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Nordic Power: An Interview With Mari Asp.

Mari Asp is just one more Norwegian beauty to join the likes of Leana Johansen. Who by the way is friends with Mari. Read this interview to get some in depth information including her colossal bench press.

The north winds of Valhalla have managed to produce another world class muscle babe.

Mari Asp is just one more Norwegian beauty to join the likes of Leana Johansen. Who by the way is friends with Mari and makes one ask the question what do they put in the water over there because most of those girls all compete in Strong Women competitions

Making a name for herself, Mari, placing 3rd in her first Strong Women competition. Mari is also a former national champion in Gymnastics making this Norwegian beauty something to stop and take notice to.

[ ] I'd like to get things started if that's ok? Mari, where are you from exactly?

    MA: I Am from Norway and a small place outside Oslo called Lillestrom, but have been in the states for 2 years now!

[ ] How old are you?

    MA: I am 29 years old.

[ ] You did powerlifting right? What did you do?

    MA: Yes I did power-lift! I power-lifted for the Norwegian national team (IPF) for a few years. This is a while ago. My PB at the time was Squats: 150 kg, Bench press: 92.5 kg and deadlift: 150 kg. This was in the 56-kg weight class.

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    I stopped doing Power-lifting in year 2000. But, I returned to compete for a bench press record and just broke the USAPL American bench press record on March 27 in the 148 lbs weight class! I lifted 292 lbs!

[ ] What prompted you to travel to the US. And why did you pick Venice, CA.?

    MA: Well, the reason is a guy called André Nielsen! That is why I moved! And also the reason for LA. He was living here!

[ ] So, you followed your man. That's nice. How do you like it here?

    MA: I love it here! All the opportunities when it comes to training and being a Personal Trainer! And I can't hide the fact that the weather is a lot better than in Norway!

[ ] so, you recently competed in a strongwoman competition. Tell us about it?

    MA: I have always been a strong girl! And after doing some bench press competitions this year, I broke the American record 4 times! I wanted to try something different! And in the bench press competition there are so few women! In the Strong Women competition there are more competitors, and that makes it more fun!

    I started looking around for some info regarding Strong Women competitions, and Norway has some of the world's strongest men. So I contacted one of them that lives here in California! Odd Haugen! (

    Odd Haugen At The 2004 Ironman Pro & Fit Expo
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    He told me about this competition in Riverside on May 15th this year, and I decided to go for it! I had 8 weeks to practice, but the hardest ting was that at Gold's Gym they do not have any of the events to practice on!

    So I tried the best I could with similar exercises in the gym. It went pretty well, I think. I placed 3rd in this competition! And it really gave me inspiration to compete more! I am now gonna start going to Odd Haugens place to work out every Sunday! Big thanks to Odd for giving me that opportunity!

[ ] What do you like better, Powerlifting or strength contests?

    MA: Strength Contest! Both are fun and both have there own special things about them, but I prefer the Strength Contests and how they make me feel. I placed 3rd! Not bad for a first time competitor, who was almost half the size of most of the other women!

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    This will not be my last Strong Women competition. I loved it! If you visit my website you can see some pictures and a little story from that competition.

[ ] Have you ever thought about doing Bodybuilding?

    MA: Well, not really! My boyfriend takes care of the bodybuilding in the house.

[ ] Mari please give us a typical training regiment you are doing to prep for the Ray Hollit Strength show?

    MA: I have started doing cardio!! Running, hiking, and bike rides! I am also doing more reps and supersets/dropsets in the gym to work on my muscle stamina!

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    And off-course I have to work on the different events!! Rope climb and the gladiator rings!! Hopefully I will be in "GREAT" shape by the end of January!

[ ] Thanks Mari. Good luck in your next competition.