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My Journey To The Mr. Alabama 2003 - Week 8!

Follow me as I go through a strict training and diet schedule leading up to the Alabama State on August 9, 2003!

Week 8

This week is my recovery week from training. An important part of the Max-OT program is to take a full week off from training every 8-10 weeks in order to let your body and mind recover from the very intense training that is a part of Max-OT. If you never give your body a chance to recover then you will ultimately stop making progress because your body is constantly being broken down with no chance for recovery. Also, it is important to take a week of recovery every 8-10 weeks to give your mind a break from day in and day out maximum intensity training. After a while, it will be impossible to keep mental intensity at very high levels if there is never a break.

It was difficult for me to take a full week off from training when I first started the Max-OT program because I was not use to doing so. I guess I was scared I would "shrink" or get fat in a week. I now know that this way of thinking is ridiculous, and have seen and felt the benefits from a recovery week every 8-10 weeks. Now, normally I would not perform any cardio during my recovery week, which is ideal for maximum muscle building.

However, with less than ten weeks from my bodybuilding contest, maximum fat burning takes priority so I will perform cardio this week. The only time I will do cardio during my recovery week is when I am in the middle of contest preparation. I will perform cardio every morning (Monday-Saturday) and alternate between 16 minute Max-OT cardio sessions and 20 minute slightly less intense sessions the day because of the rise in your metabolism from intense cardio work.


I did not perform any weight training sessions this week since it was my recovery week. All of my cardio sessions were very good this week. It was a different "feel" to get up and perform cardio in the morning as compared to normally weight training in the morning and performing cardio in the evenings. I reminded myself that each cardio session was an "opportunity to get leaner" and must continue to keep this mindset during the remaining two months of contest preparation.

Nutrition and Supplementation

I have altered my nutrition and supplementation plan a bit this week since I am not weight training and only training once per day. I will be eating about 700 less calories than last week, which should allow me to make some good progress in terms of bodyfat reduction. I am still focusing on nutrient timing centered around my cardio workouts in order to take advantage of the anabolic responses triggered by intense cardio work, and to prevent muscle breakdown.

It's important to remember that it is not the calories burned during your cardio workouts that gets you really lean, but the extra calories burned throughout the day because of the rise in your metabolism from intense cardio work.

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