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The 2006 Men's Ultimate Classic!

The Africa Men's Ultimate Classic will be held on June 10-11, 2006 in the Atlantic Hall of the Hotel Presidential, Nigeria. The concept of bodybuilding is picking up speed in Africa. Read on for more.

The Men's Ultimate Classic, established in 1996, is the most celebrated bodybuilding competition in Nigeria. It attracts many of the best competitors including Seighfa Buddy Ovoh who won the coveted first place trophy in the inaugural event.

This year, the anticipation for this exciting event is greater than ever. It will be held on June 10-11, in the Atlantic Hall, Hotel Presidential at the Oil rich City, Port Harcourt City, also called the Garden City, Rivers State, Nigeria, Africa.

The Men's Ultimate Classic

For the past ten years, Africa has experienced a dramatic increase in bodybuilding's popularity as more people are joining fitness centers to improve their strength and physical conditioning. As Africans discover these benefits, many more will enthusiastically sign up and take part in bodybuilding competitions.

A driving force in Africa is Dr. Adel Fahim El Sayed, the IFBB Vice President, Africa. He tirelessly works to promote the IFBB and the spirit of bodybuilding throughout the African continent. Credited with the growth of the sport in Africa, his passion for bodybuilding has led to it being a medal sport in the African Games.

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Mr. Soye I. Elekima, President Of
The Amateur Bodybuilding Federation of Nigeria (ABBFN).

More Than Just Bodybuilding:

    The Men's Ultimate Classic will offer much more than just bodybuilding. There will be dozens of fitness and exhibit booths presenting the latest products from the bodybuilding industry. Some of the featured items include an endurance track, high intensity aerobic dance classes, and power lifting and strongman demonstrations.

    In addition, many fitness companies representing the most up-to-date pieces of exercise equipment will be present. As an added bonus the 25th Weider International Academy Course on Bodybuilding Training and Physical Fitness will be held on June 6-10, at the Eunique Residence Hotel, Garden City, Nigeria, and Africa.

His Excellency Dr. Peter Odili:

    "The Men's Ultimate Classic is one of the most distinguished bodybuilding competitions on the African continent," said Dr. El Sayed. "During the competition, I will have the tremendous honor of recognizing His Excellency Dr. Peter Odili, the Executive Governor of Rivers State for his support and loyalty to athletics and physical fitness."

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    His Excellency, Dr. Peter Odili,
    The Executive Governor Of Rivers State.

    Dr. Odili will be presented with the first ever Fitness Ambassador Award in Africa by members of the IFBB Bodybuilding and Fitness Team."

    An avid sports fan, Dr. Odili has been recognized with the Best Sports Supporting Governor Award in Africa by the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) and the best Democratic Governor Award in Nigeria. Dr. Odili constantly expresses his encouragement and appreciation of the sport of bodybuilding and fitness.

    During a recent visit to Dr. Odili's office, Mr. Soye I. Elekima, President of the Amateur Bodybuilding Federation of Nigeria (ABBFN) and many of his top executives were warmly greeted. During the meeting Dr. Odili stated, "Bodybuilders are tapping their natural source of power. In the future, bodybuilders will play an important role in the quest of promoting a healthy world. Hopefully, their efforts will be greatly appreciated and recognized."

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    Dr. Adel Fahim El Sayed, The IFBB Vice President, Africa
    & Mr. Soye I. Elekima, President Of The ABBFN.

The Premeier Competition

"The Men's Ultimate Classic is the premier competition for Nigerian bodybuilders and provides the motivation for months of intense training and preparation," said Ben Weider, President of the IFBB. "Thanks to the superior leadership and commitment of ABBFN President, Mr. Soye I. Elekima and his staff, I am certain the 2006 Men's Ultimate Classic will be a resounding success," Weider said.

For additional information on the 2006 Men's Ultimate Classic, contact Mr. Marshal N. Echendu at:

    Sie Smart Gym
    No. 11 Yenegoa Street, Off Aba Road
    Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
    Tel: 08037839025, 08033494111

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