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My Journey To The Mr. Alabama 2003!

Follow me as I go through a strict training and diet schedule leading up to the Alabama State on August 9, 2003!

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Last year I decided to step up my level of training intensity and dedication to proper nutrition and supplementation by entering the AST 2002 World Championships. After making improvements to my physique I never thought possible and being chosen as the Men's 18-30 Year Old Class Champion of the contest, my motivation to take my bodybuilding efforts to an even higher level skyrocketed.

Sure, I went though the intense training and the calorie-deprived dieting that goes along with a bodybuilding competition, but now I have decided to take it one step further. I have decided to take it to the stage. I got some great results during the AST World Championships, but entering my first bodybuilding contest will be a whole new ballgame. There won't be any "before" pictures for the judges to see. No one will care what I looked like 16 weeks ago, 12 weeks ago, or even 3 weeks ago. What will count is how I look on stage standing next to the other competitors!

I feel confident in my knowledge and ability to train and diet properly in order to get into shape for my contest. However, that is only part of the equation. What good is a great physique if I am not able to present it well for the judges and the crowd? Yeah, I gotta learn how to do this posing thing and come up with a routine. How the heck am I supposed to come up with a routine? This all makes me a little nervous, but I know with adequate preparation and practice I will be ready to go come August 9. Of course, I have to get over being a little anxious about getting up in front of so many people in nothing but a tiny posing suit. Thinking about this alone is motivation enough to get into OUTSTANDING shape.

I have been to several local bodybuilding shows where it is obvious that some of the competitors have not put in enough time or effort getting into shape or learning how to pose correctly. I don't want that to be me. I don't really know what to expect, but I DO know that I can train like a madman, follow my diet and supplementation plan, learn and practice the mandatory poses, create a routine, and be the best me that I possibly can. I also know that I can make this whole experience amazing if I have a positive attitude and enjoy the journey; every aspect of it.

The competition I am planning to enter is the Pacific USA Naturals on August 9, 2003 in Anaheim, CA. I will be flying across the entire country coast to coast to showcase my hard work. Originally, I was going to do the Alabama State on the same day. However, once I found out that the Alabama State was not even in Birmingham this year, coupled with the fact that I have now moved to Atlanta, I decided I might as well do the Pacific USA Naturals, a large drug-tested show put on in part by IronMan magazine.

Now, I have no idea what to expect. I may be totally out of my league here, but there is only one way to find out, right? At 6'6, I'm sure that I will be one of the tallest, if not the tallest, competitors, and that there will be guys with more muscle mass. I can't do jack about that. What I CAN do is get into absolutely shredded condition, learn how to pose properly, create a great individual routine that showcases my strengths and hides my weaknesses, and have the time of my life doing so!

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I will be keeping a training journal every day documenting my progress in the gym and all of my nutritional and supplementation changes. Deciding to post my training journal on and my website will FORCE me to become accountable for all of my actions and to always work hard to improve! I will definitely be motivated to give it my all knowing that my journal, not to mention my physique assessment photos, will be available for thousands of people to see!

I know that my first bodybuilding competition is going to be a learning experience. I know that it will be challenging, exciting, and frustrating. I know that I will have to sacrifice many "normal" activities during my contest preparation. I know that I don't know everything to expect, but I am SURE that I am ready to take the challenge head on and enjoy the entire experience!

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