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PerfNut Podcast: Rhadi Ferguson & Tony Altieri Interview.

Dr. Antonio and IFBB Fitness Pro Carla Sanchez interview Rhadi Ferguson & Tony Altieri! Rhadi is a champion judo, wrestling, and MMA fighter. Tony is president of Beast Sports and UltraLab Nutrition.

Rhadi Ferguson & Tony Altieri

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Interview with Rhadi Ferguson and Tony Altieri
Olympic Judo Champion & Supplement Guru.

Topics: MMA; Sports supplements; Training Tip: Multi-joint exercises/Olympic lifts; Carla's Sex Tip: Belly dancing to improve bedroom prowess!

June 21, 2006; 58:06 minutes; 13.3 MB  audio

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About This Episode

U.S. Judo Champion, Rhadi Ferguson, M.A.T., CSCS.

    Rhadi Ferguson, M.A.T., CSCS is a four-time National Judo Champion, and has already made a splash by returning to Judo after a 10 year layoff to make the 2004 United States Olympic Team. But his splash does not stop there; he made enormous waves in Athens, Greece by finishing in 16th place.

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Rhadi Ferguson, Kicking Butt In Judo
& Wrestling.

    What an amazing accomplishment to be one of the top 16 Judo Players in the world! Now Rhadi has turned his energies and focus toward the fitness arena. Just as he excelled in wrestling, football, and track as a collegiate athlete and in Judo as an amateur athlete, Rhadi will definitely be successful in the coaching realm.

    Rhadi seems destined for greatness as part of the new generation of fitness teachers. Look out Billy Blanks! To learn more visit the IntoCombat website and blog.

Supplement Company Owner, Tony Altieri

    Tony Altieri is president of UltraLab Nutrition based in Boca Raton, FL. The company distributes its line of sports nutrition products under the Beast Sports Nutrition brand and Tony has been involved in the sales and marketing of dietary supplements since 1995.

Tony Altieri.