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Memorable Holiday Gift?

Learn what the most memorable gifts where from the top stars in the industry!

Your Most Memorable Holiday Gift

dot Lindsay Mulinazzi: dot

    "In sixth grade, I begged my mother for weights and a weight bench as a Christmas gift. It is funny now that I think about it, the day before Christmas I remember seeing my mother and my brother dragging in a bunch of sand filled weights and a bench.

Lindsay Mulinazzi Lindsay Mulinazzi
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Lindsay Mulinazzi: "I Begged My
Mother For A Weight Bench."

    I was so surprised and delighted! My brother thought it was a cool gift because he could use them also. We would lift weights together all the time after school and on the weekends."

dot Ron Harris: dot

    "The nicest gift I ever got was way back in 1990. My wife Janet, who I had only been dating a couple months at the time, bought me one of those Cybergenics kits. Looking back, I know the product was nothing magical, but at the time I was so psyched.

    I followed the brutal workout that came with the kit to the letter, and every time I took one of the supplements in it I felt I was growing by the minute.

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I did the 2 month program years ago right before my 1st contest and had great results because I followed it word by word.
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    I think I put on about five pounds of muscle in those 60 days on the kit. Those were exciting days, when I was still very new to the sport and was in love with everything about it."

dot CEO Ryan DeLuca: dot

    "I was in high school and had been dating my future wife, Bryna, for less than a year. On Easter, I surprised her with an Easter basket with all her favorite candies. She felt bad because she didn't get me anything for Easter! Well, on the next Halloween she surprised me with a "Halloween Basket".

    It was a plastic pumpkin filled with a bunch of bodybuilding goodies! There were two bodybuilding magazines, three protein drinks, a bunch of protein samples, and a few bottles of my favorite supplements. I was so excited I almost cried! In high school as a bodybuilder, you save up every penny you have to buy these types of things.

Ryan DeLuca
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Ryan DeLuca: "I Was So Excited I Almost Cried."

    She knew how much I loved bodybuilding and made me one of the most thoughtful gifts of my life. I married her 4 years later and we have been going strong ever since."

dot Frank Sepe: dot

    "The most memorable gift I got related to bodybuilding was a Bev Francis Gold's Gym membership. This gift fueled my ambition to become a bodybuilder. I still train at the gym today."

Frank Sepe Frank Sepe
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Frank Sepe: "This Gift Fueled
My Ambition To Become A Bodybuilder."

dot April Hunter: dot

    "For Christmas, I'd like to be able to eat whatever I want - forever - and never worry about getting fat. Is that too much to ask? But, if that isn't possible, I'll take lots of tights and clothing I can wrestle in, instead. Oh, and Santa Baby, you can stuff my stocking with athletic tapes. Pretty please?"

April Hunter April Hunter
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April Hunter: "I'll Take Lots Of Tights & Clothing."

dot Bethany Carter Howlett: dot

    "The most memorable fitness related gift that I have ever received was a personalized Cardillo weight training belt that was made of black and yellow snake skin and read Queen-B, which is my nickname.

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    It was given to me by my boyfriend of five years, King Kamali. It is special because Steve Cardillo never duplicates a belt - each one is an original when customized."

Bethany Carter Howlett
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Bethany Carter Howlett: "It's Special
Because Steve Cardillo Never Duplicates A Belt."

dot Marla Duncan: dot

    "My best Christmas was the year I got my first stereo. I had talked about it for months - drove my parents crazy. I was 12, so I was relentless. The big day came. No big boxes seen with my name on it. But, my younger brother had a huge box with his name on it. We opened all the gifts, leaving his big one for last.

    No stereo. My brother's big box was next. He opened it. A stereo! He didn't even ask for one. I was panicked. My parents called me into the back room. They said they couldn't fit this box under the tree with the rest of the gifts. I opened it. A stereo!

Marla Duncan Marla Duncan
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Marla Duncan: "My Best Christmas
Was The Year I Got My First Stereo."

    Bigger than my little brother's, and it was worth the wait. But, my best fitness gift was actually winning my Ms. Fitness USA title 10 days before Christmas! What more can I say? It changed my life for ever."

dot Cathy Priest: dot

    "Everything is memorable to me because I appreciate everything people give to me. Even if it is only a card with something heart-felt written in it, it makes me happy. I will never forget the Christmas gift that Lee got for me. It was the first Christmas that I had with a lot of friends and gifts.

    In October, the house was ready with lights and everything. Lee dressed like Santa Clause on Christmas day and he got me a sewing machine, jewelry, M & M stuff for my collection and we made so much food together.

Cathy Priest Cathy Priest
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Cathy Priest: "I Appreciate Everything People Give To Me."

    We listened to Christmas music together all night. It wasn't really a bodybuilding related holiday, but since it was with Lee Priest, it was very special to me."


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