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Commonwealth Games: Bodybuilding Becoming Reality!

At this time, bodybuilding is not recognized by the Commonwealth Games. However, the Commonwealth Games Bodybuilding Federation (CWBBF) is determined to officially become a part of these games... Read on to learn more.

In 1930, the inaugural Commonwealth Games took place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The purpose of this athletic event was to develop understanding, cooperation and trust amongst the Commonwealth of Nations. An astonishing four hundred athletes from Australia, Bermuda, British Guiana, Canada, England, Northern Ireland, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and Wales participated in sports such as aquatics, boxing, rowing and wrestling.

Recently, the list of events expanded to include cycling, table tennis, weightlifting and basketball. The Commonwealth Games are held every four years with the exception of 1942 and 1946, due to World War II.

Commonwealth Bodybuilding Federation

At this time, bodybuilding is not recognized by the Commonwealth Games. However, the Commonwealth Bodybuilding Federation (CWBBF) is determined to officially become a part of these games which are also recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

The CWBBF was founded in December 1998 in Malacca, Malaysia. Its main focus is to align the sport of bodybuilding with the Commonwealth Games by promoting and developing the sport of bodybuilding throughout the Commonwealth which includes many countries in Europe, Asia, the South Pacific Region and the Americas. Coincidentally, the first Commonwealth Bodybuilding Championships took place at the same time.

Leading the CWBBF are:

  • Datuk Paul Chua, CWBBF Secretary General & IFBB Vice President for Asia
  • Datuk Wira Gan Boon Leong, CWBBF President
  • Philip Hope, CWBBF Vice President, President of the South Pacific Bodybuilding Federation & IFBB Vice President, South Pacific

Chua & Weider
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Paul Chua & Ben Weider.

In April 2002, the second Commonwealth Bodybuilding Championships were held in Calcutta, India. This was a spectacular event as over forty bodybuilders from six countries vied for first place medals. Demonstrating the immense popularity bodybuilding enjoys in India, a capacity crowd of 10,000 enthusiastic fans attended the championship cheering feverishly for their favorite competitors.

Philip Hope
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Pictured From Left To Right
Luke Pondros, Papua New Guinea Bodybuilding Federation Secretary
Philip Hope, President South Pacific & IFBB Vice President, South Pacific
Sir John Dawanincura, Papua New Guinea Sports Federation & Olympic Committee Sec. General
Donald Kaiwi, Men's Overall Winner, 2005 South Pacific Championships, Tahiti

"The CWBBF has a number of high priority items on our agenda," commented Hope. "Recently the 2006 Commonwealth Games were held in Melbourne, Australia. Although bodybuilding was not on the official program, we hope to be on the venue of the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held in Delhi, India."

The CWBBF is committed to promoting bodybuilding and developing world champions. Thanks to their tenacious efforts, bodybuilding will continue to thrive and hopefully will gain participation status in the Commonwealth Games.

For more information on the CWBBF, contact:

    Datuk Paul Chua
    Secretary General
    35 Tannery Road #04-01
    Ruby Industrial Complex
    Tannery Block
    SINGAPORE 347740

    Telephone: (65) 67470635/6, (65) 67430297, (65) 67486970
    Fax: (65) 67479846

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