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My Journey To The 2003 USA Naturals - Week 14!

Follow me as I go through a strict training and diet schedule leading up to the USA Naturals on August 9, 2003!

Week 14

I stayed busy all weekend but was very productive so that was good. I completed some excellent cardio sessions and even added in a 45 minute walk Saturday afternoon at an outdoor track I found in Huntsville to provide some extra energy expenditure. We are now inside the four week mark from the Pacific USA Naturals. I need to string together another great week of intense, focused and effective weight training and cardio sessions, perfect adherence to my nutrition and supplementation plan, and quality posing practice.


I had finished off another strong week of workouts. I had to adjust a few exercises since I was out of town and training at a different gym, but I did a good job of staying focused on the task at hand and doing what I had to do. On Wednesday, the employees at the Gold's Gym finally ask me what I was doing after seeing me come in three times a day! I told them about my bodybuilding contest and they were very interested and wished my the best. This past week proves that even when you are out of your element and traveling out of town it is possible to stay on even the strictest of training and nutrition plans.

Nutrition & Supplementation

With less than Four Weeks until the Pacific USA Naturals we are really getting down to the nitty gritty. At this point, I really look forward to every single meal, even if it is just 1 scoop of VP2 with a couple of packets of Splenda. The dieting is getting tough, but that is OK because I know that feeling this way means that I am getting very lean and my metabolism is running very high. Besides, I only have just 4 more weeks. That is nothing!

And since I will be carding up the last few days before my show, I really have even less than 4 weeks of very low calories. I must continue to push myself as hard as I can in order to get into outstanding shape for my contest. The pain and sacrifice I will have to go through over the next few weeks will be well worth it when I am able to step on stage August 9th knowing that I did not let up one bit. That first "cheat meal" (and I am definitely planning on having a good one!) will also taste that much better knowing that I stuck to my strict diet plan 100% for the entire 17 weeks.

This Week, I Will Reduce My Daily Calories As Follows:

Meal #1 - Remove 1/2 serv. Frosted Flakes-60 calories (I will add another 5 grams of GL3 L-Glutamine to this meal to help spike insulin levels and restore glycogen levels first thing in the morning with the absence of carbs in this meal)
Pre-Workout - Remove 1/2 serv. VP2-50 calories
Meal #6 - Remove 1/2 Scoop VP2-50 calories

My total calorie reduction this week comes to 160 per day and I will now be consuming 2187 calories per day. I will continue to salt all of my meals. Check out my complete nutrition and supplementation plan for this week in my Week 14 Training Journal.

This weekend I ate about 2300 calories on both Saturday and Sunday. My weekend post cardio supplementation consisted of 1 scoop VP2 and 1/2 serving of HSC, along with 10 grams of GL3 L-Glutamine and 1/2 tsp. of micronized creatine. The rest of my meals consist of either Ny-Tro Pro-40 or chicken, egg whites, lean beef, and vegetables.

Updated Pics:

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