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An Interview With NPC Competitor Dorothy Trojanowicz.

NPC bodybuilder Dorothy Trojanowicz will talk about her past and how she is currently getting ready for figure competition at Jr. Nationals in 2006. Learn more...

Trust me, she's not from Kansas! Dorothy Trojanowicz left Poland at a young age of 22 and now lives in the windy city of Chicago. Cranking up the heat in the NPC ranks, this blond beauty will be a tough one to beat!

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[ CS ] Hi Dorothy, I would like to interview you for, would you be interested?

    DT: Hallo Curtis! Thank you for your invitation. I would feel honored to have an interview for, but I am extremely busy right now, as I'm 2½ weeks before Nationals in Atlanta. But, let's do whatever we can...

[ CS ] Ok, let's get started then. Where do you call home?

    DT: I have lived in Chicago for 5 years now. I am originally from Poland, Europe.

Dorothy Trojanowicz
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I Am Originally From Poland.

[ CS ] Where are you from? Poland?

    DT: Yes, I grew up in Poland. I left when I was 22 as I wanted to pursue my aesthetics career and maintain my love for working out with weights, to keep myself fit.

[ CS ] What got you into competition?

    DT: I was interested in competition very early, when I was 16-18. When I started working out at 15, I got such great results that I wanted to compete. I am very ambitious with everything I do and I want to do this perfectly.

    I could not make my dream come true because of hard reality those days in Poland - lack of many: support from friends and family, personal trainer and guard. I was doing this by myself, the best I could, but I was not able to reach that dream I am living in now, in America.

[ CS ] What are your goals in the industry?

    DT: My goals? Well, after my 14th placing in Nationals I am thinking about switching to the Figure Division. Simply because I saw there physiques being rewarded for extreme muscularity. This was never my goal. I thought I could fit into the new "20% less muscle" rule, but in reality it does not exist.

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    I want to maintain my smaller size so I dropped 17 lbs for Nationals - from 140 lbs at Jr. Nat '05, to 123 lbs at Nationals '05. I like my body the way it is. Getting to this shape the natural way has cost me 4 years of killing workouts and super strict diets and lifestyle at all times.

    Getting bigger is not for me. I started to do bodybuilding to get smaller than I was and get better proportions. And I am happy with the results. Naturally I cannot get any bigger, and to do so would mean using anabolic drugs. I am not going to do that.

    This is a free country and everyone can get as big as he or she wants, but playing a size game is just not for me. That is all. Besides, I do this sport for myself, not for the judges.

    So, I think figure will be perfect for me to keep competing, having moderately muscular body and sexy, feminine appearance. Who knows? Maybe I can even go to Figure Olympia! I wish!

[ CS ] Can you tell us a few detailed things about you, like your stats?


    Height: 5' 5".
    Weight: Contest - 123-125 lbs.; Off-season - 130-132 lbs.
    Eyes: Blue
    Bust: 38"
    Waist: 26"
    Hips: 35"

    I do modeling. Any kind, with exception - no harsh nudity.

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[ CS ] What are your strengths?

    DT: My strengths. The obvious is physical. I am genetically gifted in some way. Mentally, I am focused on my goal with strong determination. I also have a competitive personality and I isolate myself from any kind of negativity. I surround myself only with positive people. I am disciplined and detailed and I believe in ultimate reward for hard work.

[ CS ] Yes, I can see why you would say physically you're strong, and I hope you're talking body "physique," not body strength. Okay then, what about weaknesses?

    DT: My weaknesses - my impatience. When I want something, I want it now! I have a hard time waiting for results. But I try to control that with time - it mostly regards my small changes in my current physique.

Dorothy Trojanowicz Dorothy Trojanowicz
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When I Want Something, I Want It Now!

[ CS ] Let's address that, how do you train?

    DT: How I train? I train 6 days a week for contest, and 5 days a week for maintenance - always high intensity (30 sec rest between sets). For contest, I do cardio twice daily when a show is close, but off-season I do not do much; 2-3 times a week and sometimes not at all.

    I found that I could stay lean when I cycle cardio. Then my body cannot get use to it. But I really do not like cardio. If I could, I wouldn't do it at all.

[ CS ] What about dieting?

    DT: My diet and lifestyle plays major role in staying lean off-season. I never go out to eat something so unhealthy like McDonald's, etc. Wherever I go, I carry my food with me (cooked by me). Even to disco clubs, I have protein bars with me.

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    If I was very hungry and only left with a choice of junk food or a can of tuna from the nearest store, I would take the stinky tuna - I swear, once I have tried the junk food I would have been very sick for 3 days! Blah!

[ CS ] Give us a short workout what you do to develop that fantastic shape?

    DT: Short workout:

    6 exercises per body part, 3-4 sets each. 2 times a week I train calves and abs.

    I prefer working out 5 or 6 days a week, and have my workout done in 1 hour at high intensity level. This way I have time to pay attention to every body part. That works best for me.

Dorothy Trojanowicz
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I Prefer Working Out 5 Or 6 Days A Week.

[ CS ] Not bad, pretty basic stuff. Ok, here we go - have you ever had any embarrassing moments on stage?

    DT: Embarrassing moment in competition. No, not yet. I have not had any so far. I hope it will not happen! Ha Ha!

[ CS ] Since arriving here in the States and getting into bodybuilding, are there any individuals you admire?

    DT: I admire people who stand within their principles and do not give up. I admire those who had hard time making their bodies and lifestyles perfect, and overcome all problems.

    Staying healthy is never easy, but especially in the U.S. where we have the most choices to make and the most freedom. I admire many people in my life who did all the above. My boyfriend Zee is first. Then my new friend Annie Riveccio (IFBB bodybuilder).

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    They have both over 20 yrs in bodybuilding, and look better and better with passing time. I admire that willpower and I want to become one of them - having control over my body and never get old and disabled.

[ CS ] How are the holidays going for you?

    DT: I love holidays! This is a time when I can relax with my family and friends! I do not see them often during competitive season so I try make up for that now.

Dorothy Trojanowicz
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In 2006, I Will Be Competing
In Figure Competitions.

[ CS ] What shows are you attending/competing in 2006?

    DT: In 2006, I will be competing in Figure competition. First show I will attend will be Jr. Nationals in Chicago in June. Later, I will see which one I will choose, but I will do few of them in 2006.

[ CS ] Noticed you like McDonalds. Is that a weakness? Any other weaknesses you have when it comes to foods, especially during dieting?

    DT: Not true and never been! I hate McDonald's! Never eat that kind of "food," even when I was in Poland. There was only one time I tried that and like I said before, I was extremely sick after that!

    I do not have any weaknesses during dieting. Really! I am focused on my goal and I already did it 3 times in a row, so I know exactly what my body wants and how to do it without starvation or deprivation. I simply eat less food than what I usually eat during the year.

    So dieting is not that hard for me. The hardest is doing cardio. That is all.

[ CS ] My bad. I assumed when you meant fast food you meant McDonald's, everyone's favorite.

Dorothy Trojanowicz
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I Do Not Have Any Weaknesses
During Dieting. Really!

[ CS ] You said you have a boyfriend. Does your boyfriend compete?

    DT: My husband does not compete yet. But he will soon. For now, he wants to concentrate on my goals.

[ CS ] Again, I didn't know you were married, you need to stop hiding these facts from me. Ha Ha! Ok. Are there any new things in the mix for you coming out in 2006 that maybe your fans are not aware of yet?

    DT: Yes. My fans will probably be very surprised when they find out I am leaving bodybuilding and going into figure! I laugh, when I hear that I will lose muscle and stuff like that. This is not going to happen! Please look on Olympia Figure physiques, they are muscular but feminine.

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    I will be placing myself among them very soon! That's still a bodybuilding style, but just slightly lighter. I would like to thank all of my fans for such great support! I feel very obligated to not let you guys down! Thanks again!

[ CS ] Do you train people?

    DT: I will be training people soon at the gym where I currently workout "full time".

[ CS ] Where do you train right now?

    DT: This is the best hard core gym in all of Illinois that I know of. And I have seen many. I work out among bodybuilding stars like Chuck Sanow - current Mr. America. I love that gym and everyone there. Everybody is very serious and they workout specifically to compete.

    Dorothy Trojanowicz
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    I Work Out Among Bodybuilding
    Stars Like Chuck Sanow.

    This gym, and Chuck Sanow, raised many current and past bodybuilding champions. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Chuck for such great treatment and super professional help during my past prep for Nationals and present training for Figure! You are the best, Chuck! I hope I can work out there forever!

[ CS ] Thanks Dorothy, and good luck with everything you do. Keep that hard bod!

    DT: Thank you, Curtis!

[ CS ] Fans can contact Dorothy at:

U.S.A. Gym
7621 W. 100th Place
Bridgeview, Illinois  60455

Email her at:

Or visit her website and blog, at:

Photos courtesy of Reg Bradford Photography & Michael Yurkovic, Physique Art.