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An Interview With Vivianna Requena, Top NPC Bodybuilder!

What a package: Exotic good looks, a striking muscle bod, and Latino charisma written all over her. Vivianna is a bonafide contender for a national level bodybuilding title and a pro card.
What a package: Exotic good looks, a striking muscle bod, and Latino charisma written all over her. Vivianna is a bonafide contender for a national level bodybuilding title and a pro card. The 2002 Jr. USA winner has overcome disappointment to become one of the best-built bodies on the planet. Her gorgeous good look s and fine muscles have landed her cover shots for Muscle Elegance, the premier magazine for women with muscle. We had a chance to talk to this cover model about her engagement, winning her newest titles and bodybuilding in general. Hey Vivianna. Love your name. I hope you take this time with me to be honest and not politically correct like so many do. This is your chance to have a rant about bodybuilding and life outside of bodybuilding… if there is such a thing. You just won the 2003 NPC New Jersey overall and the Suburban, how's that feel? Were you totally prepared to win everything?

Vivianna Requena: It feels awesome! New Jersey is known to have great bodybuilders and tough competitions! Was I prepared? Well it was the best I ever looked… after winning the 2002 Jr. USA. Are you using these shows for a prep to get ready for the Nationals or the Team Universe?

VR: I am taking the rest of the year off. I will be competing at the 2004 Team Universe. I want to add more quality muscle and beat my 2003 physique. I don't compete against anybody else… I only compete with my last physique! Didn't you start out as a fitness competitor?

VR: I started as figure competitor, but after a few shows the judges told me that I should try bodybuilding because of my physique. I've been watching your transformation on your web site. Did you slowly drop the calories or keep them the same calories and up your cardio? What ever you did you look great!

VR: To be honest with you, I never drop my calories and I never carb deplete either. Someone taught me a long time ago that if I do my "homework" there is no need for carb depleting… and it works for me every time. I did up my cardio and then stopped it ten days before my competition. You look Italian or Mediterranean, what nationality are you? Give me some measurements that go with that fantastic physique.

VR: No baby, I am 100% Latina. My mom is Puerto Rican and my father is from Venezuela. I am 5'4", 36D-22-33. My off-season weight is 130-135 lbs; my competition weight is 116-117 lbs. My hair right now is long and red with highlights, my eyes are blue and my biceps are 15 1/2". You do a lot of modeling. What kind of modeling do you do?

VR: As many different kinds as I can. As you probably know by now, I have been on a few covers like Natural Muscle Magazine, Muscle Elegance Magazine, Steele Jungle Publications, and I have been published in many others like Planet Muscle, Flex, Fighting Females, and many others. I do lingerie, calendars, posters, swimwear, video… you name it! So, you're not opposed to girls posing nude? Don't you think it can hurt female bodybuilding?

VR: I think that nothing will hurt female bodybuilding as long as you do everything very tastefully, and not trashy. Bodybuilding should be the beauty of muscles… it's like painting a canvas or trying to build a statue. Remember the Mona Lisa! Do you feel that women's bodybuilding gets a bad rap?

VR: Yes I do. A lot of people don't understand the hard work and the pressures that women bodybuilders have. I do understand that there is a limit where women should say no or "stop" when taking chemicals… but this is America and they have the chance to make their own decisions. Besides, it takes a lot of work and dedication no matter what level of bodybuilding you compete in. All I know is I respect every lady who has accomplished something in this sport.

"I was very shy girl. It was very tough for me in those years. My transformation happened in 1995." I'm always doing this, getting ahead of myself and trying to stir up things. Tell me where did you grow up?

VR: I grew up in the smallest state of the USA, Rhode Island. Were you the Prom Queen in high school or a Jock?

VR: No baby, I was very shy girl. It was very tough for me in those years. My transformation happened in 1995. So, did you want to be a muscle head when you were a child?

VR: No, I never even touched weights until 1995. I never played any sports and never even visited a gym. In my race, ladies are not usually bodybuilders or cover fitness models. How did you get hooked up into the bodybuilding world?

VR: Good question. Back in 1995, I had a very tough time after my boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me. Being shy and very skinny, I went into a depression and that's when I joined a ladies only gym. I took my first steps with a Rachel McLish book and after a year of training I loved what I saw in the mirror. I never thought my life was going to change so much after that day. From modeling to being on the cover of magazines to winning the Jr. USA last year… and now getting ready to go after my Pro Card. So, it looks like you enjoy pumping iron? What is the most impressive thing you do in the gym?

VR: I love everything about pumping iron! When I go to the gym, it is like I am another person. It's like having a sexy body with the mind of a man! I am always thinking about success and how I can improve myself. Most impressive thing I do in the gym? Well, leg presses of 650 lbs. for 10 reps I guess! I only weigh 130lbs. Not bad! Not bad at all. And sorry, I would hope that sexy body has the mind of a sexy woman to go with it. What would you consider your strong point on stage?

VR: My strong points… I love being on stage and a lot of people have told me that I am a great poser… very sexy and feminine with a great proportionate physique. Do you aspire to be on the Olympia stage?

VR: I have never thought of that. I take things one day at a time and I am always looking back to the old days. I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far. From a shy-nerd look to the cover of Muscle Elegance Magazine… it makes me feel like an Olympia winner! I know you're a bodybuilder but are you uncomfortable knowing that you're a "sex symbol" too?

VR: Never, I love being a sex symbol! The more the better! Especially since I am a bodybuilder, I want people to see that even with ripped hard muscles a woman can still be sexy and pretty on stage or even while just at a party. It's like, take a look at me! You just got engaged (sorry guys), tell us who's the husband to be? Where did you meet?

VR: His name is Tim McAuliffe. My wedding is planned for June 26th 2004, back in my old state of Rhode Island. We met at a bodybuilding show two years ago. I was the trophy girl for the show and he was in the audience because he had a client competing in the show. He approached me so I asked him if he wanted to purchase a picture and he said, "No. I want your number." I laughed and he left… then he left me his business card. Some "3rd life inside of me" told me to call him after the show. I did and we been together ever since! He's the person that supports me in everything I do and he pushes me beyond my limits. He is my best friend and thanks to bodybuilding I met him. So, he's OK with you showing your physique in Muscle Elegance?

VR: He is very proud. He likes to say that the only thing that the guys can do is look at me, but he has the real thing every night. My layouts have been very very successful. By the way I will be in the Fall Issue 2003 again! As a bodybuilder, I spend 10 days in the Bahamas with Muscle Elegance shooting during the beautiful sunsets! Thanks for the tease. I hope you send me an autographed magazine. And personally, I'm glad a female bodybuilder can finally find a man that is secure with her and is more then a muscle head - he's your friend too. Tell him that I said that as men married to female bodybuilders, we're very lucky. So, were there any challenges that you had to overcome to get to this point in your career?

VR: I have overcome many challenges and many of them I never thought I was going to get through them. My success has happened fast and thank to my fans and their great support I keep growing. Are there any mentors that have helped guide you along?

VR: Denise Masino, not only because she is Latin or because of the magazine, but because she's a beautiful human being with a great heart. Her advice has been great and I have learned a lot from her. I thank her a lot today and always. Where will we see you next Vivianna?

VR: You will see me getting married next year and getting ready for 2004 Team Universe, showing the best physique that I possibly can. I will also be giving my fans/friends the best of me, either in my videos or on websites. I know where to find you but some of our readers may not. Give me your web site and contact info for those who would like to get a nice autographed 8x10 of your beautiful physique for their office wall.

VR: My website is and my email address is My mailing address is:

Vivianna Requena
600 N Kings Hwy PMB 157
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Thanks Vivian. And please keep in touch and keep us updated on your next step.

VR: Baby, I will! Thank you!!

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