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Julie Ann Interview!

This hot topic got started 5 years ago in a bar holding a Hawaiian Tropic contest. Check out her great pictures!
The hottest little Italian in Fitness today for sure. Just look at any Musclemag swim suite issue and presto, bella sera is available on almost every page. This hot topic got started 5 years ago in a bar holding a Hawaiian Tropic contest. Julie Ann say's she lives for the sounds of thousands of people cheering, it seems to give her an adrenaline rush. Well, Julie Ann, you give us a RUSH! You are one of the best, if not the best fitness models I've seen in any Musclemag issue, I think we need to tell the people out their that there is something better to read about then Porn Queens, even though Jenna Jamison is the "Queen" of porn. How come we didn't see you in MD?

JA: I do love the way you think! I was pissed I wasn't in the issue of MD with Jenna Jamison, that would've been sooooo me. Let's do it! Sounds like we are thinking great. Find Jenna and we'll interview together. Hell my tattoo & rack is molded after hers! Sounds like a plan interview away! So, you're a little upset that they didn't interview you when they interviewed Porn Queen Jenna Jamison in MD. Tell us why that bugs you because I am sorry Julie Ann, I do not catoragize you in that area?

JA: Not that I would ever do adult but if you met Jenna you'd although her choice of careers is too spicy to most she is a totally cool girl. Not something I would do a level further than Playboy or fitness, but in the business sense she is a millionaire from marketing herself in what she does, and did a lot herself and more by surrounding herself with good people, smart in biz world she is. She is also so cool & sweet. you are next to her and cannot believe what she does or that you saw a movie with her in it, she is that candy sweet. This is why they will let someone that goes wild on the adult set do the E Channel as well, she has a presence about her when you meet her. Take any of her pics and cut off below the neck down, she still sells the pic, she just is good and happens to do it in adult. Has the look to the camera like Alley Baggett, Trish Stratus and now Brandy Dahl, just eats up the viewer! A photographer once told me there are girls that do spicy shots, sultry shots, candy cane sweet shots.... But it is rare to pull off being cute & hot, Jenna defines this category, adult or not. Brandy Dahl is another now that is eating up the fitness world, cause she is totally cool & still makes every guy bite their hand with that "Oh Yeah" feeling, just rare, some are so good at it. Other than that my tattoo, though different, is molded after Jenna's, in the same place and one other part of me was made off a pic of you What a scoop, nobody knows that.... lol I see you're sponsored by "Ultimate Nutrition" how did that come to be?

JA: Ultimate is like the diamond ring that you got surprised by. I make most of the profit in the biz off of some shoots, some shows, but mainly from poster & pic sales. I never really thought I would get a contract like the Monica Brant's of the world, she is just an icon. I literally got a call & mail from Ultimate last winter, met with them, and then the eve of the first day at the Arnold signed with them. They treat me like gold, THEY do it like it should be done, and they just do it right. To top it off unlike some, I love using their products. A definite plus to love what you use and are paid for and not fake it like some, their stuff is Awesome! For the Arnold they asked what size pics I had seen around there, I said I saw some girls with 4 & 5 foot pics for their booths. Dean said lets do 8 FEET! So I show up before signing and I see a half an isle of a booth with these huge 8 foot shots of me, then they treat me like family, and get paid monthly...didn't take long to say Yes & Sign:) It truly has made the years of picture taking and workouts worth it to have someone want to partner with you and your image in the biz. When it's all done it will be #1 for me as far as memories, just very grateful to be involved and in their family:)

*Here is a few days old/new shot of me, nobody has really seen yet:) Julie Ann, we need to see a pic of that tattoo. And thanks for the new picture of yourself next to that Hummer; I'm awake now. So, you'll get us a pic of that tattoo won't you? 8-foot photos of Julie Ann. Now that's a wonder to see. Would you please give our readers, especially the ones that drool your height, weight, color of your eyes & hair and measurements?

JA: 5'4-----107---Blue Eyes---Blond Hair and 36DD-24-36 When and where were you born?

JA: Chicago Where do you call home now?

JA: Chicago Do you have any brothers or sisters?

JA: 1 Sister Tell us about your childhood? Where did you grow up? What did you do after high school?

JA: Grew Up in chicagoland, all the usual kid stuff, not really a tomboy or anything, not the prom queen, just me:) Went to some college, worked a few jobs, almost always in some kind of Medical field assisting. What started you in modeling?

JA: I went to a Hawaiian Tropic Contest & thought Hell I could do that, next week I won and was off to Hawaii. After shooting things from that and with people that saw me in that one thing led to another and add in the Internet and it took off. Can you tell us what your training is like to keep that body looking the way it is?

JA: I run a lot! I do light weights and lots of ball exercises for the abs and legs, but mostly I run a few miles a night, at least 5 days a week, and more when shoots are coming up. Lots of protein from Ultimate with plenty of water & shave the carbs, that's it. What supplements do you use? Oops that was a stupid question.

JA: Yes it is. Ultimate Nutrition! Easy now. I'm allowed a stupid question once in awhile. What does Julie do when you're not doing shoots or working out?

JA: When I get that chance I will tell! I have seen one video & one movie in the theater in over the last year, just isn't much free time. This is the 1st year I have made it to my pool a bunch of times. Pool beach and going to clubs all when I can. This has been the best summer; poolin' once a week for a couple hours as we have "The Pool Mafia" as we call it. My friend Tony makes the best Vodka & Lemonades there is, best group of people there is! I usually club sat nights til the sun comes up when in town. It's the single part of the biz nobody sees, NO TIME, you never have time to sit on the couch, to get two pizzas and watch movies, and you even have to watch to not get tan lines when at beach pool, just a lot of lil stuff that makes some days hard. Do you have any advice for those wanting to get into this industry?

JA: It's who ya know way more than what you do or even look like. There are a lot of hot bods out there. You be the one that goes to meet the people in the industry and at the Arnold & Olympia and you multiply your chances ten fold. Be around those who are doing what you want to do, period. Other then that tattoo, which you will let us see, tell us something our readers do not know about you? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

JA: I will be long far from the business. I will always workout, it's just part of me, I like that. But I will get away, get tan lines, eat pizza, keep running and remember the days I went to the Arnold, hung with cool people, and made some awesome shots. I will lead a regular life of work & home, it's way more important than any picture, any show and anything:) This has been exciting to say the least. I want to thank you for telling our readers something about Julie Ann. Before we close this up can you give us where we can find you on the Web and any other media outlets?

JA: Been a blast:)

The main places are still:
The last count someone sent me was over 7000 websites had pics or something about me; way outta control. All my stuff is available at my site. Have a great summer:)