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A Little Less Than Boot Camp!

As the weeks start to disintegrate I am aware of my competition at the ESPN series and Fitness America Pageant, November 30th and December 1st. These events are just around the bend, or is it the mountain?

As the weeks start to disintegrate I am aware of my competition at the ESPN series and Fitness America Pageant, November 30th and December 1st. These events are just around the bend, or is it the mountain? I am definitely discovering how valuable each precious gem-minute of the day is! I keep telling myself, "Focus, focus! Be strict with your diet, get sleep, and make time to practice." Oh yeah, and then I am abruptly brought back to reality. I have other responsibilities too?

If you're like me, perhaps you have a difficult time saying "no" when people ask you for help. So I dedicate and sacrifice some personal time for people, after all, isn't LIFE the big picture? Who can spend every waking minute in the gym? We all have lives, goals, and of course, obligations to others. How can we fit everything into one day?

I am still learning that discipline and maybe a regime like boot camp might work.

Here is a break down of a "typical" Tiffany week in preparation for competition:


(This is supposed to be my day off, but it rarely happens. I guess I choose to stay busy.) I wake for breakfast and have some eggs with vegetables. I walk or run the dog, read, grade students' assignments, prepare for the week, write the deployed military boyfriend, call family, OR I clean the house, mow the lawn, buy gifts and prepare for a bridal shower for my younger sister (OKAY, it is not like she gets married every week, but we all have those days where other people need us.) Lunch might be chicken and vegetables. Dinner could be a protein shake, celery with a little peanut butter, and fruit (but I rarely eat that all at once).


Wake at 5:45 a.m., pick a body part and do some toning exercises. I might eat scrumptious carbohydrates today like oatmeal or cold cereal. Dress and go to school. (When it is warm weather I like to walk to work.) Arrive at school 7:30 a.m., teach until 3:00 p.m. Lunch could be the salad bar. Call parents, help students, and wrap up the week's lesson plans. Quickly go tan, pay bills, run errands and go to the gym, OR stay after school and do choreography for the school play. Dinner might be dried apricots, apple, protein bar, or a burrito? Plus, I turn my body into a river by drinking what seems like gallons of water! Did I mention laundry needed to be done? Any volunteers? No. So I throw in a few loads while reading or grading some more.


Similar to Monday, but add coaching gymnastics on the military base for three hours (but in reality you're at work for four hours, because parents have questions or someone just needs a little extra help with a trick), which is fine, because what goes around comes around! I may work my routine after practice, swim before practice (if I can leave school punctually) or bike after coaching.


Repeat the same regime as Tuesday only with a little less vigor and energy (the body is running low on fuel). Cardio for this day will probably be running the dog. He needs me too. Unfortunately, sometimes I consider myself a poor "dog" parent. To relax, my roommate and I visit.


A similar diet with the rest of the week, but I am probably needing coffee by now! More toning, just like all the other days, and of course, coaching after teaching school is on the agenda. Going to bed early might be a request, but instead, I might e-mail or call other fitness competitors, friends, or family members.


A recovery day! After work, I tan, practice my routine or do rigorous cardio, prepare my swimsuit or costume for competition, and maybe turn on the television or read the newspaper, OR helping with wedding decorations, getting a little sick, picking up mail for the boyfriend, helping the newly weds move, and cleaning.


Who knows? I never know what Saturday will bring from one weekend to the next. I just know I look forward to it. I believe it is my time to make sure I have two swimsuits together, costume, music, hair appointments done, manicures and nails done, entry form filled out and sent, a portfolio completed and anticipation strapped down for the time being.

Granted, I have never been to boot camp; thus, I have no idea what it is like. However, I have trained hard as a youth. Besides, when I was younger I wanted to be a drill sergeant. Does that count? Instead I find myself teaching high school literature as well as instructing three year olds how to stand on their heads. Sometimes I FEEL like a drill sergeant.

In addition, with this military image in mind, I would like to say how much I respect my friends and relatives who are deployed or stateside serving our country in this time of need and defense. Their honor and courage definitely should be revered! (Besides that, I miss them horribly!)