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Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend - A Look At The Past And Future!

Since its inception on September 18, 1965, the Weiders visualized the creation of the ultimate competition... the Olympia. Learn more about this and see what ideas are in the works for the 2006 Olympia!

Weider Remembers The Past,
Looks Forward To The Future!

October 15, 2005 marked the 40th anniversary of the world renowned Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia competition and brought back many special and fond memories for IFBB President, Ben Weider.

"This weekend is an extraordinary time for me as I reflect on our historic past and with much enthusiasm, look forward to our bright future," commented Weider.

Remembering The Past:

    Since its inception on September 18, 1965 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York, the Weiders visualized the creation of the "ultimate" competition where the top bodybuilding stars in the world would face each other to determine who was the best of the best.

    David Pecker & Ben Weider.

    "Joe and I felt the Mr. Olympia competition would create endorsement opportunities for our more popular athletes and provide them with the ability to make a decent living from the sport," Weider said.

    "Our plan was for the Mr. Olympia title was to help create international bodybuilding superstars and raise the profile of our sport."

A History Lesson In Bodybuilding.
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    The first Mr. Olympia was a huge success as hundreds of fans crammed into the theater to witness the crowning of the world's number one bodybuilder. "There was so much enthusiasm and energy in the crowd we knew right away that the Mr. Olympia competition would be a tremendous success," Weider said. "The fans were so excited, many of them were still in the theater well past 2:00 am."

    The winner of the inaugural Mr. Olympia was Larry Scott who repeated his win the following year. "Larry was an ideal champion," commented Weider. "He was hard-working, dedicated, and in addition to having a fantastic physique he was a great role model for our sport."

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    "The Legend," Larry Scott.

    In the 40-year history of the competition, only ten men have held the prestigious Mr. Olympia title. The following is a list of these amazing physique legends:

    Mr. Olympia Title Holders
    Larry Scott 1965 - 1966
    Sergio Oliva 1967 - 1969
    Arnold Schwarzenegger 1970 - 1975
    Franco Columbo 1976
    Frank Zane 1977 - 1979
    Arnold Schwarzenegger 1980
    Franco Columbo 1981
    Chris Dickerson 1982
    Samir Bannout 1983
    Lee Haney 1984 - 1991
    Dorian Yates 1992 - 1997
    Ronnie Coleman 1998 - 2005

Looking To The Future:

    "In 1965, the prize money for the Mr. Olympia title was $1,000. This year, thanks to the efforts of American Media International (AMI), the IFBB, and our great sponsors, we were able to raise the total prize money for all of the Weekend's events from $541,000 to $711,000, a staggering increase of 31%," Weider said.

    "Next year, our goal is raise the prize money even more and eventually, my desire is to see the total prize money surpass one-million dollars!"

2005 Olympia Weekend Prize Money Raised!
America Media Inc. (AMI) and The International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB), promoters of the 2005 Olympia Weekend, are proud to announce that prize money for the this year's event has been increased from $541,000 to $711,000...
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    At The Expo:

      As he toured the Olympia Expo, Weider was enthusiastically greeted and asked to pose for pictures by a large number of bodybuilding fans and former competitors.

      "In 1965, only in our wildest dreams could we have imaged something like this. It's incredible that the Mr. Olympia has progressed from a one day, one discipline event into the Olympia Weekend, a three-day, four discipline event.

      "In addition, I'm pleased to see such a great number of companies and fans from so many cultures and countries here to celebrate our incredible sport."

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      A Huge Diversity Celebrating The Sport.
      View Thousands Of Pics From The Olympia Weekend Here!

Olympia Expo Video

Did you not make it this year? Be sure to check out this exclusive video brought to you by

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    Las Vegas To Host Once Again:

      Next year, Las Vegas will once again be the host site for the Olympia Weekend. "AMI Chairman, David Pecker, Chairman, IFBB Professional Division, Jim Manion, and I are committed to ensuring the growth of the Olympia Weekend.

      "With the continued support of our wonderful fans, we are dedicated to making improvements to ensure the Olympia Weekend remains the highlight of the bodybuilding year," Weider said.

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      Viva Las Vegas!

      When asked what was the most significant highlight of the 40th anniversary of the Mr. Olympia competition, Weider responded, "That's easy - having my brother Joe attend this year's Mr. Olympia is the most rewarding thing to me. Last year, due to a difficult back surgery, Joe could not attend the Olympia Weekend and this bothered him all year.

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      "You Are My Life," Weider Says.
      As Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva & Arnold Schwarzenegger
      Watch & Support Their Mentor.

      Having him here this year is great as he has seen the enormous growth of the competition expand from nearly one thousand fans in 1965 to nearly seven thousand this year. As I said in my opening speech, I wish everyone could have a brother like Joe."

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Frank Zane, Samir Bannout, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joe Weider, Larry Scott, Triple H, Sergio Oliva & Dorian Yates.

    What Does 2006 Hold?

      Excitement is already mounting for the 2006 Olympia Weekend as Ronnie Coleman looks to break the tie of eight consecutive Mr. Olympia wins with the legendary Lee Haney for all-time Olympia titles.

    Will Ronnie Break The 8-Win Record In 2006?

    Yes, All Hail The King!
    No, The Champ Will Be De-Throned.
    Not Sure, It's Anyone's Game.

      "Similar to 1965, I am anxiously anticipating the 2006 Mr. Olympia competition," Weider said.

      "All the athletes will have their training sights on stopping Ronnie from making history. With all the competitors looking to de-throne the champ, the 2006 Mr. Olympia promises to be the greatest Olympia competition for all times. I'll be there and hope to see you too."

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Anxiously Awaiting 2006.

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