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Lose The 'Hardgainer' Mentality To Initiate New Muscle Growth.

I just don't have the right genetics to build muscle. I have tried everything, but I just can't get any bigger. If you have ever said any of these things, read on ...

Lose The "Hardgainer" Mentality
To Initiate New Muscle Growth

"I just don't have the right genetics to build muscle." "I have tried everything, but I just can't get any bigger." "There is no way that he is natural. You just can't get that big without steroids!"

These are just some of the things I hear all the time from frustrated individuals who are convinced that their bodies are not capable of building any significant amount of muscle. It is much easier to make excuses and label yourself as a "hardgainer" then it is to perform the work necessary to get the body you really want.

If someone else is bigger, stronger, faster or more ripped than you then surely he or she must be using drugs, right? It couldn't be because that person is willing to sacrifice more, put in more effort, and work toward his or her bodybuilding and fitness goals with relentless passion and desire, could it?

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I'm here to tell you right now that comparing yourself to other people and making excuses because someone else has advantages either genetically or by using drugs is a complete waste of time and energy. So what if it is easier for the other guy. There is nothing you can do about that.

All you can do, and all you should spend your time and energy on, is trying to become the best that you can be. With the exception of a very small percentage of genetically-gifted individuals, building muscle naturally is very difficult, and it does not happen overnight.

It is not in your body's interest to build this extra muscle, which is why you must force it to do so with intense weight training, proper nutrition, and adequate rest. Now, if you really want to build some serious muscle mass, then your workouts must be intense and way beyond the point of what is 'comfortable'.

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Sure, as a beginner during the first couple of years that you train, you can make gains following just about any type of training program and working at any intensity level. This is because your body is not used to lifting weights at all, so any resistance training is going to create muscle overload and new muscle growth.

However, after you have been training for awhile, your body adapts to the stress put upon it from weight training. This is when you have to reach new levels of intensity to keep the muscle gains coming, and this is where your mind comes into play, even more so than your body.

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It takes a tremendous amount of mental toughness to reach the level of intensity necessary to continue to build new muscle tissue, and the longer you train, the higher the intensity level has to be.

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How in the world are you supposed to harness the energy and mental focus necessary to reach these new levels of intensity when you have a negative attitude about your ability to build muscle, and you are wasting time worrying about your "bad genetics"?

It is interesting to see how as soon as someone truly believes that something is possible, then it becomes much easier to obtain that goal, even if the goal seemed insurmountable before. It all starts with believing in yourself and not accepting preconceived limitations.

What's Your Goal? What Is Your Goal?

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I understand that everyone has genetic limitations when it comes to bodybuilding. Trust me, I am 6-foot-6 and very much an ectomorph body type, which means I am naturally long and thin and am not predisposed to gaining muscle mass easily. Now, no matter how much effort and positive mental attitude I have, I am realistic enough to know I will never be a top professional bodybuilder.

What Does Ectomorph Mean?
Ectomorph is a human body type. Ectomorphs have short upper bodies, long arms/legs, long/narrow feet and hands, little fat, narrow chest and shoulders, and long thin muscles. Ectomorphs mostly consider themselves hard gainers.

What I am trying to say is that, yes, there are physical limitations on what can be accomplished. However, I believe that 99.9% of the population never really finds out what those limitations are because:

  1. they accept what they have been able to accomplish in the past as their limitations, and do not use the power of the mind to smash through these already set limits, and

  2. they are not willing to risk the failure of not being able to achieve their ambitious goals.

Listen, failure is part of life, and I really think that if you never, ever fail, then you are definitely not setting your expectations high enough, and this is a shame because that means you are selling yourself short in life!

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So, let's use our mind to propel our efforts in the weight room and forget about what we think is possible for us to accomplish.

Instead, let's set some really ambitious goals and go for them all out. Hey, even if you don't reach your goals, I guarantee that you will be much better off setting the high goals and going for them all out, then if you had not set the ambitious goal in the first place.

Everyone is capable of building muscle and improving his or her physique, and the level to which that can be done is determined more by your mental attitude, determination, and hard work than where you start or your genetic ability.

So lose that 'hardgainer' mentality and get on your way to new gains beyond what you could have imagined before!