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Tunnel Vision And Myths: The Education STOPS Here!

Certain individuals are swept away in their own tunnel vision, their own way of thinking and if anyone's ways are different or someone challenges their philosophy they attack. Read about it and learn the truth.

Recently, I contacted a fellow writer here at just to express my interest in their comments made after reviewing an article written by another fellow writer.

I know this sounds like going around the carousel but I really hope someone listens and gets educated rather than focus on their TUNNEL VISION and the Myths we've all been taught over the years. This individual is around 19/20 years old, a young man just beginning his journey in life, learning through trial and error like us all. But, after he commented rather negatively and sarcastically on the educational message I tried to extend to him I just need to write an article on Tunnel Vision and the Myths that still surround our weight lifting industry still to this day. This young teenager feels he's all knowledgeable and doesn't wish to open his eyes. He feels the training philosophies he follows are God's word and it's the Ten Commandments, which can't be broken.

Before I get into the backbone of the conversation, let me explain what the comments where referring too. Once upon a time, I, like many who are now reading this article trained using a progressive overload method while using the Western method of periodization (I even wrote an article in MuscleMag about periodization). Now remember, I'm pushing 40, been lifting for over 20 something years, competed in powerlifting, trained elite athletes in the NCAA Div. IA ranks, some of those athletes are now playing the NFL, and have helped young teenagers develop into college level athletes before their senior years arrived.

Myths and tunnel vision

My fellow writer's article mentioned a series of renditions regarding overtraining, and being the teacher and coach that I am, I felt compelled to help this young man and his friends become better than their piers to be one-step above in the knowledge and training realm. So, I refereed to him in his article that "overtraining" does not exist. I tried to send him on an educational adventure that would help him become greater then what he is, to learn more there is to know about weight training. I did this to give back to the sport, to help him enhance his knowledge. But, he thought his way; the way he was taught is the only way that exists. Tunnel vision!

Here was my comment to this young man ///

Usually I don't do this because people get offended and then attack what they don't understand. But, I hope you and your friends take this in account and take notes. I was reading your latest review, and have only one thing to add or have you research more. Point: I too used to think "over training" existed, even when I was using gear. But, after reviewing some tapes and changing my personal training to the use the methods used in these tapes, I found that "over training" doesn't exist. I am coaching "Teenagers" right now and they do not get sore or have problems and are continually getting stronger. I'm coaching right now at a prep school and as you can see from my profile I have worked as a collegiate and high school strength coach and football coach. I'm telling you to not have blinders on. I used to. And don't think everyone who uses this method of training is on Gear. Go to my wife's column "Muscle Update" and check out the review on Elite Fitness Systems and his tapes. Good luck and as I stated earlier, being knowledgeable means willing to learn and open your eyes. Try it. It's different and takes some getting used to, but like I tell my athletes when I train them, "Leave the ego at the door." Again, knowledge is power. Take care and keep pumpin, Coach "C".

This was his retort ///

"Hey. Different things work for different people. Over training does exist; did you even listen to me? To what extent you have to train to actually over train, or over work a muscle (which is more common) is totally dependant on the individual."

My response: Really, then if you're so smart in this matter could you please explain to me why the Russians dominated the Olympics in weight lifting and they trained three sometimes four times a day? What's your answer: They took drugs? Try again, even on gear that's over training in your opinion. Also, tell me young man, if you played High School football and your coach had you doing two-a-days or three-a-days why didn't you tell him you where over training?

"Some things I have found though, and I don't have as much experience as you."

My response: No shit Sherlock, you don't and you still go on with your cerebral comment?

"But I feel I can draw some conclusions."

My response: You can? You feel you can draw conclusions? Wow! You must be so damn educated in weight training and you're how old? Been training for how many years? I guess you should be an NCAA Division IA strength coach. So, why aren't you at the conventions telling us we don't know what we are talking about, we're all wrong, and those stronger bigger guys are all on drugs, that ectomorph's respond better to low volume, while endo and meso's can get away with more. Where did you read or come up with this?

"I know I grow best with a limited amount of volume. Now, about the review. I don't specifically attack people for having different thoughts/philosophies. McLane indirectly insulted me in that article, so I emailed him about it and confronted him. Rather then apologizing, or at least explaining himself, he just rambled off some shit about "you're a weak pussy" etc. etc. along those lines. I felt a review was in order. Br"

My response: You're 19, and have been training since you where 13? I gave you an opportunity to become more knowledgeable then anyone your age and you spit it right back in my face.


This is exactly what I mean. Tunnel vision, myths, and gym owners now telling big people their not allowed in gyms. Individuals staying in the past not wanting to read a book get educated or try something new. In my profession, whether coaching football or developing strength and speed in my athletes, something is always coming up. I read journals on a regular basis, talk to fellow coaches, and watch film, review videotapes, anything and everything to keep educated and not stand still.

Why is this young man like so many of us so quick to tell me I was wrong? Fear? He knows more then me? Far from it. The truth of the matter is he just doesn't care. Certain individuals are swept away in their own tunnel vision, their own way of thinking and if anyone's ways are different or someone challenges their philosophy they attack. Trust me, this young man is not the only one, I know many in my profession that have the same don't see, say or hear attitude. You know like the three monkeys?

Give Something Back

This sport is not about taking drugs or not taking drugs, or profusely putting people down those who you assume use gear and then more than adequately proclaiming that you're "natural." Or all these individuals creatively advertising lifts that veteran professional bodybuilders and World champion powerlifters are doing. It's really about giving something back, because there are those who do not know and we must be able to teach them. Give something back; don't give your attitude.

For those who are willing take their vision out of the tunnel and realize that there are different methods of training and developments of strength that ALL must be worked; absolute strength, explosive strength, lightened method, reactive method, ballistic method, and the shock method. Try this suggested reading: The Science and Practice of Strength Training by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky. Also, there are many instructional videotapes available, try the Westside Seminar Video Series by Elite Strength Systems or any of Louie Simmons training videotapes.

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