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My Journey To The Mr. Alabama 2003 - Week 1!

Follow me as I go through a strict training and diet schedule leading up to the Alabama State on August 9, 2003!

Week 1

This week was my first 'official' week of contest preparation. What this means is that for the next 17 weeks until after my show on August 9, I will be following a strict bodybuilding nutrition and supplementation plan 7 days a week, with NO cheating. It is imperative that I become "machine-like" with my meal and supplement schedule in order to create the proper environment for building maximum muscle while melting away bodyfat.

This was also my first week going full force in the weight room after taking my recovery week a couple weeks ago. Overall, I had a very good week of workouts. I was focused and strong. I maintained good intensity and paid close attention to exercise execution. Although I had a very good week of workouts this week, I need to start stringing together AWESOME workouts. I also need to keep pushing for a higher level of intensity during my cardio sessions. No matter how hard I think I am working now or how much weight I think I am using, there is always I higher level to achieve. This is where the mental aspect of my contest preparation really plays a role.

I am excited to really step it up a couple of notches and see what I am capable of. It's 'go time', and I believe that what I am able to achieve depends on what I am willing to do over the next 17 weeks.

My body is pretty sore and tired from this week on intense workouts. I am going to perform cardio on Saturday morning and then spend Easter day with my family relaxing. No Easter candy again for me this year. Oh well, that is just one of the many sacrifices you make as a bodybuilder, right?

Since I am traveling home to Birmingham this weekend (I am working on a long-term out of town engagement in Atlanta), I will make sure to cook up some food for the weekend and pack up all of my supplements. Even though I am traveling it is still very important that I stick to my nutrition and supplementation plan 100%.

I will try to get some good rest this weekend even though I am traveling and come back Monday morning ready to hit it hard! I want to exceed any expectations that others may have of me or that I even may have of myself. When I am standing on stage on August 9 I don't want to regret that I didn't give it my all and do everything in my power to be my absolute best. I must remind myself that what I do or do not do every single day, starting RIGHT NOW, will determine the results I am able to achieve and the package I am able to present in August.

Despite the challenges that I know lie ahead, I am positive that I will be successful as long as I maintain a burning desire to do well and am persistent and consistent with my training, nutrition, and supplementation plan. I know what I have to do over the next 17 weeks. Now, it is just time to step up and DO IT!

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