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Sarah McCambridge Amps Up Intensity In The Gym To Help Her Clients Reach Their Fitness Goals!

Congratulations Sarah on being our Personal Trainer Of The Month! Sarah was awarded the Personal Trainer of the Month for her health and fitness contributions that she provides for her clients!

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Name: Sarah McCambridge

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[ Q ] Could you tell us a little about your background - personally and professionally?

    I was pretty active growing up, although I never got involved in any high school sports. After high school I ended up getting an office job, you know the normal 8 to 4 work day, I realized quickly that was not for me.

    After about two years of that work schedule, I ended up gaining some weight from my non-active lifestyle and I knew I needed to make a change. So I joined a local gym and was determined to get myself in shape, and after a month of complete dedication I lost 20lbs and was on my way to a healthier lifestyle.

    I really enjoyed working out right from the start, I just loved being in the gym and taking on new challenges. I ended up meeting my now husband, Oliver. I decided I wanted to make fitness a bigger part of my life, so I left my office job and started working at the store with Oliver.

    He took me to my first bodybuilding show, the Powerhouse Classic in Canton Ohio. As soon as I saw the girls competing in figure I knew I wanted to do that as well! So I started training and preparing for my first figure show.

    I love everything about competing and continue to compete to this day. After competing in my first show in 2003 I had more opportunities come my way; I started working with a sports nutrition company in which I became sponsored and had many people approach me for help with their fitness goals. I started helping a few friends in the gym and realized this is what I wanted to do!

    I just loved it! So I started my personal training business, Superior Fitness Personal Training. I've had my business now for over five years. I couldn't ask for anything better than helping my clients reach their goals, no matter what their goals may be, I work with everyone from moms and dads to athletes. I love it!

After Competing In My First Show In 2003 I Had More Opportunities Come My Way; Including Becoming Sponsored Having People Approach Me For Help With Their Fitness Goals
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After Competing In My First Show In 2003 I Had More Opportunities Come My Way; Including Becoming Sponsored Having People Approach Me For
Help With Their Fitness Goals.

[ Q ] What is your training style? What methods do you use?

    The training style I use is really based upon muscle confusion. Every workout is different from the last and pushes my clients to new levels. I approach each client based on their goals and abilities. I believe in using a combination of weight training, and always hitting different angles of the muscles, doing supersets, performing plyometrics, and incorporating cardio. I also use bootcamp style training.

    Of course I recommend my clients follow proper eating habits to support their lifestyle. When training my clients I really want them to enjoy their time in the gym, learning new things about their bodies and abilities and teaching them to push themselves to new heights. I'm not a fan of dead time in the gym; I like to keep my clients moving and even between weighted sets they may perform abdominal work or plyometrics to keep the body burning calories.

    I also have sessions that are based strictly on fast pace movements, no weights, that way their bodies are always ready and conditioned to take on all new challenges. Plus this helps them not to get bored; they know that there is always something new to look forward to.

[ Q ] Do you have examples of success stories from clients using your methods?

    Yes, of course! Honestly every one of my clients is a success story to me, because I take such pride in them and what they accomplish; they become a part of me. I love all of my clients, and we really become great friends!

    I have even had clients that refused to ever step foot in a gym, and then after training with me wanted to do photo shoots or even compete themselves; from entering a transformation contest to competing on stage! Something that really is truly awesome is when I start training someone and the rest of their family gets involved; their whole household is training, being healthier and supporting each other. I have had this happen on more than one occasion.

    One of my clients and very close friend is just one of my awesome success stories. She came to me three years ago and needed to change her life. She thought that starving was the only way to be thin and was concerned about her bone and muscle health as she aged. She now follows a nutritional plan, having five small meals a day, trains with me four days a week and goes above and beyond her physical levels; she is truly healthier now at 61 than when she was in her twenties.

    She has told me that her co-workers, family and friends are just astounded at her transformation; that just makes me feel incredible!

    Another client of mine had reached her lowest point and weighed 297lbs; she came to me and wanted to change her life. I started training her and getting her eating habits in order. She has had so many things to overcome; having had five different foot surgeries, she couldn't lift more than 10lbs, and couldn't even walk on a treadmill for weeks at a time. But, she stuck with it, lost over 80lbs in just over a year, and still training is ready for her next goal to be achieved!

I Love All Of My Clients, And We Really Become Great Friends
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I Love All Of My Clients, And We Really Become Great Friends.

[ Q ] Who are some of your most notable clients?

    I really love helping someone reach their goal of being on stage! One of my clients and a very close friend, Chelsey Morgenstern, started training with me four years ago, and she has been very successful in the figure scene.

    She has placed 1st in the Natural Northern in Lakewood Ohio, in Figure Class C, winning the TCM Nationals in Pittsburgh PA. She moved on to the national level, placing top 10 in the Junior Nationals in Chicago, the North American in Cleveland OH, and the Team Universe in New York. Last year she placed 2nd at the North American, and she is training to achieve her IFBB Figure Pro card this year!

    Another client and friend, Ashley Allrutz, at 19 years old, just competed in her first two figure shows. After training with me for 10 weeks, she won her class in the NPC Cincinnati Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini show. She placed 1st in Figure Class A!

    Another client and friend, Sonya Kurfiss, came to me eight weeks out from the figure show she wanted to compete in. She was 55 years old and had never competed before. After training her for eight weeks, she competed in the Excalibur Show in California and placed 3rd in the over 45 Class, and 2nd place in the over 50 Class!

    Another one of my clients, Lindsay Fullerman, was actually featured on for being transformation of the week! I had trained her for her first figure show. She came to me with a very slim figure, not much of a muscle base; I trained her to put on some lean muscle and size.

    After three months of training to build muscle, I started her on her contest prep for 14 weeks. She placed 3rd in the NPC Battle of Champions Bodybuilding and Figure show in Cincinnati OH! Her twin sister was so inspired she changed her lifestyle of "not so good choices" to becoming involved in fitness as well!

I Really Love Helping Someone Reach Their Goal Of Being On Stage
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I Really Love Helping Someone Reach Their Goal Of Being On Stage.

[ Q ] What are the most common mistakes a client makes?

    One of the most common mistakes a client makes is being malnourished; either not eating hours before working out or eating the wrong types of foods. I end up having to explain to them that food is their fuel, and not fueling the body, they will run on empty and could end up light headed or sick during their workout.

    When starting with a new client; someone who is new to the gym or even currently working out, they are unaware of the importance of consuming the right foods to support their gym activities. They come to realize that supporting their bodies with the right type of "fuel" is absolutely necessary for success.

[ Q ] What are the most common mistakes you believe a trainer makes?

    I believe one of the most common mistakes a trainer makes is not paying attention to their clients individually. They train their clients with the same routines week after week, client after client; I consider this becoming lazy with their clients. I believe to have your clients reach their full potential you must, as a trainer, give them workouts that are tailored to their needs.

[ Q ] Do you set your clients up with a full diet and training plan for them to follow by themselves?

    Yes, in the manner of setting them up with a full diet to follow, and full cardio program to perform outside of our training sessions, and then based on their goals, I give them exercises to do for their abs or other body parts that need the extra attention.

    Now, when I work with clients online, I set them up with a full training and cardio program along with a nutritional program. I also provide training journals with pictures to follow and full descriptions of each exercise.

[ Q ] How do you keep your clients motivated?

    To keep my clients motivated I believe in positive feedback and positive reinforcement. I show my clients encouragement on the spot during our training to let them know when they are succeeding. But I will correct them in a movement to keep proper form if they are not performing the exercise correctly.

    I also push them in our sessions to go "beyond" their perceived capabilities I believe that really helps push them to new heights because they see how proud of I am of them; and when they push to accomplish a task and they succeed it is truly motivating. In addition I also do weigh-ins, weekly/monthly goals, before/after pictures to show how their physical abilities have advanced to the next level.

To Keep My Clients Motivated I Believe In Positive Feedback And Positive Reinforcement
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To Keep My Clients Motivated I Believe In Positive Feedback And
Positive Reinforcement.

[ Q ] Do you train a male client differently to a female?

    Yes, male and female clients are trained differently to a certain extent; not only is their training an aspect but their cardio program and diet as well. Men and women require attention in different areas of the body, even when their final goals are similar.

[ Q ] How have your changed your approach to clients over the years of experience?

    My approach has changed over the years because I am always researching and using new ideas when it comes to training, cardio and even diets. I use the new exercises and movements on myself to see how they push my abilities before introducing them to my clients.

    I believe that is a definite way to know the effectiveness of the movements so I know what to ask of my clients physically and mentally in testing their abilities. There are always new exercises and new ways to challenge and push the body better than before.

[ Q ] How do you start a client on a new program?

    I approach a new client based on their current program. If a client has already been working out then I will push their training and kick it up to the next level. If they are new to the gym and new to training then I work them into their new lifestyle based on their goals, such as: incorporating healthier choices, becoming more active, toning up, losing weight, building muscle, putting on size, and striving towards new physical abilities.

[ Q ] Do you prefer to train male or female clients and why?

    I really enjoy working with both male and female clients, young and old; everyone is equally fun to work with. Plus it gives me a chance to become more wide spread in my training abilities, because men and women are so different.

[ Q ] Do you feel just as much like a psychologist as you do a personal trainer?

    Yes, the reason I say that is because when I am training my clients, it's not just the physical that is changing but the mind set changes as well. So you have to make your mind set just as strong as your physical self! The two go hand in hand.

[ Q ] Any final words to share with us?

    Finally I would just like to say, Thank You, for the honor of being recognized as Personal Trainer of the Month. I take such pride in my clients and their accomplishments; when they succeed it makes me so proud! I feel so blessed to have my life filled with family and friends who support me in everything that I do; and for the opportunities and accomplishments thus far in my life. I look forward to the future, excited about what's to come!

I Feel So Blessed To Have My Life Filled With Family And Friends Who Support Me In Everything That I Do; And For The Opportunities And Accomplishments Thus Far In My Life I Feel So Blessed To Have My Life Filled With Family And Friends Who Support Me In Everything That I Do; And For The Opportunities And Accomplishments Thus Far In My Life
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I Feel So Blessed To Have My Life Filled With Family And Friends Who Support Me In Everything That I Do; And For The Opportunities And Accomplishments Thus Far In My Life.

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