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RSP Chiseled Phase 4: Day 46

Here we go again! This is your second double cardio day this week. Finish every second!

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As you work through both cardio workouts today, you need to keep a positive mental attitude. I have no doubt that eventually doubts will arise. In the 17th minute of today's intervals, you will have to make an important choice: Will you succumb to those doubts and quit, or will you finish?

Some people will take it easy here, but if you want to attain a chiseled physique and become an even more amazing version of yourself, you can't. You gotta push through activities you don't want to do.

If you need to, try to make cardio more fun—take it outside, make little games of it, listen to music, or do it with a friend. Whatever you do, the base principle remains the same: Finish it.

A.M. workout

P.M. workout

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