselves detouring off occasionally. This is obviously fine, it may slow progress, but what is more important is that afterwards you get right back onto the plan so you can start seeing results again.

    Overall Diet Rating: 3/5

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