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Body Transformation: Sarah B.'s Nutrition Program

Sarah's approach to nutrition is to make sure she eats every few hours.

Sarah's 100K Fitness Program

Body Transformation: Sarah's Nutrition Program

My overall approach to nutrition is to make sure I eat every few hours! I do my best to always include protein and a source of fibrous veggies in each meal. Depending on what time of day it is, I will try to have a complex carb as well. I usually include a carb source for breakfast and lunch. I tend to stick to one menu and repeat my meals almost every day.

Every now and then, I will substitute different veggies and sometimes my protein source. I find that while change is definitely more interesting, keeping my meals relatively the same makes meal prep much easier. Given my hectic schedule, being able to pack my meals on a moment's notice truly helped my overall success.

I must add that my menus varied a bit as time progressed. When I first started the transformation, my trainer had me eating 400-500 more calories than what I ended up with. Also, consistent clean eating is truly the only way you are going to have major results! I agree with those who say it's 80 percent what you eat and 20 percent training.

I really had no idea how important nutrition was until I actually committed to a clean diet. It was ONLY when I did that that I was able to see results like I had never seen before.

Read all about it - how I went from dumpy to diva!
Read all about it - how I went from dumpy to diva!
Read all about it - how I went from dumpy to diva!


    Calories: 1126
    Fats: 22.5g
    Protein: 104g
    Carbs: 123.5g

Meal 1:

  • egg whites

    egg whites

    2 Calories: 34
    Fats: 0 g| Protein 7 g| Carbs 0 g

  • egg


    1 Calories: 84
    Fats: 6 g| Protein 6 g| Carbs 0 g

  • oatmeal


    1/2 cup Calories: 105
    Fats: 2 g| Protein 4 g| Carbs 19 g

  • banana


    1 Calories: 90
    Fats: 0 g| Protein 1 g| Carbs 23 g

Protein 18g   |   Carbs 42g   |   Fat 8g   | Calories 313

Meal 2:

  • Allmax IsoFlex

    Allmax IsoFlex

    1 scoop Calories: 111
    Fats: 0 g| Protein 27 g| Carbs .5 g

Protein 27g   |   Carbs .5g   |   Fat 0g   | Calories 111

Meal 3:

  • tuna


    3 oz Calories: 100
    Fats: 2.5 g| Protein 20 g| Carbs 0 g

  • vegetables

    green vegetables

    2 cups Calories: 61
    Fats: 0 g| Protein 3 g| Carbs 12 g

  • brown rice

    brown rice, cooked

    1/2 cup Calories: 109
    Fats: 1 g| Protein 14 g| Carbs 3 g

  • pickles

    dill pickles

    4 Calories: 16
    Fats: 0 g| Protein 0 g| Carbs 4 g

Protein 25g   |   Carbs 39g   |   Fat 2.5g   | Calories 286

Meal 4:

  • almonds


    10 Calories: 75
    Fats: 7 g| Protein 3 g| Carbs 3 g

  • apple


    1 Calories: 91
    Fats: 0 g| Protein 0 g| Carbs 24 g

Protein 3g   |   Carbs 27g   |   Fat 7g   | Calories 166

Meal 5:

Protein 17g   |   Carbs 12g   |   Fat 4g   | Calories 166

Meal 6:

Protein 14g   |   Carbs 3g   |   Fat 1g   | Calories 84


My trainer supplemented 1-2 meals in my diet with protein powder. That was key in helping me ingest enough protein, and its amazing portability and easy prep were pivotal to my diet success!

With Breakfast:
Breakfast/Mid-Morning Snack/Pre Workout:
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