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Are You A Small Fish In A Big Pond? Moving Up To College Sports.

Many of these young athletes, if they are lucky, will make the team as a back up, some will see some playing time, then there are those who will be starters as 'true' freshman, and all of them will get a free education. Learn how to be ready ...

    "You are a three time varsity letter winner, All-District, All-State and a USA Today first team All-American ... but, in College, you're just another fish in the pond. "

Come season's end, at every high school across America, there is a young student-athlete hoping on getting that recruiting trip to the school of his choice, signing a letter of intent, and receiving a full scholarship to "Big Time University."

All of them are considered the most promising athlete's to come out of their respective areas since last year's standouts. Every one of them is being touted as the best at their positions with high expectations to become stars and high impact players.

You have just experienced the beginning of high school, star athlete just becoming another number on the recruiting board. All the recruiters say, "You are the best and we want you to come to our school!" But, they say this to all their recruits. It is a must to get the best of the best before "Big Time South University" signs them to their roster.

Many of these young athletes, if they are lucky, will make the team as a back up, some will see some playing time, then there are those who will be starters as 'true' freshman, and all of them will get a free education.

Ask Yourself This ...

When the time comes, you have to think, just for a moment, are you really going to beat out a seasoned veteran at your position as an incoming freshman?

The possibility of this happening is very minimal to almost unlikely. But, don't get me wrong, it does happen, and you could do it. Just remember this is the real world and to do that, you have to train harder then they are doing right now! I mean, how many football players recruited by Nebraska get to be starters?

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A Nebraska fourth stringer could probably start at another school. Nebraska and every other college, from BCS Big Time to the small NCAA Division III, they play the best. Are you one of those best?

It's not an easy job, and believe me, it is a job to perform each and every day just to maintain your position and to keep that scholarship. Just because you're on the team doesn't mean another high school All Star isn't going to steal your limelight away next year.

Just remember, when the time comes for you to look around and contemplate your possibilities, there are many options available to a young college bound student-athlete. Take a look at some of those options. Like finding out how many are in your position, and is the athletic system something you would like to be part of?

What To Do

So, take your time and take a look around before you sign that letter of intent. Make the right choice for yourself and your future. The rest will follow. And then it won't be so bad being the little fish in the big pond.

Remember that there are many options available to you. If you are willing to take the leap and go for it, than go to a big-time university. But, there are thousands of small colleges out there that offer an exceptional education with great sports traditions too.

There is something better about these smaller schools, and that is you will still get a scholarship, definitely more playing time, the possibility of becoming a starter quicker and a more personal environment for your education. Well, it should sound great to you.


We all want to be starters, and for some of you this will happen. But, for the most part, if you do find yourself with the big fish in that big ocean don't get swallowed up.

Because, going from high school All Star to college part-timer takes some getting used to mentally. Can you handle it? Many student-athletes can find themselves unprepared for this type of transition. Allot of players quite because they are not prepared for the leap from high school all-star to becoming just another fish in the pond.