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Living The Code!

This week we are going to be doing striking exercises that will help build your torso flexibility, speed and power in a diverse multitude of sports!

It's been an extremely busy period this past week in the Renegade world. Where do I begin? Well let's see, just this past week I visited the cozy confines of Powell Skateboards in Santa Barbara and was given a tour of its production facility by Michael Furokawa. For those unaware, Powell's history in the skate world is legendary. They have been at the forefront of the business over their storied history.

As a long-time rider of their products, it was incredible for me to see the inner-workings at what made them and kept them the industry leader for 25 years. In an upcoming issue of "The Code" we hope to look into some of things that have kept the company at the top and how they got there, besides it gives me another excuse to head-up to beautiful Santa Barbara.

The Renegade Approach To Training

On another front, our own Allison Arvizu won her Surf competition in Huntington Beach and continues to establish herself as a force in the Surfing world. Allison is competing a rigorous schedule and you will be able to see her soon in the nationally television H20 event where competitors Surf and Snowboard within a 2-day event. We also just hosted the first of the "Boot Camp" series in Orange County, which was a great success in the small, intimate setting, I was hoping for. These "Renegade Sessions" are going to continue and will continue to offer the close relationship in teaching the Renegade approach to training. Beyond that, much of the time was spent getting together with friends I haven't seen in a while, having fun and enjoying time together getting out to a variety of local skate parks.

Our crew is pretty diverse: Jeff Byrne, one of the Renegade athletes, Justin and Jason Divis ("team Divis") of Opposite Nature clothing, John Ruzzamenti who is one of the top young skateboarders anywhere, and the incomparable Bill Easton whose pool-shredding artistry always commands a large crowd to watch in awe. And while it is great to watch and learn from the incredible skills that Bill possesses or the street-tricks that John is capable of, most importantly it is the positive experience with friends and enjoying time well spent. What I can tell you is this-participate in life and live the experience.

As I noted with last week's issue, there are some striking similarities in torso flexibility, speed and power in a diverse multitude of sports. Incredibly those needs are rarely addressed in many training circles. I find it's one of the greatest weaknesses to athletic performance. It is also difficult to analyze.

Paul Chek's Tornado Ball

Typically as many athletes age, they don't spend enough time in this area and multi-planed movement slows down a bit. However one product I have recently began to utilize extensively with tremendous success is Paul Chek's Tornado Ball. I repeat, my recommendation is based upon product performance and quality, pure and simple, so don't think this is a paid-endorsement. No, the Tornado Ball is a powerful training tool that will improve rotational strength, torso range of motion and stabilization strength and I would highly advise it as an addition to any gym. It is not available for purchase at Renegade Training but you can order through

We used a variety of exercises and I suspect there are a number that I will continue to add. I have a few of my favorite movements listed below (and pardon me for the names, because I have no other references for names). When performing these movements it is important to keep the ball moving at top speed at all times and we generally performed 2-3 sets x 10 reps.

The Exercises

Circular Rotations

Ground Strikes

Wall Strikes

As always, stay strong; live your dream and live the code.

In Faith,