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Family Fitness In Las Vegas!

What nice things come in pairs? Several pairs of family members competed in Women's Tri-Fitness Worlds and MOCC in Las Vegas July 8th-10th. Learn more right here about who competed in this family event.

What nice things come in pairs? Shoes, socks, earrings, better yet, athletes in Las Vegas. Several pairs of family members competed in Women's Tri-Fitness Worlds and MOCC in Las Vegas July 8th-10th.

The Lee's

Three time Men's Champion Chris Lee, returned to defend his title with his wife and competitor, Rebecca Lee.

The two have been competing and modeling in fitness for several years. Rebecca states,

"I am so proud that Chris defended his title.
We train together and encourage each other to obtain
our fitness goals."

Their son, Brandon most likely will be a future competitor as he already has started his training at age four.

Chris  Lee. Lee. Rebecca, Chris & Brandon Lee.
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Rebecca & Chris Lee,
Along With Future Competitor Brandon.

Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee transformed her body and became a fitness competitor. You can too!
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The Augustines

A second dynamic duo is Chad and Sandra Augustine. This year the couple trained more than forty competitors to compete in Las Vegas. Not only did their team perform exceptionally well, but Sandra's dynamic energy, grace and physique, speed and athleticism paid off.

Chris Snook
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Sandra Augustine.

She earned the overall WTF title. Chad scored personal bests and making him one of the top contenders for the men. Their influential team propelled the west coast to defeat the east coast in the overall team score.

Other Couples

Other couples that appreciated having a spouse push them included: Brianne and Chris Snook, Lorrie and Bruce Belcher, Ashley and Jason Shaw and Jennifer and Juan Acevedo. After speaking with some couples, many of them discussed the benefits of training with a spouse.

Briane Snook Chris Snook
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Brianne & Chris Snook.

Lorrie Belcher Bruce Belcher
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Lorrie & Bruce Belcher.

Ashley & Jason Shaw
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Ashley & Jason Shaw.

Jennifer Acevedo Juan Acevedo
Jennifer & Juan Acevedo.

They said they ate healthier, stayed more focused and of course, the couples were able to share empathy pains. Then again, after the 50 reps of bench press, 40 minutes of plyometrics and perhaps a 3-5 mile run, which spouse had the energy to give the other a massage? Would they say to one another, "I'll hold your ice pack if you'll hold mine?"

Couples Training!
Is it possible for males and females to make successful training partners in the gym? Can rewards be found through a couples approach to training that is unattainable with an individual effort?
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Mothers & Children

Age did not deter athletes from competing at WTF. The inspirational Francoise Sullivan who is nearly 65 years of age competed with her daughter, veteran, Mimi Zumwalt, M.D. Mimi has practiced excellent health for years, through a balanced diet and working out. After chatting with Francoise, an active tennis player and health fanatic, one could say, the talented doctor learned healthy living early on.

FranÃÆ'§oise Sullivan & Mimi Zumwalt
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Francoise Sullivan & Mimi Zumwalt.

Francoise's completion of the obstacle course received boisterous yells and cheers as Mimi showered her with encouragement to the finish line. Another talented duo was mother and son competitors, Gina Ellis and son, Tyler Stauts.

Tyler & Gina
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Tyler Stauts & Gina Ellis.

Sister Acts

The sizzlin' sister pairs were definite contenders. Top 20 overall finishers, Angela Glenn and her sister, Francis Glenn added personality and flair to the event. Their fun flava' showed in the routine rounds, especially as Angela disguised her excruciating elbow injury under a glamorous and charming smile.

Angela & Francis Glenn
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Angela & Francis Glenn.

"Gansta Girl" Francis Glenn's charisma was prevalent during her fitness routine. Onlookers adored the two sisters, along with her their proud mother.

Did you see that flash of lightning? If you blink, you may miss the exceptionally fast and talented athletic sisters, Vida Garcia and sister Lynn Virant. Lynn won the duo obstacle and fitness skills title this year. Despite their intense speed, these two sisters definitely slow down back stage to encourage newcomers, lend a helping hand, and give helpful advice. The pair definitely will be a sister duo to watch next year.

Tiffany Rae Pristelski and sister, Rachel Lee Reynolds had the opportunity to come together and compete this year at WTF. Their first competition was a regional show five years ago in Montana. Rachel took time off to have two children, yet after watching Tiffany at WTF last summer, Rachel aimed to compete with her sister again.

Tiffany & Rachel Tiffany & Rachel
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Tiffany Rae Pristelski & Rachel Lee Reynolds.

Despite getting injured the first day while warming up for the obstacle course, Rachel muscled through the pain and placed 2nd overall in her age category 18-24 year olds. Tiffany was happy to make top 10 this year in the overall WTF round. Plus, she was elated to be home with family and friends this summer to enjoy the spirited family fitness aurora at WTF and MOCC.

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