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Rep 'Til It Burns And See Amazing Results With BodyGroup Of The Month: Team Poynter!

Team Poynter's founder, BodySpace member stevep78, creates extremely hardcore workouts for Team Poynter members who will always rep 'til it burns...and then some! Find out more about the BodyGroup of the Month below!

BodyGroup Of The Month

With the obvious benefits that come from being in a group of like minded people, has decided to highlight some of the best BodyGroups. Once a month we will give a salute to a BodyGroup that displays the benefits of people coming together with similar goals. Our BodyGroup Of The Month features an ever growing group of highly motivated people, Team Poynter.

Vital Stats

Group Profile: Team Poynter
Group Founder: stevep78
Date Founded: December 19, 2008
Number Of Members: 706 (as of July 1, 2010)

Group Description:

Team Poynter: "Where Transformation Is Your only Option." We are a group of individuals whose motivation, drive and dedication are unparalleled to any other human being. We ARE machines in the gym and have people in a state of shock with our work ethic and determination to transform our bodies... we are "Team Poynter."

Group Commitment:

Every member of this group is committed to: a work ethic in the gym unlike any other. You may sweat, you may cry, you may bleed, but in the end you had what it took to achieve the body you wanted. If you cannot say that you have this sort of drive in you, then you do not deserve to be a part of Team Poynter. We say, "Rep it 'till it burns" and then some!!

[ Q ] What is your BodyGroup about and who are the members?

My BodyGroup is about training and how each individual can keep all the other team members motivated by stating how their training is going and how progress is coming along. All the members in our group are people who only know one way of training, and that way is hardcore; they go hard or don't go.

We have over 700 members to date, some of the most popular on BodySpace are the following: Beautifulgrace, Irondiva83, flyboyjustice, girlontherun, biceman, ladyfirefighter.

All The Members Only Know One Way Of Training, And That Is Hardcore; They Go Hard Or Don't Go.
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All The Members Only Know One Way Of Training,
And That Is Hardcore; They Go Hard Or Don't Go.

[ Q ] Why did the founder start up the group?

We started the group to become motivators and try and push everyone we can into a new level of training and physical fitness.

[ Q ] What have your results been with starting the group?

The group continues to grow daily; each and every member tries and pushes every other member to the max with their training and progress. I see everyone else making strides to reaching their goals on a daily basis, it makes me want to do the same thing, and seeing what is being posted makes me want to train harder and harder every time I walk in the gym.

[ Q ] How do your members use the BodyGroup feature?

To track and follow the progression of other members.

[ Q ] Who are some of your notable members?

Biceman Biceman
"Happy Sunday Team! Got That SPRING Jacked Up BODY GOIN' ON YET??? INTENSIFY!! Keep it clean, keep it strong! 8 pack abs are sweeter than ice cream any day!"
Biceman's Progress.
Biceman's Progress.

Girlontherun Girlontherun
What's up team? Great to see some new faces!! Glad to hear you are back and still doing work RichardMac. I see Biceman is still a BEAST!!
Girlontherun's Progress.
Girlontherun's Progress.

Beautifulgrace Beautifulgrace
I have to add to the ralphing conversation haha...I haven't lost my cookies, but OMG have I come close! If anything's going to make it happen, this new workout is going to be it! BFit... be careful what you wish for!!
Beautifulgrace's Progress.
Beautifulgrace's Progress.

Ngatiporou23 Ngatiporou23
Hello Steve, so proud of you brutha and your whole team. You have changed a lot of people for the better my friend, and I wish you and your group plenty of success. Heather aka irondiva congrats on the transformation of the week on You are looking super sexy and you most definitely a fitness model. Well God bless you all and take care and Keep pumping iron. Kia Kaha Be Strong.
Ngatiporou23's Progress.
Ngatiporou23's Progress.

Irondiva83 Irondiva83
Hey Team! I feel ya. My first leg day on Steve's new workout...I bout yacked in the middle of the gym. Closest I've been to puking in probably 10 years. It's definitely brutal to say the least! Glad to hear so many of you are making such good progress. I can't wait to reach my final weight loss and BF% goal, and if anyone is going to make sure I do it successfully, it's definitely Steve! He is such a great motivator and inspiration. Best of luck to you all!
Irondiva83's Progress.
Irondiva83's Progress.

[ Q ] How would you explain the attitude needed in your group, to a new member?

The Team Poynter work ethic is really a must. You have to want to go hardcore or go home. There is no in between. We don't even know the meaning of failure. That's what it takes to achieve greatness, and Team Poynter wants to get there.

[ Q ] In what way has motivating other BodySpace users given you the ability to push yourself to new levels?

BodySpace is the king of all fitness sites; everyone you see on here has a special drive in them. They can bring out the best in anyone. If you track progress and watch how someone can change in a short time, what else could you want in the form of motivation; it's all right here on this site.

[ Q ] What would you tell someone who is contemplating making a commitment to joining your group, to motivate him or her to make the commitment?

What would be the reasoning you would not join a group that is full of true life transformations? Each individual in the group is 110% dedicated to training and proper nutrition, join us if you are 110% dedicated to the task before you.

Parachute Sprints

Stevep78 and 2 hardcore training females doing Parachute Sprints in 85 degree heat, gotta love the dedication, right?

[ Q ] How do you think the group mentality applies to your personal life and how has it helped?

As I do online training and meal planning, this group has helped me so much in my personal life, not only bringing in more clients but allowing me to do what I set out to do, and that would be: change peoples lives with fitness!

[ Q ] Why join your group as opposed to other transformation groups?

I personally say join mine and all others that can bring you the motivation you need to transform your body. I am not saying my group is better than anyone's, we all have different ways to help one change one's body with fitness, so why you have the chance to see all these ways, go for it, join all the groups you can.

I Personally Say Join Mine And All Others That Can Bring You The Motivation You Need To Transform Your Body.
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I Personally Say Join Mine And All Others That Can
Bring You The Motivation You Need To Transform Your Body.

[ Q ] How do you feel is the best way to motivate others within the confines of the group page?

Reading the testimonials, tracking the progress and looking at the pictures that other members post on their personal pages.

Thanks Team Poynter for all you do!

The Power Of Groups

The cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever does." So what's the secret? Why are groups so powerful? The answer lies in their social dynamic!

  • Group members often have the same goals.
  • They motivate one another.
  • They learn from each other.
  • They become a family that provides support when times are tough and entertainment when things are good!

Group Members Often Have The Same Goals; They Motivate One Another; They Learn From Each Other.
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Group Members Often Have The Same Goals; They
Motivate One Another; They Learn From Each Other.

-> Build Success:

    Having the right social network can define success in any endeavor that you pursue. After all, a man is judged by the company he keeps. Someone who shares your goals can help you overcome any adversity.

    Finding that person, however, can be just as difficult. A BodyGroup can connect you with people who can mentor you, challenge you, and exchange ideas that you might not have come across otherwise.

-> Help Others:

    You, in turn, can help others on the same path. By acting as both student and teacher, keeping an open mind to new ideas and different methods, you may be the catalyst to the success of your group. Helping someone else with their goals can be very rewarding, and oftentimes, we benefit just as much by helping out.

    BodyGroups are a great way to ask questions, learn, and make progress in a fun and positive environment! No matter what goals you have in mind, don't do it all alone-join a BodyGroup and find all the support you need, any time, all the time.

    Joining a group is quick and easy! Find a group that matches up with what you want to do, check them out, and join! Then it's just up to you to contribute and communicate.

-> Start Your Own Group:

    What if the group I am looking for doesn't exist? Maybe you can't find the group you were looking for. That's ok, because you can start your own group, and then invite others to join you! You can even start and be a member of multiple BodyGroups. If having one circle of friends is good, then more is better!

Welcome To BodyGroups!
BodyGroups are a great online support system. Want to achieve success, reach a goal, stay motivated, and have other fitness enthusiasts keep you accountable? Then BodyGroups is the best tool for you!
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