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Round Three: Free-Posing!

Round Three is where you get to present your totally unique posing routine set to the music of your choice. This round can be your chance to get some extra points. You can perform the poses that accentuate your physique.

Round three is where you get to present your totally unique posing routine set to the music of your choice. In the first two rounds, apples to apples are's you versus the others on the same pose at the same time. Round three can be your chance to get some extra points. You can perform the poses that accentuate your physique, while disguising the weaker parts.

Some bodybuilders even perform this round as a dance display. Others simply get out there and pull one unique pose after another, performing and showing off their incredible muscularity. Your personality really comes out on stage during this portion of the competition, so it's really up to you and your style that makes up your routine (as well as your physique).

Round 3
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Round 3 Can Be Your Chance
To Get Some Extra Points.

dot Learn By Example: dot

    A good way to really get a feel for how your routine should be put together is to attend many competitions and observe. Example is a good teacher. You can get some great ideas and later improvise the poses to fit your individual development. Particularly pay attention to how the transitions are made. Smooth transitions between poses really make the judges squiggle the high marks.

    If you can't make it to some high-level contests, you can purchase the Perfect Posing Videos to really get a feel for the poses and practice them intensely. They are worth the time and money and will give you some inspiration and guidance for some great posing routines.

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    A good rule of thumb is to spend approximately one hour per day practicing your poses and routine, anywhere from 4-6 weeks before the competition. You should devote about half an hour to round one and two practicing with the rest of the time spend on round three.

dot Master The Basics: dot

    Since more than half of your score depends on rounds one and two, don't spend a large majority of your time practicing flashy round three poses. Get the basics mastered well first.

    More likely than not, your first competition will be composed of the seven compulsory poses. If you decide to use these, rather than performing them twice, it's good to give them some variation. For example, kneeling on the side triceps pose rather than standing to bring out some different contours.


Video Posing Guide:
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It's not just about having a sculpted body. You need to know how to pose for the highest marks! These are the basic posing strategies that all competing bodybuilders need to know.

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    Also, check out some good muscle mags and try and mimic some of those poses. Of course, eventually you will want to develop your "signiture poses", poses that you alone do the best.

dot Building A Routine: dot

    How many different poses should you incorporate in your routine between transitions? The recommended at the novice level is 10-12 shots. If you're just learning this art it's a good idea to stick to this number because it's better to have 10 good poses than to try and pull off a 30-pose Mr. Olympia routine with less than half of them looking good, overshadowing your excellent poses.

    The music and routine really combine together to be a choreographed art. Keep the transitions smooth and the poses masterful. You may even want to take lessons or hire a choreographer, dance instructor, or experienced bodybuilder for a couple of hours. This can work wonders for your round three.

Round 3
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Keep The Transitions Smooth
And The Poses Masterful.

    Practice and experience on stage will give you the seasoned charisma that both the judges and the audience look for in a bodybuilder.