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Taking It Up A Notch In 2004!

Persistence and determination pays off! Keep this in mind as you embark on your journey to building your ultimate physique and taking your level of health, fitness, and life up a notch in the upcoming year!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season with friends, family and loved ones! The holidays are great. However, I don't know about you guys, but I am ready to get back to a normal schedule and get serious about building some big time muscle!

The holidays are a time to share special memories with friends and family, and undoubtedly what comes along with that is some "not so healthy" great tasting food! Come on now, how many of you indulged a little bit too much in the festive foods? I know I did, although I have gotten much, much better about "going crazy" over all the tasty junk food.

I have come to realize the holiday food will come and go, but your bodybuilding, health, and fitness goals are ongoing. Everything you do, every choice you make each day ultimately determines the results you are able to achieve. Do I stay in bed a little longer since I don't have to work and take the chance of never getting my workout in, or do I find a gym that is open on Christmas day because Thursday is leg day?

How big of a difference is it really going to make if I loosen up on my diet for a few weeks? I can always hit it hard and get serious at the beginning of the year, right?

These are the types of decisions we must make during the holiday season, and our decisions will ultimately play a part in our efforts to build our physiques. Now, I am not saying that if you strayed from your diet or missed a workout or two that you have totally sabotaged your training efforts, or that you have made the "wrong" decision.

Remember, I already mentioned above that I was "less than perfect" with my diet during the last couple of weeks. What I am saying is that we must accept responsibility for our decisions and the results that each decision brings.

This all being said, the holidays are now over and the only thing we need to focus on is what we are going to do NOW and in the upcoming weeks and months to take our bodybuilding, health, and fitness efforts up a notch!

So, if you strayed from your diet some or missed a few workouts, don't beat yourself up. The past is the past and nothing beneficial comes about from wallowing in the past. Focusing on regret is simply a waste of time and energy.

Let's focus on right now and making 2004 our BEST year yet in terms of building lean muscular physiques by taking our training intensity, nutritional and supplementation strategies to a new level! Commit to take it up a notch in 2004!

Now, if you were a warrior and passed on all the temptations the holiday season has to offer, then good for you! You are stronger than most! The beginning of 2004 is the perfect time to build on the momentum you have established and make even more improvements!

One of my favorite quotes is "That which cannot be achieved is only what you are not willing to attempt."

I really believe this is true, and if not for this way of thinking many of the people we see today who have become successful in either building their physiques or in their particular line of business would never have gotten where they are.

Regardless of how it appears, success does not come overnight. Those we look up to and see as having the "perfect" body or "perfect" life have put in a tremendous amount of work over a long period of time. If you don't believe me, just take the time to talk to some of these successful people, or read their autobiographies.

Get focused on what you want, set ambitious goals, put your heart and soul into achieving those goals, believe in yourself, and some great things will start to happen. No doubt about it. Sure, there will be struggles and times when it feels like the effort you are putting in is not paying off, but the difference between those who fail and those who succeed is that those who succeed are willing to try just one more time.

Persistence and determination pays off! Keep this in mind as you embark on your journey to building your ultimate physique and taking your level of health, fitness, and life up a notch in the upcoming year.

My personal goals this year are to continue to add quality lean muscle mass, creating my best physique yet, and to do well in my second bodybuilding contest. I know that I must continually challenge myself in the gym and make nutrition and supplementation a priority every single day.

Another one of my goals is to take my website to a higher level by 1) reaching more people all over the world and 2) making the resources available on my site both more useful and more entertaining for my visitors.

In order to accomplish this goal I must do everything possible to reach as many health and fitness minded people as possible, and introduce them to what my website has to offer. I also must continue to provide quality information and motivation in new and exciting ways.

So, what are your goals for 2004? Whatever they are, be sure to get a clear vision of what you want to accomplish, determine exactly what you need to do to reach those goals (very important!), and then execute your plan of attack on a daily basis.

Hey, the process of achieving some really ambitious goals is not that complicated. What it takes is hard work, persistence, and patience. Try to do something every single day that brings you one step closer to your ultimate goals. If you do this then over the course of a year you will be amazed at just how much you are able to accomplish!

I wish everyone a happy new year and wonderful success in 2004!