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Ab Training Jamo Style!

The abdominals are the key for success for Jamo too, because come contest time the judge's eyes usually move right towards the middle of a bodybuilder's physique.

British Nationals champ and IFBB pro Jamo Nezzar is one of the top bodybuilders just waiting for the right time to unleash his new look. And at 5'10" and a 270 bulking off-season pounds, Jamo trims down to a hard 240 for competition.

Jamo is from the old school of training, hard-core, through and through, and that's the way he likes his training atmosphere and attitude. Jamo gets his fill of iron throwing and grunting while training at Muscle Works Gym in England. Muscle Works is the one and only place to train balls out in England. Sorry ladies, no women aloud, only the top elite in men's British bodybuilding is welcome to train at this facility. Although Jamo believes in pumping his body to huge proportions he also recognizes the need for a small streamlined waistline to accent the muscular physique he chisels out. Though it is nice to have 20 plus inch arms and a 30 plus inch quads, the abdominals are a key area to any serious bodybuilder.

The abdominals are the key for success for Jamo too, because come contest time the judge's eyes usually move right towards the middle of a bodybuilder's physique. Yes, that's right, his abs first. Not those 20-inch guns. Not even. His big guns are not the center of attention but his waistline is the center of attraction. No pun in intended. Jamo's shoulder to waist ratio is what the judges are looking at. And if the judges do not wide shoulders tapering into a fat free, hard, tightly muscled small waistline you might not get your call-outs. "Bodybuilders waists are looked upon first, and if your shoulders are wide and v-into a small waistline equipped with sharp tight abs then the judges notice you." Jamo said, when asked what makes him train his abs so hard. If the quality for a Bodybuilders physique is measured by his abdominal sharpness, then top British amateur Jamo Nezzar has one of the most perfect V's. Jamo also believes that there is a number of missing links to achieving that tight waistline and they involve a variety of factors of specific training movements and diet.

"I used to compete with my older brother doing sit-ups. We would see how many we could do in a minute. He would always beat me, being the older brother, but I worked hard at it until I could beat him." Jamo offers testimony to his beginnings of his abdominal training background. This is what gave the preparation for Jamo's basic building blocks for rock hard abs. Having a basic building block is essential in creating tight and hard abs. One other factor for Jamo style ab training is frequency of ab training.

"I have created a base already" claims Jamo. Furthermore, this beginning ab training regiment that began with his older brother is why Jamo does not need to train abs in the off-season.

A lot of bodybuilders train their abs in the off-season, or they work their abs every single day or every other day. Most individuals who do ab training every day or other day go on the assumption that to obtain abs you must do just that, train those ab muscles every day. Well, as we stated, there are many other factors in play to shape a tight and hard waistline, and for Jamo those factors include basic abdominal strength, designing a brutal personal ab routine, dieting correctly, and making sure your protein intake is very high.

Of course, you must train those abs intensely and regularly to build up the abdominal muscles all around. Jamo starts his ab training about 13-14 weeks out from a show. He begins his abdominal work with Hanging Leg Raises doing 4 sets of 20 to 25 reps. Jamo performs his hanging leg raises by placing his hands about shoulder width apart starting from an over head lat bar. Then he raises his legs, bending them smoothly and slowly until the tops of his knees reach his chest then lowers his legs to the bottom position. Jamo states to not bend your arms during the raising and lowering of your legs. Always keep them straight and locked. Jamo repeats this movement until he has completed 4 sets of 25, and sometimes he ads a little twist at the top position just for an added squeeze. The main area of attack for hanging leg raises is right in the front and lower abdominals.

The next exercise is Leg Raises. Holding himself up, and stabilizing himself by his forearms, Jamo hangs his legs straight down and then raises his legs straight up and out while simultaneously exhaling and squeezing his abs tightly until his feet are directly above his hips. Jamo does 4 sets of 20 to 25 grueling reps of leg raises until his abdominals feel as tight and hard making his stomachache. Leg raises stress the front of the abdominals mainly the rectus abdominis wall.

But, that's not enough. Leg Tucks off a Bench is the next ab exercise in Jamo's regiment. Immediately start by seating yourself close to the edge of a flat bench holding the sides with your hands and keeping your legs straight and then tucking them until your knees touch your chest and then repeat the movement slowly and rigorously for four sets of 20 reps. These stress the same areas of the abdominals and you start them almost the same manner you would a crunch except you lie on the edge of the bench and then do the above description.

Are we done yet? No, not Jamo, he then does three serious sets of Crunches - Pounding out 30 reps. First you lie on your back draping your legs over a flat bench so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor making your lower legs parallel to the floor. Place your hands cross your chest and then rise up slowly squeezing each rep exhaling while pulling your abdominals into a tight and short movement that barley lifts the lower back off the floor. Crunches are the best exercise for stressing the rectus abdominis muscles at the top front of the abdomen area. To finish his stomachache, Jamo plugs in his Walkman, and while listening to his favorite techno music ripping through his head he Twists himself to the beat until his favorite song is complete. Well, we all know that some tunes can run a good 2 1/2 to 3 minutes long, and if it is techno club jam, then Jamo is twisting and grinding his abdominals for about 5 minutes, maybe longer. Twisting main area emphasis is believed by many bodybuilders to firm the sides of the waist and the lower back too.

This excruciating abdominal workout is done 3 to 4 times a week and only the last 14-week of dieting. Jamo's abdominals are built so every groove between each individual muscle segment becomes so deep that you could slip a quarter in-between them and it would disappear. The thickness and muscular density of his abdominal muscle wall is like the Rocky Mountain terrain. "Proper dieting is also a main factor in visual abdominal sharpness," Jamo ads. That is why he eats clean year round. No pizza and ice cream for this big man. Jamo's other factors in his style of abdominal training are that he ads in 60 minutes of cardio in the morning and after his afternoon iron pumping workouts. Jamo does his morning cardio on an empty stomach. Well, no food anyway. But, he does take 4 Hydroxycut and a liter of water before morning cardio, another 4 before the mid afternoon meal, and the last 4 Hydroxycut prior to working out. He also supplements his high protein meals with 4 MuscleTech shakes each day. Jamo swears that if it wasn't for MuscleTech supplements he would have a hard time developing and brining out those razor hard abs he so diligently needs. Jamo trains his abs 3 to 4 times a week and then does his mandatory and free posing everyday, which also helps bring out the sharpness of his abdominals.

I asked Jamo to give those up-and-coming stars and abdominal gut busters a beginner/intermediate ab program and he was happy to oblige. When asked how a beginners ab routine should go, Jamo stated that exercises like Hanging Leg Raises and Leg Tucks off a Bench are more advanced ab techniques and should not be performed by beginners until they get the basic strength down first. The basic routine offered by Jamo is to do 3 sets of each exercise for 20 reps. Exercises in question are Crunches and Leg Tucks off a Bench. That's it. You thought you were going to get some thirty different exercises didn't you? Jamo had only one exercise in the beginning and that was sit-ups. Build your base and then you'll be able to give Jamo Style ab training a try.

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