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2002 Fitness South Beach!

Find out about my trip to Miami, Florida for this big fitness contest!

Miami South Beach Florida! This is the place to be for spring break. However, don't rent a car, there is no where to park and it can be ridiculously spendy. Plus, be sure to have a roommate to split the cost for a room, because hotel rates are outlandish!

Fitness America along with Muscle Mania hosted another fitness competition here. The stage is built on the sand along with many other booths and facilities accommodating the fitness expo. Various people, both local and international, gather at South Beach to watch the competitive productions.

My first day spent was actually a bit unusual for a "tourist" since I was waiting for a fellow competitor, Rebecca Lee, to fly in from California. I spent time grading papers on the beach and then journeyed to the South Beach library where I continued to grade papers. Of course Rebecca teased me about this, but she understands. Thursday, we marked our routines on the outside Mezzanine, swam a little in the salty ocean and of course, I decided to get a burn; I mean a "tan". Rebecca warned me the sun in Miami was different. I thought there was only one SUN, but the following day my shoulders were radiating intense heat. She did the motherly talk and jeered with me commenting, "You should've have listened to me." Gratefully, we brought Pro Tan to even out our color and I purchased some Aloe Vera to soothe the ache.


Dr. Venus Ramos

Shopping to entertain ourselves.

Flexin' for the cameras.

Me with Rebecca Lee.

In order to stick to our diet, we drove to the grocery store, bought our diet food, a few fruits, vegetables, tuna, spinach and tomatoes (and I wanted prune juice - a weird craving if I say so myself, but my mom says it is a quality natural laxative) and then we ditched the car, or more eloquently, returned the car to the rental facility.

Friday evening was the brief meeting and a reunion with some fellow veteran competitors I had met at Fitness America, like Allison Ethier, Sandra Augustin, Keri Bourg, Danielle Bird, Tina Rigdon, and Venus Ramos as well as meeting new faces, like Carla Cossy, Lovena Tuley, Karen Walcott, Angela Glenn and Emily Kirby, Lois Miller, Lori Colgnesi, April Donelson. We mentioned going dancing in the club downstairs, but when Rebecca and I scoped out the area, we realized it was Karaoke night and although I enjoy singing, I don't think others appreciate hearing me sing.

Saturday morning was a film day. Nearly five hours were used filming various scenes for the final South Beach Show. We put on our best smiles (and not much else besides tiny bathing suits) and paraded around from booth to booth. I enjoyed catapulting my body over fellow competitors on the mini tramp while doing a dive role! Rebecca and Carla had some handsome Muscle Mania men style their hair; watch out, because these guys got creative! In the boxing ring I had the privilege and disposition (I guess I am a little bossy and aggressive) of being the coach! Last and most impressive of all, Rebecca and I became circus performers and stunted on the trapeze! That's right! Everyone thought we were crazy to attempt this a day before we competed, but we felt it was a chance of a lifetime! Rebecca even stunted so well she caught the other trapeze artist hanging vastly above the crowds below! This was the most rewarding adrenaline rush; in fact, I am not sure how much we saved for our competition on Sunday.


Angela Glenn and a Musclemania competitor.

Phillipe helped us out. Our chaperone!

The gravity in Miami is all messed up!

Carla Cossy

Easter Sunday opened up with a sunny morning and eager competitors. Many of us regretted not having the opportunity to be at home with our families and were a bit discouraged to think the competition was held on this day. In addition, I was concerned about my theme for my fitness routine; I am a vampire. I called my mom fretting about offending anyone, "Mom, I hope they see it is entertainment. I didn't really think ahead. Consider the situation: I am doing a vampire routine in the hot sun on Easter Sunday!" She consoled me and I decided life would be okay after all. Thankfully, I didn't melt in the sun and placed 2nd after Allison Ethier. Tina Rigdon placed 3rd, Keri Bourg 4th and Angela Glenn 5th.

Afterwards, we were invited to a barbecue at the Gianni Versace mansion where hungry and grateful fitness gals delved into scrumptious food! The atmosphere at this show was much more relaxed and enjoyable than many of the other competitions I had been to. The smaller group of competitors allowed us to get to know each other better. For instance, the three teachers (Allison, Carla and myself) discussed a little classroom management, which is nice to know people who can empathize with the strain of competing and the demands of students. Another, popular topic of discussion, dieting, was evaluated numerous times while we ironically kept feeding ourselves. What can I say, the food was irresistible!


Allison Ethier
Tiffany Ripple
Tina Rigdon
Keri Bourg
Angela Glenn


How do you like these hairstylists?

It was a boring time overall... (Ha!)

The strip. On our way for Saturday filming.

Rebecca going to the beach.

I plan on keeping the vampire theme at least for a few more competitions, yet consider the denotation of the word. I thought I would have a little fun with what I found as well as play with some punctuation! Look up the definition of a vampire... you may find: "A woman who exploits..."

A Woman Who Exploits...

Trance like you lean into me
your breath on my neck
Voluptuous, curling words fly-
If blood gives life to the heart...
the blueness is infiltrated
indiscrete - a colon mark
Where an explanation should be!
From the flesh the color is gone
And there's no period to this final end


How do you like these hairstylists?

Angela Glenn - 5th Place.

In our costumes!


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