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My Journey To The 2003 USA Naturals - Week 17!

Follow me as I go through a strict training and diet schedule leading up to the USA Naturals on August 9, 2003!

Week 17

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I am now in the final countdown to my first bodybuilding competition! There is less than 1 week until the Pacific USA Naturals in Anaheim, CA. I feel very good about the work I have put in over the last year and especially over the last 17 weeks of my "official" contest diet. It is now time to finish off strong and bring everything together so that I can present all of my hard work to the judges and the fans next Saturday.

I am getting very excited and also a little nervous. I feel confident that I have put in my work and should be fine, but I guess a little nerves is a normal thing. Including today, I have three more days of training before I begin the carb loading process Wednesday morning. Time to finish off strong!


I would be lying if I did not say that I was not getting very anxious and excited to get this show on the road and enter the final phase of my contest preparation and present all of my hard work to the judges and the fans. HOWEVER, that part of my journey is going to come very soon. Right NOW, I must stay focused on finishing out these final two days of weight training, cardio, dieting, and posing practice to the best of my abilities. I will concentrate on continuing to take it one step at a time as this strategy is what has gotten me to this point.


Nutrition and Supplementation

Although my scale weight is the same as last week, I can tell a big difference in my level of conditioning compared to last week. Again, my weight has been fluctuating between 203 and 209 lbs depending on what time of the day it is and how much water my body is holding. It will be interesting to see where I actually weight in on Saturday morning next week... If I will be over 198 1/4 and a Heavyweight, or if I will be under 198 1/4 and a Lightheavyweight. I will keep an eye on my weight throughout this week and then especially starting Friday night and Saturday morning to see if it looks like I will be able to make the 198 1/4 cutoff.

I decided to shave off another 137 calories for the final three days of all out training and cardio before beginning the carb loading process Wednesday morning. With my metabolism skyrocketing, the high level of activity I am performing, and the large calorie deficit I am in, I can still make progress towards a more shredded physique in three days. At this point, most of the work has been done, but if I can make just a .01% difference that may be a deciding factor next weekend. I must finish everything off strong!

I have decided to remove the DGC from my Pre and Post Workout meals, which will result in a decrease of 92 Calories.

I will also be removing the 1/2 serving of Cocoa Puffs from Meal #2 for a decrease of 45 calories. This puts my daily calories right around 1700. I stayed at about 1700 calories on Saturday. I will continue to drink LOTS of water, salt all of my food, and then starting Wednesday morning I will begin my carb loading process. I am planning to use a more conservative carb loading plan this year compared to what I did last year during the AST World Championships. I took in a lot of carbs over a 4 1/2 day period last year and feel I may have lost a little definition during my final pictures.

Jeff Willet took in far fewer carbs this year than in the past for the USA's and his results were nothing short of outstanding. Of course, most of that is due to all of the work he put in before the last few days. The last few days before a contest are important and can definitely make a difference in how you look on stage, but if you are not already in shape then you can forget about it. There is no strategy in the final few days that can get rid of unwanted bodyfat!

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