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Power Athlete - Part Two!

Don't make your sets and reps so difficult that you bomb out early in the workout and get discouraged, or worst, you get weaker.

Dear Football Player:

Curtis Schultz, Power Athlete's Director of Strength and Conditioning, is committed to helping each individual develop into a top-notch athlete. Strength training has a large impact on the success of a football team. Just look at the likes of perennial power Nebraska. Schultz has been with the best, as an assistant at The University of Colorado he learned from one of the best in the business, Jeff "Mad Dog" Madden - who is now with the Longhorns of Texas.

My philosophy: Train the body to perform work for an undetermined amount of time so to be overpowering on the gridiron.

This routine is an off-season based on a 4-day a week training regiment using percentages of your 1-Rep Max in ALL the lifts listed in the routine.

After each 3 weeks I will submit another portion of the routine. Any questions or if you need to replace a exercise with one already in the routine contact me for the best one to use in your individual case. I will be looking for all those teenagers who are still in school or those who are currently playing small college football to utilize this routine to the fullest.


With WEIGHTLIFTING - always STRETCH before & after each workout. Use the flexibility stretches at the end of the weightlifting section.

*Perform warm-up drill listed below before weight training.

Jump Rope 10 min.


1. ALL will work out (4) DAYS PER WEEK - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Stretch after warm-up and after your workout is complete for the day.
2. All workouts should be pursued with a high level of INTENSITY.
3. This training program is broken down into a very simple percentage and rep scheme. DO NOT do more reps then it is prescribed. And do not do more weight then the percentage indicated for those weeks.
4. AGAIN, remember, the most important step. Only do the recommended number of repetitions that are indicated on your workout chart.
  • Determine your strength level or (1 rep max) for the recommended exercises.
  • Go to percentage chart (located in back of manual) find your strength levels in the left column then locate at top the percentage that matches your workout.
  • Use warm-up weights steadily, do not immediately go into the percentage poundage's
Download the following Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets Below:


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By Curtis Schultz. Curtis is a contributing writer for various health, bodybuilding, and collegiate sports publications. Curtis has a B.S. in Sports Administration and is a Level I USWF Olympic Coach. He is a collegiate strength coach who has worked with many high-level athletes ranging from NFL stars to top-level bodybuilders. Powerlifting State and Regional champion in the 242 and 275 classes. He is also an AAU and USPF referee. Curtis was a three-year Varsity football letter winner, All-greater Rochester Lineman in high school, and then Junior College and University All-conference lineman.