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An Interview With Janet Harris - The Cuban Missile.

Thank God now that the only missiles we have to deal with from Cuba are those like Janet Harris appropriately nicknamed the 'Cuban Missile'. Learn more about her transformation and what she's up to lately.

During the Kennedy administration we almost came to war with the Soviet Union because they decided to park some nuclear warheads 90 miles off the coast of Florida. When we saw that the Soviets were installing missiles in Cuba we had to put a stop to it. Thank God now that the only missiles we have to deal with from Cuba are those like Janet Harris appropriately nicknamed "the Cuban Missile."

Janet possesses a look that comfortably fits in both worlds of fitness and bodybuilding. With a beautifully balanced structure this mother of two has a body built for fitness modeling and bodybuilding competition.

Though my buddy and Janet's husband Ron may have another reason for giving Janet the nickname "Cuban Missile", I think we both agree that Janet is the epitome of Latin sizzle and she is of course "the bomb". Janet took the time out of a very busy and hectic schedule to talk with us here at

[ Q ] Hi Janet. Ok, you ready? Do you plan on competing again in 2005?

    Yes, I do plan on competing again this year, even though I said I wouldn't ever again.

    I had the worst experience last year doing my first bodybuilding show that I swore I would never compete again. But then I thought why not try again & come back better then last year. I plan on competing in May of this year. The New England's in Boston, Ma. Wish me luck!

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[ Q ] How many shows have you done so far?

    I have actually competed in three shows in the past few years. The first two were actually figure, in which I was blown away. I am too short and my waist is kind of too big for figure. I thought that figure was more glamorous than bodybuilding.

    Last year I competed in my first bodybuilding show, which I thought my body was more suited for. Although I didn't do that great, I had a lot of fun with the routine part.

[ Q ] You were once an out of shape individual so tell us about your transformation? Did being with your muscle head husband have anything to do with you getting into bodybuilding?

    Well as far as being out of shape, I weighed 200 lbs at 5'2" when I was pregnant with both my kids. I was able to lose the weight through exercise and diet. My husband Ron did encourage me to get into bodybuilding. I actually met Ron at a gym.

    Before & After

    I always loved muscles and the way that Rachel, Cory, and all the other bodybuilding women looked back in the day. I wanted to look like them, but not so much compete. Ron slowly nudged me into setting goals for myself. Doing these shows gets me motivated to get into better shape.

[ Q ] There are a lot of men out there disappointed to find out you're married and have children. What are your children's names and how old are they?

    Men disappointed that I'm married. Ha.. Ha... I've been married to Ron for almost 14 yrs. He is really my best friend. We basically grew up together while living in California on our own for 10 yrs.

    Janet & Ron

    We have two beautiful children Marisa (10), Christian (5), & I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's not easy sometimes but communication is the key.

[ Q ] Besides, from taking a night out to get away from being a mother of two you are working too right? I understand you're starting a training business so how's that going?

    I actually got certified as a personal trainer through ISSA back in March 2004. I had so many people come up to me over the past couple years asking if I did personal training, but always had to say no. I figured I might as well try to help others achieve their goals as well.

    Besides, it was always something I had been interested in pursuing. Business has picked up quite a bit since January with everyone trying to get back in shape for the spring. If I didn't have Ron's help, I really don't think I could do it.

    Ron takes care of pretty much all the kids' stuff... as far as getting them ready for school in the morning and extra activities they may have after school like swimming lessons, karate, art and so on.

[ Q ] Are you challenging any of your clients to do some shows?

    I tried to get one of my clients to compete, but she doesn't think she's ready yet. Most of my clients want to look like me, which is pretty funny. They all just want enough muscle on them so they have that nice shape to their physique, or they just can't train themselves hard enough to actually see any changes in their bodies.

    The ironic thing is that before when women would ask me for advice, they made sure to make a point of telling me they didn't want to get 'big like me.' None of the clients I have now are afraid of that.

[ Q ] Regarding challenging, its got to be tough dieting and having two kids in the house when they would prefer pizza over chicken breast, how do you deal with all that food pressure?

    Dieting is hard whether you have kids or not. I try not to buy anything that I like, that way I am not tempted. My problem is that I rely on bars and shakes a lot for meals and Ron says that's a big no-no. He really believes in getting at least four solid meals in every day.

    But as for being tempted to eat junk, I just tell myself that the cookies and cake aren't going anywhere and I can usually beat the craving. After the show I can have my treats.