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David Robson’s New Zealand Elite And Pro Bodybuilding Championships Preview

On March 15 2008, New Zealand bodybuilding will be revolutionized with the very first Elite and Professional Bodybuilding Championships, held in Henderson, Auckland.

On March 15 2008, New Zealand bodybuilding will be revolutionized with the very first Elite and Professional Bodybuilding Championships, held in Henderson, Auckland.

With a full listing of top caliber international and local professional bodybuilding athletes' along with New Zealand's top amateur competitors' (for the amateur event) and elite bodybuilders' (winners of the amateur section and those nominated by their respective IFBB federation) this show promises to be the most spectacular and encouraging bodybuilding initiative to have emerged on New Zealand soil.

Event organizer and top IFBB professional, Moe Moussawi, says the New Zealand Elite/Pro is the perfect way to give New Zealand bodybuilders' the respect they deserve as athletes committed to improving their physiques.

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Moe El Moussawi At The 2008 Arnold Classic.
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"The aim of this show is to give something back to New Zealand bodybuilding athletes' and to place New Zealand on the bodybuilding map," said Moe.

Surely the New Zealand Elite/Pro will do just that with the star-studded cast of top tier athletes expected onstage, all of who will undoubtedly serve to inspire and motivate emerging local talent to pursue next level in their development to turn pro.

With only three New Zealand professionals' New Zealand bodybuilding is in dire need of an event that will serve as a breeding ground for those who wish to begin a career in the increasingly lucrative bodybuilding industry.

With prize money on offer for both the professional and elite athletes' and a pro qualifier spot up for grabs, the New Zealand Elite/Pro should attract much local talent over the years to come.

In addition to the amazing role-call of top pros' (to be profiled soon), the New Zealand Elite/Pro will feature guest-posing appearances from New Zealand's most successful pro bodybuilder Moe Moussawi, who recently placed third at both the Ironman and Australian pro events', Jo Stewart, a World Master's champion who recently won the first ever Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic amateur women's event and Kristy Thompson, New Zealand's National Bodyfitness champion.

The Field

With men such as Dexter Jackson, Melvin Anthony, Toney Freeman and Troy Alves, the New Zealand Professional segment of this show presents a legitimately stacked, incredibly formidable line-up. With at least 17 world-class competitors' the judges' will no doubt have a headache deciding the final placements.

dot Melvin Anthony: dot

    One of bodybuilding's classiest posers and best-presented athletes, Melvin always impresses with his moves. His physique is not too bad either as exemplified by his perennially high placements' in the world's biggest bodybuilding events, most notable the Mr. Olympia where he has cracked the top six two years running.

Melvin Anthony Melvin Anthony
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Melvin Anthony.
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    With some of the best back development in the world and the improvements in size he has made Melvin will be one of the men to beat at the New Zealand Pro.

dot Dexter Jackson: dot

    Probably the most successful bodybuilder in the world currently, Dexter Jackson will be the man to beat at the New Zealand Pro.

Dexter Jackson Dexter Jackson
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Dexter Jackson.
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    With the most massive musculature you will ever see on a smaller frame, Dexter always arrives in great condition and has the kind of genetics that make it almost impossible for him to get out of shape. With his freakish genetics and winning attitude (which he has had plenty of practice fostering), look for Dexter to take the show.

dot Troy Alves: dot

    Another guy who always impresses with his great shape. Not the largest guy out there but a competitor that brings attention to detail in almost every show he enters. A pleasing physique with nice lines and adequate size.

Troy Alves Troy Alves
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Troy Alves.

View More Pics Of Troy Alves At The 2008 Iron Man Pro.

dot Toney Freeman: dot

    In 2007 the bodybuilding world was constantly talking about Toney, so much so that he was heralded as the new man to beat, the best thing to happen to bodybuilding in many years such is his phenomenal v-taper and great overall shape. Indeed he proved these people right by winning a series of pro shows.

Toney Freeman Toney Freeman
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Toney Freeman.
View More Pics Of Toney Freeman At The 2008 Arnold.

    Since then he has found the going shaky and has not recaptured his best conditioning. If he can do this for the New Zealand Pro he will be difficult to beat.

dot Salah Ibrahim: dot

    New Zealand's newest pro bodybuilder and a competitor with great shape and who always competes ripped to the bone. Last week at his pro debut, the Australian Pro, Salah held his own well and looked very complete, with the best lower back development onstage. His die chest and side triceps poses' were magnificent.


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Becoming one of the best bodybuilders in the world is one of the hardest tasks anyone could accomplish and New Zealand pro Salah Ibrahim is doing just that.
David Robson

dot Michael Kingsnorth: dot

    Another of New Zealand's newest professionals, Michael also made his mark on the bodybuilding world with a fine showing at the 2008 Australian Pro.

Michael Kingsnorth Michael Kingsnorth
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Michael Kingsnorth.
View More Pics Of Michael Kingsnorth At The 2008 Australian Pro.

    With an impressive waist to shoulder differential, phenomenal posing ability and cuts' everywhere Mike will impress once again, this time in his home country.

dot Ronnie Rockel: dot

    Ronnie achieved his highest pro placement at the 2006 Australian pro where he beat Lee Priest to garner first place. With flawless symmetry and good thickness it is surprising he does not place this high more often. If he dials it in perfectly he can hang with anyone.

Ronnie Rockel Ronnie Rockel
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Ronnie Rockel.
View More Pics Of Ronnie Rockel At The 2008 Arnold Classic.

dot Sergey Shelestov: dot

    The massive 120 kilogram Russian will be one of the largest men in the show taking into account overall thickness. With insane hamstring development and mountainous biceps, he will get the crowd on their feet and impress the judges, which could place him high up the ladder.

Sergey Shelestov Sergey Shelestov
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Sergey Shelestov.
View More Pics Of Sergey Shelestov At The 2008 Australian Pro.

dot Jaroslav Hovarth: dot

    The Slovakian has one of the most underrated physiques in bodybuilding today. Beginning his pro career as a middleweight by winning his category in the 1997 World Amateur bodybuilding Championships, Jaroslav has been around a while but is surprisingly not that well known.

Jaroslav Hovarth Jaroslav Hovarth
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Jaroslav Hovarth.
View More Pics Of Jaroslav Hovarth At The 2008 Australian Pro.

    With one of the best V-tapers in bodybuilding along with great quad sweep and perfect abs, he will impress in New Zealand.

dot Con Demetrious: dot

    Con made his pro debut at last week's Australian Pro and, although a little off on his conditioning, brought an impressive shape and full muscle size to place a respectable 11th. His front lat spread was his best pose, but his thickness was evident from all angles.

Con Demetrious Con Demetrious
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Con Demetrious.
View More Pics Of Con Demetrious At The 2008 Australian Pro.

dot Oscar Tua Dexter: dot

    With this 10th placement at the 2008 Australian Pro, Oscar Dexter signalled his potential as a likely top line competitor over the years' to come. With complete development, great shape and good thickness, the Canadian is sure to impress in New Zealand. Watch for his incredible chest and arm size.

Oscar Dexter Oscar Dexter
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Oscar Dexter.
View More Pics Of Oscar Dexter At The 2008 Australian Pro.