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Sarah Jones' 12 Week Transformation Journey! Weeks 7-8.

During the next 12 weeks, Kris Gethin will be training and guiding fellow employee Sarah Jones in a 12 Week Transformation Journey! Trace her steps & you can experience your own personal transformation success!

Introduction From Kris Gethin

My name is Kris Gethin and I am the Editor in Chief of

Throughout the following 12 weeks, I will be training and guiding fellow employee Sarah Jones, so you can also follow these exact guidelines to experience your own personal transformation success.

I have successfully transformed the lives of hundreds of clients in the past and now I am going to show you how to do it - FOR FREE. You can't afford a great trainer, you don't know what you should eat, and you have no idea what to do - NO MORE EXCUSES.

Over the coming weeks, join me as I transform Sarah's health, fitness and appearance dreams to reality, so you can do the same.

Sarah Jones

Weeks 7-8:

Name: Sarah Jones
BodySpace: SixPackSarah
BodyBlog: "Getting to be a Routine"

Starting Weight: 128 lbs
Weight: 123 lbs

Sarah Jones
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Sarah's Current Weight.


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Sarah's Training Program

Sarah Jones Sarah Jones Sarah Jones
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Sarah Jones, Weeks 7-8.

Drop Sets:
Drop sets involve removing weight between sets. This will thoroughly burn out a muscle.

Sarah's Nutrition Program

dot Nutrition Plan For Training Days: dot

dot Nutrition Plan For Non-Training Days: dot

Sarah's Supplement Program

All supplementation should remain the same except for the inclusion of L-Carnitine. This supplement should be taken prior to exercise and will assist in the use of fat cells being required tor energy. A tablesppon at this time is adequate. Twinlab has a good L-Carnitine product that I recommend.


OK, now you are half way through your transformation. You will complete this program and you will be a better person for it. Look around you and see what else you can begin to accomplish. Now at you can see that it is you in charge of your destiny, you will find that you can radiate this power in many more parts of your life.

There are hundreds of other success stories that have come out from these transformations, whether they are spiritual, financial, or relationship-wise, etc. You do not have to complete the program before you attack other goals in your life. You have probably let yourself procrastinate on this transformation - how many other parts of your life have you rested your laurels on? Start now, you may just surprise yourself!

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Stay Tuned: Next Episode Available January 13

Check back every two weeks for an update on this transformation video series! If you're following this program you will most likely share Sarah's accomplishments. Remember, if you didn't put on your unwanted weight in just two weeks then you're not going to take it off in just 2 weeks! LOL

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