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From The IFBB Archives - IFBB President Receives The 'Knights Cross.'

Mr. Ben Weider, IFBB President and fitness advocate, received the Knights Cross from the Austrian Government. This is just one of many international awards he has been awarded. Read on for more.

Styria, Austria, is not only famous for its grand castles and dense forest but is also the birthplace of the charismatic California Governor and seven-time Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Knights Cross

In 1992, Styria hosted the IFBB Men's World Championships. During the championships, his Excellency, the Honourable Joseph Kreiner, Governor of Styria and active sportsman presented Ben Weider, President of the IFBB the distinguished Knights Cross to recognize his tireless efforts in the promotion of fitness and positive benefits of sports throughout the world.

The Knights Cross is one of the most prestigious awards presented by the Austrian government.

"It was a great honor to receive the Knights Cross from the Austrian government for my contributions to physical fitness and health. Through a bodybuilding program, one develops strength and discipline-essential components to succeed in life. Healthy, fit citizens make positive contributions to their country and to the world at large," said Weider.

Knights Cross
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Ben Weider Receives The Knights Cross.

"For over 50 years, Ben Weider's commitment to health and fitness is unsurpassed. He has traveled the world spreading the word on the undeniable benefits of a bodybuilding lifestyle," said Axel Bauer, President of the Austrian Amateur Bodybuilding Federation.

"Thanks to his direct efforts, millions of people world-wide have greatly improved their standard of living through bodybuilding. As a member of the IFBB and as an Austrian citizen, I was extremely proud to see President Weider receive this prominent award."

A recipient of the Order of Canada, Order of Quebec, French Legion of Honor, and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Weider is also a world-renowned authority on Napoleon and is the International President and Founder of the International Napoleonic Society.

The 2005 World's Most Influential Sports Personalities - IFBB President, Ben Weider Voted 44th. The 2005 World's Most Influential Sports Personalities - Ben Weider Voted 44th.
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The 1992 World Championships were a huge success and had special meaning to all Austrians as native-son Johann Schatz won first-place in the 80 kg (176 lbs) weight class.

Over his long and distinguished career, Weider has been the recipient of many foreign decorations and awards however, the Knights Cross remains one of his most cherished awards. For the most current information related to the IFBB, visit the web site at

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