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Getting Ready For Combines!

It's about time for all aspiring football players to begin preparing for next season. High school preparatory combines are arranged for up-and-coming seniors in late spring & summer.

Don't you think it's time for you aspiring football players to begin preparing for next season? And you wonder why some are better on the field then others. Its called: dedication. Even more specifically, you should start thinking about getting ready for combines. Yes, that's right, combines! High school preparatory combines are arranged for up and coming seniors every late spring and summer.

For those of you who don't know, combines are a series of tests used by many coaches to evaluate current ability, and future potential as a football player. The fixed tests used at combines are used to assess players for the NFL and now at the high school, and collegiate levels.

Most Combines Consist Of The Following Tests

  • Height & weight
  • Vertical jump
  • 40-yard dash
  • 20-yard Pro Agility Shuttle
  • Bench press for reps.

Apart from height and weight, all the skills that will be tested can be improved under the tutelage of a knowledgeable coach who will implement hours of specific exercises.

Perfecting your technique is our main goal here, and, trust me when I tell you, as a coach I know you do not know what you are doing nor have you been taught right to perform at maximum levels.

For example, your 40-yard dash time can improve by perfecting your starting stance and running mechanics.

Working technique for strength tests are an imperative goal for all football players. You are not a bodybuilder nor will a 'personal trainer' be able to show you proper lifting technique need to maximize your performance on the field. Again, it is imperative that you make sure your technique and mechanics are correct in all movements.

Are you at the proper position for the vertical jump? Do you have arm drive when running a 40? How do you get over that sticking point in the bench press?

In addition, your rest, recovery, proper nutrition and supplementation will play a vital role as well.

Questions To Ask Yourself

What do you think you need to do to perform to the best of your abilities at a combine? You should be prepared to shine at a combine, especially if you are interested in getting a scholarship for football. So, what do you think? Shouldn't you be preparing now?

My philosophies at Dangerous Athletes (former Power Athlete Training Systems) are based on principles of specificity and repetition and many years of working hard as an under achiever.

First off, the principle of specificity states that in order for maximal transfer of skill to occur, you must practice the specific skill exactly as it will be recalled. Do you know how you get better at performing the 20-yard pro agility shuttle? You practice it over and over for thousands of task specific repetitions under the guidance of competent coaching.

In addition, you strengthen your body's musculature through proper strength training to give you a greater capacity to produce power. The methods and protocols we use for preparing our athletes for the combines are basic. The main premise behind our training is to practice the specific skills that the athlete will be tested in.

It is common knowledge in the world of motor learning that the more you practice a skill the more efficient (better) you will become at performing it. That's why you do the same drills out on the practice field over and over at the beginning of every season.

For example, let's look at the bench press. When you first start out on the free weight bench press you lack coordination, stability and strength to perform it at maximum efficiency.

However, after practice, you start to become very good at executing the movement. Another example, you can improve your 40-yard dash time by perfecting your starting stance and running mechanics.

Regardless of the test you are practicing for it is imperative that you make sure your technique and mechanics are correct. Perfecting your technique will make you much more efficient.

In addition to practicing the specific skills of the combine, it is also important that you participate in a safe and productive strength-training program. Also, proper rest, and the right nutrition will play a vital role as well. Combine tests consist of body measurements, strength, quickness and power tests, and position-specific drills that will demonstrate your ability in fundamental areas of your position. Here are a sample of combines and camps going on around somewhere near you.

Sample Combines In Your Area

Nike Football Camps: What Are They?

Well, Nike Football Training Camps are combines. This is the sixth year of the Nike Football Training Camps. The Nike Football Training Camps are designed to offer top caliber football players the opportunity to develop training techniques from some of the top NFL players and sports performance specialists. The program encourages student-athletes to pre-register as campsite participation is limited.

For the record, the Nike Camps are also not all-star events. Most of the players are juniors, but underclassmen can come too. The Camps are not invitation-only; however, players must be pre-registered in order to ensure getting a participant's jersey and be sufficiently insured for the event.

The Nike Camps are open to all players desiring speed, agility and quickness training. Testing elements are offered but are optional and results can be scratched. The focus is to promote better, more efficient training techniques so players can increase their productivity at their positions.

Husker Camps: Learn To Train Like The Huskers

Husker Power offers Performance 100, a hands-on approach to proper lifting techniques for young athletes between the ages of 8 and 15 years old and a parent (optional). This camp is held on the University of Nebraska Campus.

Athletes attending this camp will receive a training manual and instruction that will cover the following areas of basic full range-of motion lifting movements, mobility drills, and flexibility drills. Go to

Adidas Speed Camp

High school athletes entering 9th-12th grades may register. This one-day camp is designed to teach the basics about strength and conditioning training and is open to both males and females.

Also, check your local college they most likely put on summer camps... Just contact them and ask for a brochure.


Combine preparation is vital to your success on and off the field, and probably even your success in signing a letter of intent with your favorite school or going to college and sitting in the stands watching your buddies play college football.

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