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RSP Chiseled Phase 3: Day 35

Cardio is important, but so is being prepared. Use part of today to prep for the rest of your week.

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Sure, you have to schedule two hours of cardio today, but that still leaves you with plenty of time for other things, such as hanging out with family or catching up on your Netflix queue. The great thing about following a trainer like Chiseled is that once you've put in the work each day, you don't have to feel guilty about taking time for the things you enjoy.

Use part of today to get ready for the coming week. Grocery shop, prepare meals, and make sure you're not running low on key supps like protein powder. And, of course, wash your gym clothes!

Cardio & Abs


2 hours
Cardio Cardio



4 sets of 20 reps
crunch crunch

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