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Amanda Geno Interview: Geno Wins NPC New England Figure Championship!

Check out this great interview with NPC New England figure champion, Amanda Geno. Find out how she does it...

[ ] Tell us about your changes in diet and give us a breakdown and some of how your training went to get to the 2005 NPC New Englands?

    [ AG ] This time around my diet was slightly different. My calories were higher this time around and I did not go low on carbs until the last few weeks.

    Due to my hectic schedule I usually don't have time to be very creative with my meals and this leaves me with very little options. I usually eat tons of tuna, lettuce, and drink lots of water as well.

    Most of my fats come from flax oil and at times I have servings of mixed nuts. I made sure I took my glutamine and a multivitamin supplement twice a day. Training was also very similar to last year, however, I did work much harder on leg days.

    I did heavier squats and plenty of walking lunges in-order to work on my ham/glute tie-in. I still have tons of improvements to make, but I also know my limitations, as I just can't fight my genetics! I stuck to a 4-daytraining split:

    I would take a break every 2 or 3 days, depending on my schedule. If you notice, I don't usually do ab workouts because I find that diet and cardio is what really makes them pop out!

[ ] You're an Assistant Resident Director? Are you living on campus then?

    [ AG ] Yes I am. It is one of the most challenging, yet fulfilling professional positions that I have ever held.

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    It requires a lot of attention to my staff as well as dealing with last minute crisis that could drain you emotionally and physically. I love the fact that my staff was extremely understanding and supportive and when they found out I won the show, they were very, very happy.

    They were also glad the dieting was over because I was often drained and could not give them as much as of me!

[ ] So, are you already back into training mode for the T.U.?

    [ AG ] I began dieting already for this show but my training never really stopped.

[ ] Are you ready for the next level. Is there anything new or different you might do for the national stage or are you going to stick to the same plan?

    [ AG ] You bet I am! I am really excited to be at my very first national lineup with some amazing physiques.

    I am honestly there for the experience and to get as much out of it as I possibly can. My plan will be slightly different but so will be my mind set. This is where I will pour my heart and soul into my training!

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    The physiques at the National level are impressive and I plan on coming in harder than at the New Englands. I have added running sprints into my cardio routine as well as running the bleachers at the stadium, something I did not do for the New Englands.

    My hope is to get my lower body tighter and in better condition.

[ ] After competing this summer, pending on how things go, will you go to the Nationals and then pop your face out at the Olympia?

    [ AG ] My hope is to make my first National appearance at Figure nationals in New York City! I am trying to figure out a way to make it to the O this year so if there are any interested sponsors please contact me. This would be a great opportunity!

[ ] Now sans the "Feminity" response, how do you feel with what all the mess AMI is doing with the female side of the NPC/IFBB?

    [ AG ] This is a tough one. I do think that first thing the NPC/IFBB needs to do is decide on what they define as "feminine".

    Is it big boobs, is it a softer physique, is it a "pretty" or "attractive" face? And with that in mind, we have to remember that this sport is highly subjective and I can already see that not one single man, who are usually the ones judging, will truly agree to what THEY find desirable.

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    I do find that women with muscles can be feminine and extremely attractive. The problem seems to be drug abuse and/or over use, something that men in the sport have been doing for years.

    The men keep getting bigger and bigger, and the women are doing the same but it seems unfair to me that women bodybuilding is suffering the consequences of it.

[ ] That is probably the best answer I've had anyone I've interviewed or asked say. Bravo Amanda.

[ ] Do you have any photo shoots lined up?

    [ AG ] I am doing a photo shoot with my photographer Brian Gigney and another possibly with Todd Ganci. You guys are going to love what we have in mind.

[ ] Give us a run down on your new contest prep and training?

    [ AG ] Training for a show has become almost like second nature to me. It's almost like dancing to a tune I've known for years. I wake up early in the morning to do my cardio and go lift later in the afternoon.

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    I still use a 4 day split with the most intense day being leg and shoulder days. We all know how NPC loves defined shoulders and a nice ham-glute tie-in! I also run the bleachers at the stadium, and do sprints outside when it's nice.

[ ] What are your favorite supplements to use while getting prepped for your shows?

    [ AG ] Food! I cannot live without the convenience of canned tuna. I also loooove eating oatmeal with my favorite protein powder.

    I also swear by MetRx meal replacements, which I get from one of my sponsors--Nutrition 101. I also take my glutamine right after lifting and before I go to bed.

[ ] What is your goal at the Team Univ.? Top 10? Top 5?

    [ AG ] Realistically speaking, neither! I need to get my feet wet at the National level and Lord knows I am not perfect and need to work on tons of things to look like most of the National Figure competitors do.

    Once I get into the rhythm of competing at the National and Jr. National level, it will be hard to stop me! So for now, I have no expectations. But you never know!

[ ] What if you get surprised and show up better then others and get a pro card what's next for you?

    [ AG ] Stop teasing me! I would indeed be very surprised. I know how to work the stage and have gained a lot of experience in the short time I've been competing.

    I would hope to compete at the Pro level, win some money, and represent the NPC/IFBB in a more positive way. Of course, hoping to be sponsored by supplement companies and join the other faces gracing magazine covers, by representing what we do would be phenomenal.

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[ ] Thanks Amanda, you look great and you're an inspiration for single Moms all over who feel they don't have the time. You go girl! Want some advice or to get a autographed 8x10? To Contact Amanda, she can be reached by emailing her at


[ ] You're NOT going to compete this year? Why the change of heart?

    [ AG ] Wendy's French fries! Just kidding. After giving this a second try for a second year in a row, I can confirm that:

    1. I cannot do shows back to back.

    2. I just cannot diet and train this hard during the summer months, and

    3. It gets very expensive.

    As you may already know my schedule is quite hectic with work and school during the academic semester and I truly don't have as much time as I would like to enjoy my kids and be a mommy! Summer time is the only time that I have to enjoy my children.

    I also do not get paid for almost 2 months and this makes it difficult to afford summer camps for the kids, let alone food for just me and my dietary needs. After my last trip I realized how much I have been missing and how I would like to enjoy the rest of the summer. It's not like competitions are going anywhere! Watch out for me next year at the USA's or Jr. Nationals.