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An Interview With Beautiful Figure Competitor Amanda Savell.

After growing up in a family who owned their own gyms, definitely made an dramatic impact on her life. See how Amanda keeps up with the fitness industry.

Beautiful Figure competitor Amanda Savell was born in Nashville Tennessee, has two older sisters, received a scholarship to play tennis at Texas Tech and was a Big Twelve All-conference Tennis player for Texas Tech.

How'd she get so fit and fantastic? Being part of a family owned gym business helps. And the great genetics for a fantastic built body helps too.

[ ] Hi Amanda would you like to be interviewed for

    AS: Curtis, I would love to be featured on Thank you so much for asking. Let me know what you need as far as pics because I have plenty in my members section that you can use. I will not be competing at the Jr.'s but will be at the USA's and Team U.

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    Also will this be featured right before the USA's? When were you thinking of posting it? Thanks again and send me what you need from me and I will try to get it to you as soon as I can!

[ ] OK, first here are some questions for you. How is the dieting and workout prep going for the USA's?

    AS: It's going great! I actually feel like I am in the best shape of my life. This was my goal and I feel I have reached it throughout the year in my training and prep. Of course I am ready for some good southern food, but it's worth the wait. I have been working very hard to bring in the right package so I can't wait to see how things go.

[ ] Do you train alone, have a partner or a trainer?

    AS: I train with Kim Oddo and have been for a while now. He has been great for me because we understand one another and work well as a team. He is an amazing trainer and has become a good friend, he gives me the motivation when I need it the most.

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[ ] When did you get involved in the fitness industry?

    AS: I feel like I have always been involved because my father owned gyms when I was growing up. I also played tennis all my life so I have always been in the weight room or doing work with some type of trainer to compete at the top level. Then when my sister got involved with Dymatize (a supplement company) I took notice to the fitness/figure shows and became a huge fan.

    I knew I had it in my heart to get in that kind of shape to compete, it was just learning and finding a good trainer that could teach me. This is how I found Kim Oddo, I knew he had trained many competitors that I had always looked to as inspiration so I knew he could get me there.

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[ ] What are some of your goals in the fitness industry that you'd like to accomplish?

    AS: My number one goal is to go pro this year! I would love to stand on stage with the best. After that I come up with new goals. That is what keeps me going and fired up! Who knows what is next for me but whatever it is I know I will make the best of it and work my butt off to get to the top!

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[ ] Amanda how did the 4th of July weekend go for you? You didn't interrupt your contest prep did you?

    AS: Nope I was a good girl. I spent some time in my yard and then hung out with the family just relaxing and playing with my babies (Yorkie and lab).

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[ ] OK, then tell us about a typical Kim Oddo workout for you?

    AS: Well it always changes depending on what our focus is on. Right now it's pretty set. I do 4-5 days of weights and 7 days of cardio. I also run track and bleachers 2-3 days a week:

      Monday - Shoulders, abs and cardio
      Tuesday - Back, rear delts and cardio
      Wednesday - Cardio
      Thursday - Legs, abs and cardio
      Friday - Chest, calf and abs, cardio
      Saturday - Hit something again if needed and cardio
      Sunday - Cardio

[ ] What type of supplements do you use?

[ ] Are you doing any modeling work, are you hooked up with a company? Who would you like to be sponsored by?

    AS: Yes, I do modeling work in fact I have some great shoots scheduled for this summer with some of my favorite photographers. As far as sponsorship there are so many great companies out there that sponsor so it would be hard to say who is my favorite but right now I am with Dymatize and loving there products.

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[ ] I am sure Dymatize is proud to have you aboard so they better keep there hands on you or some one else is going to pick you up.

Amanda I need pics, recent pics to go along with this interview. You said you have some. How about some from your web site and maybe some new ones?

    AS: Let me get you some pics from my site. I want to use the more recent ones and not ones from the past. I will get you some pics that I like sent to you ASAP. Thanks so much for this, and let me know what or if anything else you might need.

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[ ] Amanda it was great talking with you and thank you for being part of, good luck at the USA's.

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