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An Overview Of My Training Journal!

My journal includes detailed daily entries of my weight training and cardiovascular training sessions, as well as changes made to my nutrition and supplementation plan.
This training journal documents my 13 week journey during the AST 2002 World Championships competition. It includes detailed daily entries of my weight training and cardiovascular training sessions, as well as changes made to my nutrition and supplementation plan. The journal contains my inner thoughts and emotions, as well as the experiences I encounter during the 13 weeks, both in the weight room and in other areas of my life.

The Importance

Keeping this daily journal has been a tremendous factor contributing to the success I have experienced during my contest preparation for the AST 2002 World Championships. It forced me to be accountable for every aspect of my training, diet, and supplementation program. The journal provides motivation for continuous improvement due to the fact it will be read by those judging the AST 2002 World Championships, but more importantly it provides me with motivation knowing I will have to live with the results, good or bad.

Start       &       Finish

If I chose not to give 100% every day and always strive for a higher level of intensity and performance then I really have no one to answer to but myself. I also have no one to blame but myself. On the other hand, if I chose to give it my all and reach for new goals that once seemed unattainable, then I will be able to lead a successful and fulfilled life because I will honestly be able to tell myself that I am being the very best that I can be.

Changing Your Physique

I have made changes to my physique that I never imagined possible in such a short period of time. I lost a tremendous amount of body fat while continuing to increase my strength and intensity in the weight room week after week. I was able to obtain new levels of intensity throughout the 13 weeks, both physical and mental, and generate focus and execution like never before. I discovered a new level of intensity, toughness, and efficiency in Max-OT cardio sessions.

I learned that often times the mind is the strongest muscle in the body and that it determines what you can and cannot accomplish. I now understand the extreme physical and mental demands placed upon oneself when striving for day in and day out maximum intensity and effort while operating on a calorie restricted diet.

I am very proud of the changes I have made during the AST 2002 World Championships and have even amazed myself with some of the things I have been able to accomplish. I am without a doubt in the best shape of my life. When I look in the mirror I see a lean, muscular, and confident man.

Always Improving

So, have I reached my ultimate goal? Am I now "there", possessing the level of fitness, muscularity, and nutritional knowledge that I want to have? Absolutely not! One of the biggest things I have taken away from this contest is that there is ALWAYS a higher level to obtain, ALWAYS more effort to give, and ALWAYS more boundaries to break through while striving to reach new goals.

Jeff Willet

Finally, I would like to offer a special and sincere thank you to Paul Delia, Jeff Willet, Skip La Cour, Paul Cribb, and Derik Farnsworth. These gentlemen not only have constructed the most valuable source of information on training, diet, and supplementation available with the AST Sports Science internet website, but they also offered their time and commitment every week with the weekly chat sessions. The chat sessions offered an abundance of information and motivation during the contest.

Getting Honest Answers

Paul, Paul, Jeff, Skip, and Derik offered no-nonsense, honest answers to any questions that the contestants had and provided cutting edge training, diet, and supplementation strategies. The AST crew were always available to answer my training and nutritional questions through e-mail. I was even fortunate enough to carry out a one-on-one phone consultation with Skip La Cour. This personal attention is one of the things that has made the AST 2002 World Championships so unique and so motivating.

I am very excited about getting to work in person with the AST crew during the 2002 Max-OT Training Camp, which will be held at the AST Sports Science Headquarters in Golden, Colorado June 7-9. I believe that this will be yet another unique experience that will enable me to take my training, nutrition, and supplementation understanding to a higher level.

I will use my experience during the AST 2002 World Championships to help give me guidance, confidence, and motivation as I set new goals and work towards obtaining new levels of accomplishment. I also hope that my journal may help to give others the motivation, information, and inspiration to make a positive change in their lives as well!

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