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Review Of Body By Design By Kris Gethin!

Whether you're just getting started with your very own fitness transformation or you're a seasoned veteran, Body by Design will have something to offer you.

Whether you're someone who's just getting started with their very own fitness transformation or you're a seasoned veteran who has been feeling as though their program could use a jump start in the right direction, Body by Design will have something to offer you.

In this comprehensive book on creating a body you can feel proud of, author Kris Gethin goes over how to create a life-long solution for what currently is a short-term problem. While you may be currently in a state of carrying too much extra weight, one thing that you can be guaranteed of is that if you follow the principles in this book in their entirety, you won't be in this state for long.

Instead, you'll quickly move past it realizing the fat loss and muscle building success that you've been dreaming of.

Let's go a bit further into what this book is all about so you can get the full picture on what it has to offer you.

Kris Gethin

Kris Gethin Shows How To Create A Life-Long Solution For A Short-Term Problem.

Taking The Realistic Approach ///

One of the things that I like best about this book is the fact that even though Kris is a seasoned competitor himself, he clearly shows you how very possible it is for the average individual to make absolutely remarkable gains.

Far too many people think they are 'too far gone' to really make anything of themselves and thus fail to put in a maximum effort. Instead, they'll make some changes for the better and just accept themselves as they are.

While self-acceptance is always important, you by no means ever have to accept a body you aren't happy with. Kris not only shares his own personal story of his remarkable transformation but shares with you stories of others just like you.

This alone is enough to motivate anyone to begin making some serious changes in their lifestyle so if motivation and the belief in your abilities has ever been a factor stopping you, you'll quickly move past this hurdle.

One serious issue that many other books in the fat loss and muscle building realm suffer from is that they dive right into the content without really preparing the reader for what's to come. Considering the fact that many people who are looking to make their very own transformation have never set foot in a gym before or don't quite understand the entire process that needs to take place, this can lead for extreme feelings of being overwhelmed.

Getting You On The Right Path From The Start ///

Fortunately, Body by Design doesn't fall into this category. Right from the start it's clearly outlined what you need to do to first get yourself prepared to make the transformation you're about to go through.

Kris goes over tips and techniques that you can use to boost your inspiration and keep yourself committed to the program. Often the mental aspect of dieting and fat loss is even more challenging than the actual act of getting yourself into the gym and preparing your meals so by ensuring that your mind is in the right place through positive re-enforcements as well as the group support methods he outlines in the book such as utilizing's BodySpace and BodyGroups, you guarantee your success.

While other books may provide you with a plan and then set you loose, this book provides you with the opportunity to connect with a community of people who are going to provide inspiration, motivation, and answers when you need them.

The Body By Design Diet ///

Often one of the biggest struggles that people will face when starting up on a diet plan is that there are such strict rules and regulations that have to be followed. Many diets have users spending hours in the kitchen each day, planning and prepping their meals as well as meticulously counting out the exact number of grams of protein, carbs, and fats contained in each of these meals.

Do You Find It Hard To Get Motivated To Lose Weight?


One of the nicest elements of the Body by Design diet plan is that you are not required to become a walking human calorie calculator but rather will focus on correct portion sizes and food timing throughout the day.

Kris includes easy-to-follow guidelines for each meal and snack you eat so that you'll very quickly be able to put together your diet plan without any hassle or extreme time commitments.

While he is a big proponent of spending time each week preparing your meals so that you can stick to home cooking rather than eating out, he also gives very helpful tips to make this easy on you. Plus, many of the recipes that are included right in the book for you take just minutes to prepare so you'll never have to feel like you are about to take up a second full time job as a chef in order to make the diet work.

He also outlines how you can use appropriate supplements when necessary to maintain the diet prescribed by the program, which is yet another thing that's going to ensure that you can easily stick with it.

Another nice thing about the diet plan included in this book is that it doesn't take an extremist approach like some other plans do. While you will be lowering your calorie intake to get fat loss moving, you won't be cutting out carbohydrates completely or adopting an ultra low fat eating style.

It is lower in overall fat content but you still will take in enough fats to maintain the natural hormonal levels in the body and promote good health. This is going to allow more calories left over out of your intake to go towards the essential protein nutrient as well as carbohydrates that will fuel the highly athletic workouts you'll be doing.

All in all, the diet program is a simple and straightforward approach that anyone can easily adopt and integrate into their lifestyle over the long term.

Kris also goes over how to add in some indulgences from time to time if necessary to keep your motivation on high to continue with the diet and satisfy the cravings that you are experiencing. In no way would this be considered a fad diet or one that's so overly restrictive that you don't stand a chance of continuing on with it for more than a couple weeks time.

The Workout Set-Up ///

The workout program that's prescribed in Body by Design is based on the key foundational techniques that will help you improve upon your strength and rev your metabolism through the additional of lean muscle mass.

The nice thing is that the program does consist of three different phases that will gradually allow you to progress as you obtain a higher and higher fitness level.

Be warned though, the final stage of the program, termed the DTP phase is going to be one of the most intense workouts you've ever done without question. Kris utilized a pyramiding protocol within this phase and while you won't be doing a high volume of different exercises in the workout, you can be sure that this workout will put both your muscle strength and endurance to the test.

This is good news for those who are at a more advanced fitness level and who are feeling uncertain whether this program will even have anything to offer them. Regardless of how many years you've been training, this original approach to the workout will without a doubt place a different stimulus on the body than what it's used to.

As it is so intense Kris does recommend that you don't follow it for longer than three weeks at a time otherwise overtraining will set in. This is a very good recommendation on his part as most people even with the perfect diet plan would struggle to maintain the intensity for longer than this.

If you are a beginner who's just getting started, don't let this talk of intensity scare you. Remember that intensity is all relative. Those who are at a more introductory level will use a lighter weight to adjust the intensity downwards while those who are at a higher level will utilize a heavier weight.

The key point is that it must be intense for you. You scale the weight according to your current fitness level to guarantee that you're pushing yourself as you should.

Even if you are still nervous about the DTP Phase, there's nothing to say that you can't repeat phase one and two of the program once again before moving onto this section of the plan when you do feel more confident to tackle it.

The program includes enough variability within it that plateaus shouldn't happen but rather you should continue to make ongoing progress to your fitness level.

The Long Term Lifestyle ///

Finally, the last aspect of Body by Design that I enjoyed was the discussion that goes over how you can ensure that this isn't just going to be a short-term quick fix and that you do make this a new lifestyle you're on for the time to come.

It's vital that you continue to re-enforce these new habits that you've developed on a daily basis because the minute you do start reverting back to your old ways is going to be the minute that you put yourself at risk for relapsing into the state of carrying excess weight again.

You at one point got yourself overweight and you most definitely could do that again if you don't change the way you live on a day to day basis. This program makes that achievable though with easy to follow advice and the fact that it is such a realistic approach.

Kris outlines what you should be doing once you have reached your goal to maintain your current figure and what changes must be made to ensure ongoing success.

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The Final Word

Overall, you can't go wrong with the Body by Design program. It's based around solid body changing principles that have stood the test of time and will deliver success.

While you may find other programs out there that utilize more complex processes with the diet plan, the simplicity of this program is what most people will find highly advantageous. Many aren't looking for that extremely complex diet approach but rather one that they can adopt and utilize immediately. That's precisely what you'll be getting with this approach.

I also really liked the fact that scattered throughout the book you'll find words of inspiration and encouragement from individuals who are part of the community. This allows you to further see how people just like you are using these principles to change their body and will give you that much more motivation to do the same yourself.

Finally, don't be worried if you have never actually performed a workout in a gym before and don't understand how to do any exercises. Included in the book is full graphical illustration of every exercise utilized as well as a thorough description of how to go about doing it.

This makes it perfectly possible for anyone to use even if they don't have access to a personal trainer to show them how it's done. Even if you want to perform the workout in your very own home gym, it still will be possible with some smart planning.

If you've ever wanted to get a glimpse into the Editor-In-Chief of's personal background and approach to training as well as further enhance your own body and get on a realistic and maintainable path to success, you can't go wrong with the Body by Design plan.

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