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An Interview With Amber And Shiloe Steinmetz!

This is an interview with the team of Amber and Shiloe Steinmetz. See how they have succeeded over the years in competitions. They will answer questions about diet, pre-contest, traveling, crazy stories, etc. Get the scoop right here.

Amber and Shiloe Steinmetz are two people who have learned to live the bodybuilding lifestyle together in harmony.

Shiloe has accomplished quite a bit in the bodybuilding industry doing more consecutive shows in one year than most would ever want to consider. Amber, upon seeing what the industry is all about, has also entered into the realm doing figure competitions. They both love the industry and live it together every day.

[ ] Amber, we will start off with you since ladies are first. What is your full name? When and where were you born? And where are you currently located?

    [ AS: ] Amber Nichole Steinmetz, London Ohio, Madison County Hospital, currently reside in Grove City Ohio.

[ ] Do you have any brothers or sisters?

    [ AS: ] I have 2 sisters, Emily 22, and Corie 20.

[ ] Did you compete in any sports while in high school?

    [ AS: ] I was a cheerleader and played volleyball.

[ ] Do you have any children & if you do please tell us how you balance it all?

    [ AS: ] Nope, no little ones yet, but we enjoy our nephews!

[ ] Beyond being a NPC figure competitor, tell us more about you? What do you do for a living?

    [ AS: ] I am a registered nurse and have a background in pediatric care, trauma, and urgent care. I currently work as a managed care nurse, it is much better with this type of lifestyle to have that type of job.

[ ] What do you enjoy for entertainment when you are not in the gym?

    [ AS: ] My husband and I enjoy our little place at Catawba Island at Lake Erie. We also like to boat, swim, and play with our 2 Dobermans; Roxie and Ozzie. I like to garden and go to rummage sales and flea markets.

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Amber Steinmetz.

[ ] What are your favorite foods off-season & diet time?

    [ AS: ] Off-season... anything with salt. I love pretzels and cool whip (yeah, not too exciting). Also, I love ice cream. A lot of tuna and perch, Lake Erie perch is the best. I also like Chilpolte in the off season.

[ ] I noticed you have done quite a few shows in the past two years. Can you give us your bio pertaining to all of the figure shows you have done along with your placing?

    [ AS: ]
    • March 13, 2004 NPC northern Kentucky, Covington, KY (2nd place medium class figure division)
    • April 24 2004 NPC Pittsburg, Pittsburg, PA (6th place med class)
    • June 19th NPC figure Jr nationals
    • Sept 4th 2004 IFBB North American (14th figure)
    • April 2004 Jr USA's South Caroliina (11th figure medium class)
    • March 27, 2004 NPC Battle Of Champions, Middletown,OH (1st place medium class figure division)
    • April 3, 2004 NPC Natural Ohio, Lakewooh, OH (2nd place medium class figure division)
    • April 17, 2004 NPC Upper Ohio Valley, Weirton, WV (1st place short class figure division)

[ ] Can you give us your height along with on and off-season weights?

    [ AS: ] On season I am 118 lbs. and off-season about 128-130, depends on the salt.

[ ] From your bio I noticed you started off competing in quite a few different organizations before you finally hooked up with the NPC. What made you make the change to the NPC?

    [ AS: ] NPC offers the best competition and the best well run contests around, the people I meet have the same goals as I do and have made lasting friendship's within the NPC, the NPC is by far the best organization around and has many opportunities for every competitor, it offers more exposure that we are all looking for!

[ ] Amber, tell us about your figure career until this point & just exactly what was it that got you involved in it?

    [ AS: ] It all started when I saw Shiloe compete at one of my first contests that I was a spectator, it was the NPC Northern KY March of 2003.

    We were sitting together in the audience waiting for the men's open light heavy weight class to be called, to start pumping up. Up to this point all I knew about bodybuilding was you eat quite frequently through out the day like every 2-3 hours, trained at the gym a lot, slept and then a few days before a contest you drank a lot of water.

    Then you shave your entire body, put 5 coats of this shoe polish looking stuff all over your body, get a little grouchy and then went up on stage and flexed. Well I had a lot to learn.

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    Shiloe Steinmetz.

    I waited in the audience and the first class called was the women's figure classes. I sat there and to my surprise these beautiful women in suits that were sparkling graced across the stage for what they called the presentation round, and it was at that point I knew in my heart that is what I wanted to do!

    They were awesome, beautifully sculpted! Shiloe competed and we were driving home and that is all I thought about!

    I wanted to do it and made the commitment to go for it! And from then on I have had a fire inside of me that has never stopped. I have trained, ate, and slept bodybuilding, never giving up; discouraged but never gave up! I have competed in many organizations and have choose the NPC solely as that is where my heart is and is by far the best around!

    I had so much to learn and do that I wanted it all right away, it started with the stupid mistakes we all make, like milk with protein shakes instead of water, cutting out the carbs and fats in the diet completely, and then another silly mistake is eating every 3 hours only, even when you were hungry if it was not exactly time, then you stayed hungry!

    I have learned so much in my contest history of over 30 contests in 2 years! I compete now nationally and it has given me the self confidence to over come fears, boost my self confidence, meet wonderful people, and make lasting life style changes. I can honestly say that Shiloe put the fire under me and since then it has never died out!

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    The Fire Has Never Died Out!

    I hope to earn my pro card someday. I know I have to work hard at it as for some people it does not come easy, and I am willing to put forth the time, training and dedication that is required to achieve my dream.

[ ] Now Shiloe ,I bet you thought I forgot about you - not even! Where were you born and do you have any brothers or sisters?

    [ SS: ] I was born in Tiffin, Ohio. I have two younger brothers named Brandon and Jeron who live in Tiffin.

[ ] Shiloe tell us about yourself leading up to your bodybuilding career, were you involved in any other sports in high school and there after?

    [ SS: ] I have always been involved in athletics and enjoy all sports. I played baseball, football, and wrestled in high school. I later went on and played baseball in college. I was always involved in summer baseball. I still hold the home run title for one season in our county for baseball. I did not start to lift until about my third year in college.

    I lifted on and off whenever I could due to class load. I always had a great diet and a natural knack for eating clean and had a good physique in college with god given genetics.

    After college is when my hunger for bodybuilding took off. I could now afford food, gym memberships, and supplements. Friends talked me into trying a show and the rest is history. I still played baseball and recreations league sports up until 2003. Now bodybuilding has become a full time job.

[ ] tell us about your bodybuilding career until this point & just exactly what was it that got you involved in it.

    [ SS: ] well like I had mentioned before friends had talked me into competition. I competed in 4 shows in 1997, then 1 show in 1999.

    Then disaster struck and a number of health issues and I did not compete again until 2003. After rehabilitation from a motorcycle accident I went on to compete in 21 shows in 2003 and earned pro cards in a couple of natural organizations.

    I then competed in 15 shows in 2004 where I won 6 overall NPC shows completely drug free. In 2005 I did 3 shows and one of them placing 5th in the NPC JR USA's 100% Natural.

[ ] Beyond bodybuilding, tell us more about you and what you do for a living, along with the activities that you enjoy.

    [ SS: ] I am a full time pharmacist. This allows me to compete and travel in the sport I love. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and going to Lake Erie in the summer.

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    Hanging Out By The Lake.

    I also enjoy being around the sport of bodybuilding and helping others get started. I am also a judge in the NPC and that is very enjoyable since I can be at the show but do not have to put all the work into it.

[ ] Shiloe what are your favorite in season and off-season foods? What are your in season and off-season body weights? And can you give us your contest history?

    [ SS: ] I do not think anyone has a favorite in season food, they all stink (just kidding).

    Actually my diet does not really differ a whole lot from the two, mostly because lately I have always been in season. I like to stay within 6 weeks of show condition all year so I eat pretty clean all the time. I make my own pizza and cheat foods.

    Sometimes my wife finds it hard to believe I am dieting because I do eat some off-season foods during dieting. I gotta tell you though they are always modified, trust me.

    My contest bodyweight is usually 205-210 lbs. and my off-season weight ranges from 220-230. My contest history is pretty long so I will just list my overall titles. You can see my complete contest history by visiting

    Here are my overalls:

    Overall Titles

    • 1997 NPC Battle Of Champions (Novice) Cincinnati, OH
    • 2003 NABF Ohio Supernatural (Novice) Pickerington, OH April 5th
    • 2003 NGA Mr./Mrs. Michigan Dearborn, MI May 10th
    • 2003 West Penn Natural West Kensington, PA June 14th
    • 2003 ABA Indiana State Championships Indianapolis, IN June 21st
    • 2003 ABA/INBA Midwestern Forever Natural Indianapolis, IN June 21st
    • 2003 NANBF Lake Cities Championships Flint, MI June 28th
    • 2003 ABA/INBA North American Championships Chicago, IL August 23rd
    • 2003 ABA/INBA International Forever Natural Las Vegas, NV Sept. 13th
    • 2003 OCB War For The Sword Pittsburg, PA Sept 20th
    • 2003 ONBF Mr./Mrs. Natural Ohio Pickerington, OH Oct 18th
    • 2004 NPC Northern Ketucky Championships Covington, KY March 13th
    • 2004 NPC Natural Ohio Lakewood, Oh April 3rd
    • 2004 NPC Cincinnati Cincinnati, Oh April 17th
    • 2004 NPC Upper Ohio Valley Weirton, WV April 24th
    • 2004 NPC Natural Northern USA Lakewood, OH Oct 2nd
    • 2004 NPC Mid Atlantic Grand Prix Glendale WV, Oct 9th
    • 2005 OCB Iron City Classic Pittsburg PA, March 26th

[ ] I understand that you two train and compete together. Tell us more about this and what it is like to both be involved and competing together in the fitness industry.

    [ AS: ] It is awesome! We eat, train, diet, prepare and help each other immensely! I can honestly say that we only fight over who ate the last egg or chicken breast. We have what I like to call "mass cooking sessions" on Sunday evening!

    Any given Sunday you can come to our house and find broccoli steaming; about 5 pounds of it. The grill is fired up with 20+ pounds of chicken breast and the oven full of sweet potatoes.

    When people come to our house and take a peek in the fridge they are amazed at the amount of food in there, and I like to tell them by Thursday it will be gone and time to do a cooking session over again!

    The people at the store know me as the chicken, egg and cottage cheese lady! Shiloe and I are a TEAM! As when one person of the team is rejoicing the other one is also, when one person is down the other is there to pick them up. We travel together, and eat together. At contests I help him and he also helps me.

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    Team Steinmetz.

    There were times that I was discouraged and down on my self and it was Shiloe who was there to pick me up, fill my head with thoughts that I can overcome the defeat, and put a smile on my face.

    He has taught me never to give up, and enjoy what I do know; that I am different than the rest of the population in the world and to be happy with what I have accomplished so far.

    Every contest that we do we always go out to eat and chat afterwards about the contest over a nice HOT meal instead of cold turkey, and sweet potatoes. That is the best part of competing is when you can share it with someone, and someone there to cheer you on.

    [ SS: ] Yes we rarely if ever do a contest when the other is not able to compete in as well. As far as training together we do not do that too often as Amber does not like all the grunting and noises I tend to make while training.

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    The diet is right on. We do cook for each other and eat pretty much the same things while competing. It would be twice as hard to do all the shows we do if the other was not involved. It makes travel easier and each of us understands what the other is going through.

    It is also nice because we can also help each other out backstage as well. Most contests do not allow anyone but competitors backstage, but we are both competing so it is like having your trainer there all the time.

[ ] List 5 things that bodybuilding and figure has taught each of you.

    [ AS: ] Figure has taught me to:

    1. Always remember how you got where you are.
    2. Never let anyone make you feel less of yourself.
    3. Don't do what everyone else is doing, do what works best for you.
    4. Be outgoing, encourage, and help people that you compete with as I was once a first timer too.
    5. Most important: Don't ever give up, do it for yourself!

[ SS: ]

    1. We are all only human.
    2. You must listen to your body or eventually it will catch up to you.
    3. You need balance in your life.
    4. Unfortunately the sport has digressed to nothing more than drug use and supplement sales; you must compete for the love of competing for yourself.
    5. Be proud of who you are and you are only a failure if you fail to try.

[ ] Questions for the two of you: What have been your craziest or dumbest experiences, funniest experiences and most memorable experiences in bodybuilding and figure?

    [ AS: ] Well in 30+ contests there has to be some crazy experiences... and I guess I will share one. I competed in one bodybuilding contest in 2003 my very first year of competing, and I can honestly say... "What was I thinking!"

    I do the evening routine to Michael Jackson's song Beat It, yes that was crazy! But I don't regret it as I can say I learned a lot form that experience... well it was my last!

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    Another one was when we were driving home from Chicago about midnight or later and I fell asleep in the passenger side. A deer came out and Shiloe hit it on the freeway.

    Needless to say after roadside service was called and we were towed, we made it home in the wee hours of the a.m. and watched the sun come up as we drove home.

    Not to mention the numerous times I wake up in the a.m. with an apple core at the bedside wonder how in the world it got there as I do not remember eating that in the middle of the night!

    [ SS: ] After competing in so many shows I would have to say there are bound to be many memorable experiences. I will tell you some of them that I remember the most.

    The craziest experience would have to be driving home from Jr. Nationals in 2004. The show ended around 11:00pm and I was already worn out from little sleep the prior two nights as I do not sleep well in hotels.

    I decided I was going to drive home. It is a 6 hour drive from Chicago to where we live and I ended up making it home at around 5am. I almost fell asleep several times and probably went through 4-5 energy drinks to keep me up while driving. I think that maybe a tie for the most stupid thing I have done while competing.

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    After So Many Shows,
    Shiloe Has Many Memorable Experiences.

    The dumbest thing I did was in a show in Las Vegas. There were no immediate bathrooms in the casino that we were competing at. Our pump up room was a kitchen area used for the casino. I as well as several other guys had to pee, so I said what the heck and ended up peeing in the kitchen sink.

    This started a trend and soon everyone else followed. Later we all figured out there was a camera watching the whole time. I guess we will be on security's greatest hits volume.

    The funniest has to be when I tried a Micheal Jackson routine where I did the moonwalk. I forgot I was a clumsy white boy and probably gave a few laughs to the crowd.

    My most memorable experience is a tough one. Winning my very first Pro show in the NGA is up there but the one that stands out the most was winning my first overall NPC show in the Northern Kentucky Championships with 191 competitors and I was only hoping to make top 5 in the heavyweights.

[ ] What are the future goals for the two of you individually in your respective sports?

    [ AS: ] As mentioned before I want to earn my pro card. I love to compete, that is where my heart is.

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    "I Love To Compete!"

    It is something that we both enjoy and that sets me aside and makes me different. I want to place well in national contests that I do and most of all have fun and meet people!

    [ SS: ] I guess my goal would be to win an IFBB pro card. I have accomplished most my goals in the other organizations and now will be with the NPC working on a pro card there. A sponsor to pay for all my shows would be a goal also.

[ ] Give us 5 inside secrets about each of you.

    [ AS: ] 5... goodness, not sure I have 5.

    1. I sold alcohol to an under cover police officer at a hometown grocery store when I was 17.
    2. I competed in one bodybuilding contest.

    [ SS: ]

    1. I have had five surgeries and will have one more.
    2. I have a playboy tattoo on my hip.
    3. I enjoy wearing women's underwear (just kidding, just making sure you are paying attention).
    4. I hardly do any cardio.
    5. I have bodybuilding secrets that I still keep secret.

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[ ] Questions for the two of you: What are your 5 favorite things about bodybuilding and figure and what are your 5 least favorite things about bodybuilding and figure?

    [ AS: ]

    Favorite: The suits, I love the suits and love getting new ones too, I like to meet new people, and I like being different among people I meet and at work ect. I like the feeling it gives me to compete a successful workout and changes that I have made over the past 3 years, I like the feeling of being successful

    Least: Tanning product! The heavy bag with all my contest stuff in it on my shoulder walking in to check in, all the questions I get at work when I drink a bunch of water during contest week, I work with all nurses as I too am a nurse and they like to lecture and pretend to advise you on electrolyte imbalances, diet questions constantly.

    [ SS: ]


    • Meeting new people
    • The thrill of competition
    • How I feel getting in great shape
    • Traveling and seeing new places
    • Winning overalls

    Least Favorite

    • Where the sport has gone over the past twenty years
    • Growth bellies
    • The BS and crap that the magazines try to push
    • The Drugs!

[ ] Well, Shiloe I see you have some issues with what goes on in the NPC/IFBB.

Has Bodybuilding Changed For The Better Or Worse Over The Years?

For The Better.
For The Worse.
I Don't Think There's Been Any Real Change.

Like any other sport, bodybuilding is evolving and only a few want it like the past, most want to see Freaks, as that is what sells tickets and magazines! You can't change it Shiloe, it's here to stay and athletes will always do what is necessary to win.

Don't knock them for it, it's their choice and not yours to judge. However, if you don't like what you are competing against then stay with the NGA or INBF.

Ok, now since we both have different points a views on that issue, have there been any major adversities that the two of you either together or as individuals in your individual sports have had to overcome and how did you overcome those adversities?

    [ AS: ] I have asthma, and I have had to overcome not being able to breath! Before I could not run to the mailbox and back without my inhaler, and now I can run over 2 1/2 miles, without stopping! I know that seems like it is not a big deal but it is a huge accomplishment for me and I have now created a goal to run a 5K!

    [ SS: ] Yes , I was in a motorcycle accident that nearly cost me my life in 2000. I ended up going through several surgeries and rehab. I decided I would make a comeback in 2003.

    I did and competed in 21 shows that year. Now I am faced with another shoulder surgery after getting a ton of momentum and taking 5th nationally at the Jr USA's drug free.

    I will have to rehab again and make a comeback hopefully in 2006. I have learned you can overcome any adversity by staying focused and understanding that down times will come, but after they do the hill only heads upward. I will make that climb once again soon.

[ ] Is there anything else that either one of you would like to tell everyone reading this interview?

    [ AS: ] Don't ever give up in your dreams, hard work and dedication will get you there. Enjoy and reflect on the small goals and achievements along the way!

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    Hard Work & Dedication Will Get You There.

    [ SS: ] Yes, there are no secrets. You have to train hard, eat well, and stay hungry. Most people do not have the dedication or discipline and fail. If you stay focused and believe your dream you can accomplish it no matter who you are or where you come from. It takes a lot of hard work and time that all. I think Ronnie Coleman said it best "Everyone wants to be Mr. Olympia, but no-one wants to lift any heavy ass weight!"

[ ] Wow! It was great talking with the both of you. Keep it up, and I hope to see you both win those IFBB pro cards.