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Next Evolution Eating: Set Yourself Up For Gains In 2005.

The bodybuilder of the 21st century gets on stage at over 250 ripped pounds toting 22-inch arms and 30-plus inch thighs. Doesn't it look like we are progressing into the next evolution of the human ladder? Find out how to get big...

Ronnie Coleman
Back in the 60's lineman in the NFL where 200 pounds, the 70's maybe 230, the 80's they where 265, then in the 90's an average lineman was about 290 to 300. Now in the 21st century they average over 325 pounds of big, strong, fast muscle. It's the same with bodybuilders.

Back in the 60's Larry Scott and Bill Pearl were the great physiques of the era. Then came Arnold and the Mentzer brothers. Now the bodybuilder of the 21st century gets on stage at over 250 ripped pounds toting 22-inch arms and 30-plus inch thighs. Doesn't it look like we are progressing into the next evolution of the human ladder?

What It Takes To Get Big

How is this happening? What is the answer? You're reading this because you are one of thousands who are trying to get the answers to getting big and putting on weight: quality weight and size. How do you do that? Well, its right in front of you. Eat!

I can't tell you any simpler. You need to eat more quality foods and lots of protein. Now some individuals might disagree with the reference to eating lots of protein, but I don't care about those people, they are probably small. But, like most things in life going to the next evolution takes hard work, dedication and intensity.

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So if you're looking for that quick fix then go listen to some wannabe small personal trainer who thinks they know what it takes to get big. But, if you want to venture into the next evolution of muscle mayhem then keep reading.

The same intensity that you put into your training you need to put into your nutritional intake. You have to eat and add quality supplements to your training regiment to gain quality size and strength.

Just how important are your meals to gain? Let me put it to you this way. If you don't eat and pound down the protein you might as well forget about lifting all together. After lifting, eating is important to gain quality mass. When I first went off to college, I was recruited as a 200-pound linebacker but because of injuries on the offensive line I was asked to play offensive guard.

Curtis Schultz (the author)

Every day my Hawaiian roommates and I lifted weights and we ate big meals at every sitting. At seasons end I was 215. Now, how many football players do you know gain weight during the season? We lifted weights, played football and ate buckets of food. Oh yeah, went to school some where in between there. Simple stuff, huh?

Then in the off-season I added supplements, i.e. a weight gainer/protein drink, large quantities of liver pills and my body weight sky rocketed to over 230 lbs. in 8 months time, aiding in my bench press, and squat poundages.

Plan Your Meals

You have to understand that physique building and strength gaining nutrition has a certain, exact method, and if you are serious, you will apply these methods to your specific needs. Just like competition dieting is hard work so is gaining quality off-season weight and size.

I've met many bodybuilder's that have a problem gaining weight and quality size in the off-season. My wife was that way. Why? Again, it's not easy. Just like competition dieting takes dedication and focus so does gaining quality off-season bulk.

Massive Eating - Part I.
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First, just like you write your workouts down in your journal you should plan out daily and weekly meal schedules So, sit down, grab a pad and pen, and write down a schedule meal plan. You need to try and get at least six to seven meals in, every single day. Or, basically, to play it safe, you must eat every 3 hours. Period!

Some say eat only during the time you are awake. I say, yeah right and miss a window of opportunity to get big. I don't think so. Set the alarm to get up in the middle of your time of sleep and take a protein shake. Yes, rest is probably the next most important item in gaining size after training and eating, but either do what I'm telling you, or miss an opportunity for growth.

Stay on an eating schedule and try to never deviate from it. Why so strict? Again, as stated about taking large amounts of protein and eating in the middle of the night some so-called experts will tell you not to do those things, and I say, yeah that's why you're small. During sleep, your body is essentially starving and cannibalizing muscle. So feed it, have some protein.

This is an excerpt taken from a normal CPT talking about the needs of another to get bigger. "In general, you should eat about 0.8-1 gram of protein for each pound of bodyweight per day. An athlete who weighs 160 pounds will need about 160 grams of protein a day, 30 grams of fat, and 3,000 calories." Yea, OK. If I ate like that I'd be a fat sob.

Again, that's why so-called gurus and no-it-all's are small. I am 5'9" 290 pounds and consume about 450 grams of protein a day combination of food and shakes. Yep! And I'm not on the toilet every three hours either like some so-called experts proclaim.

What Foods To Eat

Lets look at your calories. Gradually increase those calories weekly. It is hard to eat so much food so you better take your time, and eat in small increments. Build up gradually. Let's talk about protein, carbs and fat. Now, that's where your supplements come in. Your bulking diet should be high protein, moderate carbs, and moderate fat.

Always maintain 1.5 or 2 g of protein per pound of bodyweight. I am firm believer and so is the science that built large individuals, that high protein diets are best for growth. Protein is the most important element in muscle development and getting the right amount of amino acids in the lymph is important so be sure to take in protein with every meal.

Now let's talk foods. Everyone asks this. What "kinds" of food should I eat? Well, let's see. How about pizza, ice cream, and lots of cup cakes. That should do it. Common, use your common sense. People want results but don't do what they really need to or what they are told. They ask questions but brush your answers off because they are not what they want to hear it's too difficult for them.

In bodybuilding or a sport like football it takes time to be successful, to find out what works and what doesn't. There are a lot of good choices. My preference for protein is lean beef, turkey and chicken. But I also eat a ton of eggs and some fish on occasion. I also happen to depend on protein powders.

Get most of your protein from whole foods first and use supplements for the rest, as it is hard all the time to slam all that food down your throat. As for carbs, most male species can handle carbs and the female species needs to stay away from carbs. I've learned that my body doesn't like pasta, rice, bread and other starches. That sucks because I love my Captain Crunch cereals.

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So, instead I chow oatmeal, old-fashioned whole oats, it's also a good source of fiber. Whoopee, sounds delicious! I also eat sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables or broccoli.


Here is something that no one tells you. It takes major $$$ to get big! Have you ever noticed how expensive it is to eat "clean?" But if you want to eat junk, you're food bill is a lot lower. Go figure. I guess our government want's us to be lazy and fat. A bodybuilder's diet is expensive. Yeah, so what.

We make sacrifices for being a different species. That's what separates us from the rest of the normal world. Most think mass development, i.e. bodybuilding is about drugs, training and then nutrition. Sorry folks, anyone can take gear, eat like a slob, and put on weight.

What matters is how that weight is distributed on your frame. To take your physique to the next evolution just remember, bodybuilding is a science and you have to be serious about your nutrition to make that journey into the evolutionary scale!


Give some of these tips a try and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the ease of attaining quality nutrients from a low-fat "meal."

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