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Eric's Q & A: Part Two.

Here are more answers to your questions! Learn about posing, building muscle, and getting in shape fast.

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I'm having a lot of trouble trying to pick out posing music, really don't know what to do, any suggestions like on songs or such that I can check out...thanks again

Well the best music is music that you like and can identify with. Music that encompasses your personality and has some kind of meaning to you. If you like hip-hop, then use hip-hop. If you can move to classical, then use classical. Rock? Go for it! And you should take into consideration how you want to pose for it. Are you going to hit poses in line with the music or just flow with the song? Like the song click, click, boom by saliva is great for hitting poses because of the definite and sharp pauses.

Personally I'm a big fan of the wrestler "the rock" And I even look like him too! I think his music is cool, and I love the way it flows together. It's a little hard rock with a little funk, just my style. So I used that song. It means something to me as well, I like it and I can move to it. In most cases, the posing routine that is done to music is not scored and does not count for or against you. The posing routine WITHOUT music actually counts. The pros on the Olympia stage is when there is only a hair's difference between 1st and 15th does the routine with music actually count. So don't rack your head over it.

I've read your article on anabolic aerobics several times now. I have to admit that when I first read it I was skeptical, but me, being a person who likes to hold onto all possible muscle while in a diet phase and limit fat gain when bulking came to the conclusion that it is the only way to go. I also despise low intensity prolonged cardio not only because its pure hell but because catabolism is basically the most damaging word in my vocabulary and low intensity cardio for prolonged periods puts you there quick.

I am currently in a bulking phase right now and although my BF is about 11 or 12%, not out of hand, its still not something I enjoy. So my question to you is that when I do decide to start the anabolic aerobics program what exercises do you suggest? Just run as fast as possible for 10-20 min, 400's, short sprints, jog then sprints, I'd just like to have an idea of what you think works. Thanks a lot!

You can start whenever you want.

I actually would recommend using a machine because it will give you instant feed back as to your performance. It is critical that you know at what level you are performing and make sure that you make an all out effort to surpass that effort every time. Machines that require very little skill will let you produce the most amount of work. Bikes make life easy. It's very easy to fall off a treadmill or loose your stride on an elliptical machine.

I like to use the random or hills setting I establish a base line RPM and keep it there no matter what the level of resistance is, even if it shoots up to the max. I'll tall you, my heart rate is flying at about 185 BPM and my theoretical max is 199! Of course, you don't have to use a machine every time. I do run and swim from time to time. I like to use a rowing machine as well (hard as hell!) but with running and swimming, I don't really have a gauge that I can see RPMs, distance traveled or calories burned etc. When you work at a level of intensity this high, it really doesn't matter what exercise you choose as long as you go hard for the full duration and not stop or rest at all. When I run or swim I do have to stop from time to time, that could be why I don't do that as much.

Hey I my name is Chris and I am a college student at the University of North Carolina. I have talked with Phano, Eric, Anthony, and Ryan before and you guys have helped me out tremendously! You guys are the #1 Bodybuilders that I have seen on "" that I truly respect. I need some advice. I walked into GNC the other day and the guy that works there told me to check out something called "T-Bomb." It is a "1-Testosterone THP Ether formula by MHP". Is it worth taking? Is it safe? Will I keep the gains? You are way more experienced with this field than me guys. Please e-mail me back and let me know what you think. I would really appreciate it. From one Bodybuilder the another, I really need some guidance. Thanks

Hi Chris I have only tried pro-hormones a few times and I have had positive experiences with them. My body seems to react very well to just about everything I have done. I'm my own guinea pig! The pro hormones I have tried are 4-AD, 5-AD, 19 nor-dione and straight andro, and 1,4AD. These have all given me positive results. I can't tell you which is best because I have always used stacks.

1-AD is the pre cursor to 1-testosterone. Any 1-testosterone supplement is technically a steroid, whereas 1-AD is a pro-hormone because it must be converted into 1-T.

My recommendation to you is, if you are going to start any pro-hormone supplementation do so only after you have been lifting seriously for 5+ years, have a solid nutrition and supplementation program in place. if this is the case and you are seeing very stagnant results, then a prohormone may be in line. For your first one, I would not just jump right on to 1-T. I would start with the "safer" ones and see how you react to them. 4-AD, 1, 4andro and especially the 19 nors are a good start. If you react well to these and don't see any adverse effects from a cycle. Then I would go for 1-AD or 1-T I would buy pro hormones from industry leaders such as Ergopharm or Molecular nutrition. Prolab, Biotest (although expensive) and AST also make quality lines.

My trainer recommended creatine, a product called Cell Tech Hardcore or CQ10 or some sort of liquid creatine, which may be better for me. Any recommendations for this? Also, I have read good things about HMB and Glutamine. Would it benefit me to take any additional supplements of these types? If so, when would I take it?

Well I'll start with the easy stuff. HMB: is a supplement I would not waste my money on. It has never been shown to improve muscle mass, or strength. All it has ever been shown to do is reduce muscle damage from long distance cycling. And even the results in that study were controversial at best.

Liquid creatine: I want to make this clear, liquid creatine is the absolute BIGGEST scam on the market today. Creatine is unstable in any type of a liquid medium and will break down with in a matter of hours. by the time that bottle even makes it to the shelf, it is useless. Don't waste any money here. CoQ10 is really noted for its antioxidant ability. You would benefit much more from a broad spectrum, high potency multi vitamin, taken 2x day.

CellTech: For starters, don't waste your money on MuscleTech (the company that makes CellTech). Their products are nothing special and are WAY overpriced. CellTech is 10g creatine, 75g Dextrose (sugar), and 100mg of ALA. This sounds good, but 5g of creatine will saturate your blood for a couple of hours. That last 5g will be flushed down the toilet - Literally. 75g of sugar simply isn't needed. Half of that will spike your insulin just fine.

ALA is a very unstable nutrient and breaks down when exposed to air, moisture and light. S having it freely in a powder is a waste. It needs to be in a capsule. There are many products that are designed better and cost less.

You can find some from AST, Prolab, Optimium, and Twinlab. When buying creatine, Always buy creatine MONOHYDRATE, and don't fall for that effervescent junk. Glutamine - YES! About 10-20g a day. Take 5g before workouts, 10g after and an optional 5g during the day with one of your servings of whey. When starting a supplement program, I think the "basics" are a whey protein, a MRP, a multi vitamin, Glutamine, and creatine. A multi, you should take at least 2x day. One in the morning and one in the evening with meals.

Creatine, follow the instructions on loading and maintenance. When loading, take 5g before workouts, 5g after, 5g 1hour after that then the other 5g is up to you, but take it with a meal. I know that pretty much contradicts my previous statement, but after a work out, phospho-creatine levels are greatly depleted and cell will "Super compensate".

Hey I just wanna know if you can get big by not taking any supplements. Because I don't have money to buy 3 different supplements every month or when I need them. And if you can get big without taking supplements can u tell me what to do to get big and I'm only 16.

Well, simply put, No. You do not need any supplements to get big. All you need to do is lift heavy weights ( Less than 8 reps), making sure your work outs are centered around the Big 3 - Bench, squat and deadlift. Stay away from too many machines. Suck it up and get under the bar.

Those, with a clean, high protein, moderate carb, low fat diet and you are on your way. The only thing left is time, but there isn't anything you can do with that. At 16 you haven't even tapped into your growth potential yet, trust me. With in the next couple of years you will be a head of the game. The problem is expecting it all to happen over night, I'm sorry but it doesn't.

I'm not going to give you any miracle program or anything, but I will tell you that I train Max-OT style. There are other good styles out there, the key is to find one that you agree with and enjoy. I will never say "Do what works for you", because the truth is, if you train hard and eat right, you can get big off of any style. As long as you stick to it, believe in it and give it your best effort, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Each person may be different but from a physiology stand point, we aren't THAT different. That's the great thing about bodybuilding, you and you alone are the one who molds your physique into what you want.

I purchased 100 L-Glutamine 500 mg. tablets by TwinLab. When should I take these and with what?

Before I answer you question I want to point out that glutamine supplementation requires 10-20g a day, that is 10,000-20,000mg every day. Now take a look at how many tablets are in that bottle and figure out how long it will last...Not long, huh? Yes, I know glutamine is expensive.

But in any event, take it with those whey/creatine/juice(sugar) mix before and after workouts, and if you can or want, 2-5g a couple times during the day and most importantly, before bed or in the middle of the night. It doesn't really matter what you take it with, but to get the most out of it, with juice or when you eat. It doesn't really matter.

Also, would you recommend a quality multi-vitamin? My neighbor gave me some free samples of Nature's Plus "Source of Life Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement." Take these at breakfast and supper?

Well here is the deal on multi-vitamins. You always hear the health "experts" tell you that you get minerals best from food. this is only half of the story. the most bio-available form(what you body can absorb the best) is a form called Chelate. What they don't tell you is that plant food provides most minerals in this form. You can buy multivitamins with minerals in this form.

I know of a couple brands that do this, One is Called FoodState, and the other is Multi-Pro32X from AST (which is what I take). And I do believe that the one you have there does as well. Yeah, at breakfast and supper, or with the meal just before bed.

My neighbor has given me some 100% Whey protein by NOW foods and it contains a protein blend. It has whey concentrate, isolate, and hydrolyzed whey. I put it in my oatmeal in the morning when it is slightly cooled (along with which I consume 2 eggs and 4 egg whites and a glass of milk or water), in my milk as a mid-morning snack with a tuna sandwich in whole-grain bread and fruit, in my milk at lunch with 2 tuna sandwiches on whole-grain bread and a piece of fruit, in my milk as a mid-afternoon snack with a protein bar and fruit. Are all these things providing enough calories? Enough carbs?

Let's clear one thing up, when you are trying to build muscle mass just "eating calories" isn't enough. Calories themselves do not provide the material for building muscle. Neither do carbohydrates, and fat certainly doesn't All of these things play a part in the process, but it is actually very limited in comparison to what most would have you believe. Calories provide energy to allow the muscle building Process to occur. There is a law in physiology called the "Mass Action" law. This law states that the abundance of a substrate on one end of a reaction will drive the reaction in the other direction.

The muscle building equation can be put very simply like this Working out + food + sleep -à ­uscle. Some bright individual though he could apply this law to that reaction and you might see something like this. Working out + food + food + food + sleep + sleep + sleep -à �USCLE + MUSCLE. Simple time and observation would tell you that it doesn't work that way. If eating 4000-5000 calories was all you needed to do, then bodybuilders wouldn't be searching for a miracle supplement and work out program.

Now food is the general term here. In past, it was very hard to chew your way through 300+ grams of protein every day. The advances in supplementation make that a reality and allow us to adjust our food intake accordingly. For someone like you who obviously have a fast metabolism I would try to get around 3,300 calories every day. you should be getting close to 1.7-2g of protein per LB of body weight and about 300-350g of carbohydrates a day. Fat will usually take care of itself, But I would make sure to get a tablespoon of olive oil and 1 Tables spoon of flax seed oil (or 2 table spoons of crushed flax seeds - crushed, not whole).

The take home message here is that you need to start tracking your food intake to make sure you are eating enough. most people under eat the high quality foods they should be eating more of. P.S. - look at the ingredients on the loaf of bread. Is the first ingredient a type of "wheat flour"? If it is, it isn't whole grain bread. Sorry, its just one of my pet peeves

In substitute of tuna, can I have an egg salad sandwich instead? How about a quality natural peanut butter?

Egg salad has a lot more fat than does tuna and a lot less protein. I would only do that once in a while. I want you to take a look at the nutritional label of peanut butter. It does not have much protein, it is actually considered a fat. It has about 12g of fat for every 8g of protein. To get a considerable amount of protein you would have to eat half of the jar, and the amount of fat would just be counter productive. It is a good way to get some "Good" fats in, I recommend 1-2 tablespoons of the stuff every so often.

I'm still looking into a MRP. They seemed pretty expensive to me because it was prepackaged. How do you manage to buy these things all the time?!

Actually they are not that expensive when you order from I get mine for about $27 a box, that is $1.35 for a full meal. That a meal with only 250 calories, 40g of protein, 22g of complex carbohydrates, only 1g of sugar and 1g of fat and provides 100% of all of the essential vitamins and minerals. If you can do that with "Real" food and keep it under $1.35...well, you are a better man than I am!

Hi my name is Koray and I have been working out for 1 and a half years what I want to ask is does creatine work without having proper nutrition. I mean not taking 5 -6 meals a day because I am a university student (far from mum) and don't have time for cooking or such things. So I can eat 3 times a day breakfast lunch and dinner I am not sure but this can effect my muscle growth also I lost 5-6 kilograms so now I am 70 kilos 183cm of height does the height and weight bring any limit to use of creatine also I heard that it would not work if you don't eat much (if eat much I don't think of using creatine)if you help me I would be pleased

p.s. my goal is not to be like Arnold I just want a lean mass body if you have any recommendation again I would be pleased It amazes me how many people are still putting out misinformation about creatine. And even more so that people think they are the exception to everything in life

Hi Koray, To put it simply, yes, creatine works. There is a very small percentage of people that don't see any noticeable difference from it, but again, that is a very small percentage. I have yet to meet anyone that didn't respond well to it. For crying out loud! My 55-year-old mother responds to creatine. Your actually body size has little to do with its efficacy.

The short and skinny on creatine is that it will allow you to perform more work. Meaning that you will be able to lift heavier loads when lifting and work at a higher power output (resistance) when doing cardio vascular work. This basic concept will translate into faster loss of body fat and faster gains in lean muscle. creatine has also been show to increase transcription of DNA with in muscle, but that's not really of concern to you.

Not eating enough will short circuit results whether you take creatine or not. Trust me when I tell you that you are not the exception when it comes to being pressed for time. I am a student as well, and I have a job. I still have time to shovel down 10 meals and 2 gallons of water every day. My advice to you is on Sunday, cook up a lot of food for the week and package it up in some disposable glad ware.

If you live in the dorms, there is usually a kitchen in the basement that is available to use for students, ask around, you'd be surprised what they have! If you are truly pressed for time, meal replacements are a great way to get in nutrient dense food. it only takes a few minutes to mix and drink. Or protein bars, although most aren't of a great quality, they fit the bill when you are in a bind. There is really no excuse to not eating. Even though it may be embarrassing, I have been know to break out food in the middle of class and eat at my leisure. you get used to it.

I've read you article on anabolic aerobics, and let me tell you, that is awesome! You covered it all. But you never said how much protein and dextrose you are supposed to consume. Is there a guide, or does it go by body weight? I get this question more often than any other question, so I will give you the answer from the research and my recommendations.

Well, the research was in fact based on body weight. However, when you work out the calculations it comes to an additional 1,000 calories for a 180lb person. Over time, this will result in gains in body fat unless you are doing this type of cardio daily. When your main goal is to stay relatively lean while augmenting you muscle building efforts, there is a more practical way. In the section where I posted all of the comments from people I had worked with in recent past, I pretty much gave the same general guidelines. About 12-15g whey before and after and 15-20g carbs before and after.

For those of you who have been watching on the message boards, I have been jabbering about an article on fructose. Well I let you in a tid-bit here. I would stay away from carbohydrate drink that contain fructose in them for you "before" shake. Save that for your "after". Taking it before will lower the glycemic response and insulin response of the current and next meals (or feedings in this case). These two factors are the heart of anabolic aerobics. And if it is at all possible try to avoid fructose drinks or foods a couple hours before you plan to do this. There are some very good ones out there for your "after" shake. Twinlab makes one called Hydra Fuel, Gatorade of course, and NOW foods, makes pure fructose that you can add to your dextrose. 1tsp = 4g. Good luck and Train hard!

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