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Gridiron Success With John Davies!

Through this developing series we will first outline proper training methodology for this great game I love and have dedicated much of my career to, that being Football.

As I was asked to contribute to, I took a deep breath of relief with the realization that someone finally is going to dedicate a site to the real training for sport and accepted the offer with great pride.

Through this developing series we will first outline proper training methodology for this great game I love and have dedicated much of my career to, that being Football.

Breeding Success

My career in coaching as been from an interesting if not rare vantage as some would put it my training system, "coaches, coaches". Through this I have consulted with an enormous amount of teams, through there strength coaches and developed a proven track record of success at every level.

To name but a few recent notables, I have seen teams such as Southern Illinois University, led by phenomenal young S&C coach, Eric Klein go from 0-10 to a 1-AA powerhouse and pre-season #1 ranking over 3 years or Nyack H.S. with Jim Massaro directing them to N.Y. State champions just this past year.

Neither of these teams recruiting pool has changed as there teams improved, they just learnt how to train, train right and train to win. Every year, incredible successes lay in Renegade Training because of its intense focus upon gridiron mastery. Every year, the same conclusion is found: We breed success.

Coach Davies working with Mike Ranfone, Yale University Strength & Conditioning Coach with Jim Massaro and Anthony Giamattei.

Unfortunately much of the confusion of training for the gridiron lies in a distorted idea of goals, agendas and in some way the mislabeling of training intent. Unfortunately unlike many other professions, the advent of the internet has seemed to distort the coaching profession purpose and it appears to be inundated with marketing schemes and endless rounds of chest-beating bravado.

What has emerged is the "strength and conditioning" guru is:

  1. A self-proclaimed expert with little or no experience of leading young-men,

  2. "Combine coaches", who teach athletes how to test better and merely publish to whore some "magical" product of there's or equally sad,

  3. Coaches miserably clad within the reaches of the foul stench of illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

Regardless of there position in the profession, the information relayed is a distortion of the "big picture" influence that a Strength, Speed & Conditioning Coach should and needs to have with his athletes. It is the greatest void amongst the "expert" advice and in fact is at the heart of why Renegade Training purely exists.

Yes, we breed success, great champions on the field but never without building champions off as well. Regardless of what your beliefs of training methodology at the root of training and why my long term love-affair with this grand game is - it builds men, who understand honor, commitment and loyalty.

Where Does Training For The Gridiron Begin?

Well that's an interesting question for some. As you meander around the wasteland of "experts" you will hear just almost everything other than creating "champions."

In fact it is a common practice for many in the profession to hide behind a veil of not having the "right talent," blaming recruiting co-ordinaters, finding some wandering "excuse" to hide the inability to deal with overcoming adversity. It may be unpopular to note but I won't hide behind any excuses or toss blame elsewhere. While others may have the greater natural talent, we will overcome; learn the tough lessons through adversity and in the end, in the end stand above the rest, from where-ever we start.

Through this extensive series we will go through step by step the same programs that have made countless teams grow to champions. I invite you all as we begin to unfurl the Renegade plan of attack.